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This Os Heróis do Olimpo fotografia might contain retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup.

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Source: The Demigod Diaries por Rick Riordan
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So, I'm composição literária this for the composição literária Competition #1, Demigod Sports.
I raked my brain about five million times and decided on this.
Gladiator Battles.
Who wouldn't want to see elefante Frank face off against Percy? Well if you do, too bad, cause that isn't gonna happen.

The Rules of the Arena
-No powers.(Boring right?)
-No dirty sparring.
-No assistance from gods.
-No unleashing feral and mais than likely mortally dangerous animais on your opponent.

The Arena?
It's pretty much a miniature Colosseum in Camp Jupiter. Reyna thought it would be a great idea to build it and everyone agreed...until Octavian...
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 The False Doors-- our Egyptian doors for death to pass through. Image credit: Various sites on google Images, meaning, I forgot where. ._.
The False Doors-- our Egyptian doors for death to pass through. Image credit: Various sites on Google Images, meaning, I forgot where. ._.
I went through the Doors of Death today.

Okay, I didn’t really. So don’t worry, I’m not dead. Nor am I using the free Wifi in the anjos da noite (Thanatos hogs it with his fancy iPad...meanie) thanks to...my extremely obnoxious friends.

But I’m not here to talk about my weird friends with lots of issues. I came to intertwine series. And give some new ideas to the Doors of Death.

Let’s start very beginningly-ish with The lost Hero. Well, I’ll start with the END of the lost Hero actually. The part where Jason died? Oh yeah. He died. Like, really actually dead. But why is he still alive?...
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 This is a greek omega, and it looks cool.
This is a greek omega, and it looks cool.
Seriously, I think I'm gonna go insane with the number of artigos that came out today.
Naw, just kidding. Universal here! (if you couldn't tell por my sarcasm- once again, just kidding) With a aleatório artigo about...
Yeah, the possible deaths of our loved/not so loved characters.
There might be another list of this in the articles, but this is with my own ideas this time. And maybe they don’t have the same characters I do? Plus, I saw a pergunta about it and made this so long it became an article.

So I give you, my epicly long list of CONSPIRACY THEORIES:

1.) Percy-

Woah! There's a big one here!...
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 Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson
What do you guys think will happen in the seguinte book?

Do you think Percy will be back?... If he does what role will he play in the war?

Will this girl Rena be a problem between Piper and Jason?

When will Leo build the Argo11?

What will the gods do to help their demi-god children?

What gods will we be seeing... what forms?

Are their any other powers that Jason, Piper, and Leo have?

Who is the son of Neptune... is it Percy or a Roman child?

Are we going to see some old friends from thr PJO books?

What quests are going to happen?

These are all of the perguntas that we are all asking.
Leave a comment below and take a geuss at some of them and when the Son Of Neptune comes out we will see if you where right or wrong.
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