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 Piper and Leo sene from the mark of Athena page 306
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This Os Heróis do Olimpo fotografia contains pele, tom de pele, cor de pele, nudez parcial, desnudez implicada, skintone, nude colorido, nudez implícita, and cor nude. There might also be retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup.

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posted by Reyna_Praetor12
This is just the regular,you know,I'm crazy about HOO,and this is my first fanfic.Please review!

Reyna Torious-Daughter of Mars
Hazel Levesque-Daughter of Ceres
Percy Jackson-Son of Poseidon
Frank Zhang-Son of Apollo
Jason Grace-Son of Jupiter
Piper McLean-Daughter of Aphrodite
Leo Valdez-Son of Hephaestus
Annabeth Chase-Daughter of Athena
Gwendolyn Cerridise-Daughter of Venus
Ella-A Harpy
Octavian-Son of Minerva
Bobby Minasque-Son of Trivia
Dakota Widows-Daughter of Pluto
Emily Popularity-Daughter of Jupiter
Amanda Cerena-Daughter of Venus
Caitlin Peters-Daughter of Trivia
Clive Demanste-Son of Apollo
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posted by xharrypotterx
Okay so, I've been asked why i don't like Piper.
Well First of all, i don't amor her, i don't HATE her and i don't LIKE her.
So here is how it is:

The Things I like about Piper

She is, as thalia said, tough for a child of Aphrodite. But that doesn't necessarily mean she IS hardcore tough.

Even though she is scared, she stands up for her friends, she does not betray them and she fights even though she may not know how and is risking a lot.

She isn't a typical child of Aphrodite. She doesn't care about beauty or style. She knows what is mais important.

She isn't (thank GOODNESS) a flirt like DREW!...
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