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 Camp Half-blood or Camp Jupiter??
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This Os Heróis do Olimpo fotografia contains jersey, camisa de t, t-shirt, t shirt, tee shirt, anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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This continues the The Big dia or is it? story. So for now on it will be called Hope it Happens because its not the wedding dia anymore. So before you all know what happens. Annabeth and Percy get married, Percy dyes, Annabeth almost brakes up with him, bla-bla-bla. On with the story!

Its been a week sense I've seen Annabeth or my friends. Its also my birthday today. I just turned 17 today. Maybe dad will let me see Annabeth and my friends today. But my dad has been gone for two hours. That's longest he's ever been at Olympus....
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Well i luv wat this person made, so i wanted to show u guys.
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