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The Son of Neptune


Annabeth's lower lip started to tremble. Her eyes became misty. Annabeth was glad that Percy was safe, but why did Hera have to take his memories? After everything they've been through, couldn't Percy just have his memories? Tears stroked Annabeth's cheeks and soon, Annabeth was sobbing. Everyone was giving her the, everything is going to be ok, look. Clarisse got her feet off the table and said,

"Everything is going to be ok, Annabeth. Once we get Percy back, I'll beat the Hades out of him for making you worry so much." Annabeth gave Clarisse a, thank you smile, but she was still crying. Leo then asked,

"I don't mean to be rude, but could someone tell us what Percy did to make him so popular?" Chiron turned to Annabeth and asked,

"My dear, would you like to leave?" Annabeth shook her head no.

"Very well, Annabeth, since you know Percy the best, would you like to start?" Chiron asked. Annabeth nodded and wiped her tears away. Annabeth toke a deep breath and said,

"We were twelve when I first met Percy. Percy just finished killing a Minotaur, without any training or a weapon. I was in charge of nursing him back to health. When Percy woke up a day later, I gave him a tour of the camp. Then it was the Capture the Flag Day. Percy was on my team, because he was staying with the Hermes cabin at that time. Percy was on border patrol next to the river. He was surround by five Ares kids and Clarisse. Clarisse push Percy into the river, his cuts healed and he was fighting better then Luke. Percy defeated Clarisse and then Poseidon claimed Percy as his son. The next day, Percy, Grover and I had to leave to find Zeus' master lightning bolt. Percy slays Medusa, Echidna, Chimera, and many more. Then he even defeated Ares and he was able to give Zeus back the master lightning bolt. He also found out that Luke was evil. And he did that with my brains, thank you very much." Annabeth said and everyone laughed. It was good to see everyone laugh, but Annabeth want to hear Percy laugh with her.

"Then we went to the Sea of Monster to get the gold fleece, to heal Thalia's tree rescues Grover from marrying a Cyclops, trust me, we still don't know how that even happened. Percy and I Saved Grover and got the real gold fleece. The gold fleece healed the poisoned, Thalia's tree. Then Percy and I won the chariot race." Annabeth said and she remembers that great memory. It made her sad, knowing she will be the only one to have those memories.

"A winter later, Grover called Percy, Thalia and I to help him protect two Demi-Gods, Nico and Bianca. I was kidnapped by the Dr. Thorn, who was a... That memory wasn't good. Percy never gave and he told me that his real goal was to save me and not Artemis, who was also kidnapped. I held the weight of the world because Luke tricked me. Then Artemis held it." Annabeth started playing with her strip of gray in her golden blonde hair.

"When Percy, Thalia, Grover, and Zoë came, Percy held the weight of the world and tricked Atlas into holding it again..."

"Wait; hold up, Percy tricked Atlas, a Titan?" Jason asked.

"It was easy to do, Atlas want to prove that he was better than everyone else, so to prove how strong he was..."

"He held the world again." Piper said. Annabeth nodded.

"Wow, Percy already beat me when it came to being the best." Jason said.

"What do you mean by, beat you?" Annabeth asked.

"Well I only went on one quest and defeated one Titan. Percy's been on three quests and defeated a Titan, that's just plain amazing." Jason said.

"Actually, Percy went on four quests and defeated three Titans." Annabeth corrected. The look on Jason, Piper and Leo's faces were priceless because Annabeth laughed again.

"Three-three Titans?" Piper asked.

"Yep, Atlas, Hyperion, and Kronos." Annabeth said.

"Kronos, King of the Titans?" Leo asked.

"Yep and again Percy need my help to do it."

"Well, Percy already earned his place at the Roman camp." Jason said. Annabeth started to shake again. The next story would cause her to cry, but she took a deep breath.

"Back to the stories, the next quest was in the Labyrinth. I was the leader of the quest and Percy, Grover and Tyson came with me. We wonder aimlessly in the maze. Fought monsters, fought with each other, clean stables..."

"Wait did you just say stables?" Leo asked.

"Yeah, you see, we were at the Triple G Ranch and so the owner could let us stay there for the night, Percy clean the stables using the river from the river. Anyway, we fought a Sphinx that was supposed to have a riddle, but had facts instead, insulting my wisdom and my mother. Then we had to spilt up, Grover and Tyson went one way, while Percy and I went the other. Hephaestus want all of so to find out what was going on in his forge in Mount St. Helen. Turns out, the telekines were working for the Titans. There were only three telekines but then a hundred of them came. Percy... He told me to run, to get out, to tell Hephaestus what happened, to save myself. I argued with him, I didn't want to leave him to fight a hundred telekines. Percy was as stubborn as ever, that Seaweed Brain..."

"Seaweed Brain?" Piper asked.

"That been my nickname for him since we were twelve. Percy." Annabeth said. Saying his name again, remembering that nightmare of a quest, causing Annabeth to shake again. Annabeth looked down at her hands, hands that should be intertwined with Percy. Their fingers laced together. Annabeth licked her lips, hoping to find his taste on her lips. It was still there but Annabeth just wanted Percy back, more than anything in the world. Oh how much the girl had begged to her mother to answer her prays and bring Percy back to her. Then Annabeth felt a hand be placed on her shoulder.

"Mom?" Annabeth asked. There stood her mother, the goddess of wisdom, Athena.

"Yes child, everything will be fine, just fine, Annabeth." Athena said with a smile and hugged her daughter. Annabeth broke down and cried on her mother's shoulder. Athena patted Annabeth's back as everyone watch in silence. Then Chiron asked,

"Lady Athena, why are you here?"

"Can't a mother come and comfort her daughter?" Athena asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course, we were just..." Chiron said quickly but Annabeth said,

"When is Percy coming back? Does he remember anything? Is he safe?" Annabeth was still crying, hoping to get answers out of her mother.

"Calm down Annabeth, I'll will answer your questions, yes Percy is safe and he remembers everything."Athena said with a smile. Annabeth smiled again and couldn't stop smiling. My Seaweed Brain is remembers me, he still does. Take that Hera.

"How come he still gave his memories and I don't?" Jason asked, a bit jealous.

"Jason, the Roman Demi-Gods were brought up on the fact that Greek were their enemies, even though they aren't. You would start killing the children without even knowing if they were good or bad. And I assure that the Greek Demi-Gods are extremely nice and welcoming, but you already know that." Athena said and laughed a little.

"Percy was able to keep his memories because, no offense, but Percy's memories are more important than yours. Plus, Hera couldn't erase Percy memories." Athena explained.

"What do you mean Hera couldn't erase Percy's memories?" Will asked.

"Ancient laws forbid other gods or goddesses to an erase a Demi-Gods memory unless you are Horus, their godly parent or patron, in your case Jason. Poseidon would never erase his son's memories so Percy still knows everything that he already knows."

"But if he knows who he is then why isn't he here?" Annabeth asked. Athena smiled and said,

"Percy is closer than you think, Annabeth." At first everyone was confused, and then Annabeth heard some yelling her name. It was...

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