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posted by Spottedtail139
Hi I'm Sabrina Mila and I'm starting my Frist dia of Middle

Shcool and I must admit I'm one smart girl for having ADHD I've

alway been on the topo, início of me class and one of the best

Swimmers on my swim team my best friend is Erin a fun lovin

crazy girl we live in Texas and its Summer hot and miserable.

We were workin on our Shcool projects when my History

teacher knocked on my door " Miss, White! Hello why are you

here?" I asked.

" We are going to have a field trip tomorrow. We are going to the

Greek Mythology Museum tomorrow" she said.

" Yes! I loved Greek Mythology!" I twirled around in my room....
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posted by Perseus54321
Wuzzup in the hizzy dawgs! Okay, now that my urban moment is over, I can get on with this. This is for the Greek/Roman forms (I believe my título was self-explanatory). A lot of people get confused so I'm making this list so everyone will properly use the names. I'll list the Olympians and other minor gods.



Hades/Pluto or Dis (depends on your preference)




Apollo/Apollo (isn't he full of himself, literally)


Hephaestus/Vulcan or Mulciber







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posted by olympianglory
 Olympia: Daughter of Olympus
Olympia: Daughter of Olympus

Olympia was mad, but not as mad as when they ran out of bubblegum ice cream on California de praia, praia Resort. that made her really mad. But now she was mad for another reason. That reason was because Piper had put permanent make up on her face because Jason tried to flirt with her.now she was gonna pay. she had looked like Elsa from Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante for a month.But she was getting her revenge.Finding Jason -not-a-Grace she said ''Goodbye.'' and stabbed him.She closed her eyes. Piper would go mad when she found out who did it.But she wouldnt. She turned the sword into paper and crumpled it. Then she...
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posted by olympianglory

Annabeth was suspicious.She had been ever since Olympia had turned up.but she walked into the camp hospital anyway. Percy had already got there and was trying to make Olympia drink a glass of nectar,but each time she pursed her lips and hid under her travesseiro .Annabeth thought what if she knows about Leo?
So she said gently ''Do you know the whereabouts of Leo Valdez?'' Olympia replied '' You talk to me like a little girl.you do know im not five.'' Annabeth sighed.''I know. But do you know if Leo is alive or where he is?'' Olympia laughed weakly '' both of those I can answer yes and, she took a breath,He's right there.'' She pointed upwards smiling. Annabeth gasped '' Leo!'' she ran up to him, but was intercepted por Piper,she cried '' Leo Valdez! I thought you were dead! I CARED for you Repair Boy!'' Leo gave her that lopsided, grin and she dropped it '' Don't get over excited Beauty Queen.''
posted by hisblueeyes
“Bianca? Bianca, honey, where are you? Come down this instant!” I heard my mother’s voice say from downstairs. I rolled my eyes and continued doing my makeup. Straightening my thick, dark curls was no easy task, and I had been up at dawn to do it. My strange grey eyes were absolutely hideous from my point of view, so I always used a colorful array of eye shadow so my eyes wouldn’t call attention. But of course, all these touch ups on my appearance took nearly forever, and my mom would usually get mad. Fortunately for me, my dad never did. I could hear him telling her to calm down, that...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Each god of Ancient Greece and later Rome held their own symbols of power. Whether major or minor, the gods were identified por these symbols. However, the gods had established rules about each symbol, much like each god's domain. A god is not allowed to steal another god's symbol of power, however demigods are not affected por this rule (which allowed Luke to steal the Master Bolt and the Helm of Darkness). Also Hades, Zeus and Poseidon cannot create another Symbol of Power without the other gods agreeing to it beforehand as a new symbol could upset the balance of power. Below is a list of the...
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posted by Perseus54321
Okay, this is from Percy's POV, and it's about the same time as it was during my Disappearing Boy song fiction

I was lying awake in the Neptune cabine at Camp Jupiter, and as always, trying to remember my past. My thoughts drifted back to the girl I knew, Annabeth, it was frustrating how I could remember the name but not the face, or anything else. I grabbed my ipod (yeah, against the rules, but you'd be surprised what you can get from the Mercury cabin) from the blue nightstand beside my bed. I just turned on a aleatório song and it was Whatsername, okay, I thought, that's just too ironic.

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posted by olympianglory

Oh boy oh boy! I thought as I took the package. My uprising kit! YES!!!! Tearing it open, I peered insides and saw: a Jackson elimination bomb,a Chase elimination bomb, and a godly bomb. OH YEAH BABY! THIS IS HOW I ROLL!

Olympia sensed something, she had to warn Percy, she loved him, but not romantic love, mais like a sister would,she turned and ran back to to Camp Bath-Blood.

Now, back to Tartarus

Hmph, he thought that Olympia girl knows.Eh, oh well shes just one girl, not a goddess or anything.

But he didn't know how wrong he was
I haven't read the first chapter yet


Calm down she told herself as her mind started worring about Percy. What if he doesn't remember me or has another girlfriend? To take her mind of things she started to wander to the main room. Leo had gone overboard with this ship. The Argo 2. Silently she realized what she was thinking. Leo had gone OVERBOARD on this SHIP. In the main room, Jason was playing darts with Piper. She could tell that Jason and Piper liked each other and wondered why the hadn't dated. Suddenly she thought that maybe Jason has a sweetheart at the Roman camp. That explains...
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What a week!!! We've seen the new cover and we've gotten not one, but two new book synopsis'. Talk about information overload! I've sifted and surfed through the book descriptions for you, picking out the juicy bits of yummy goodness. That is to say, I've pulled out clues and I'm bringing my theories about our beloved Camp Halfblood, it's inhabitants, and (my favourite part) the morango fields straight to you. Ok, so there aren't any strawberries, but there are some pretty good ideas....but you can't eat thoughts, so if you're hungry, go grab a pack of Delphi morango Co. strawberries...
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(HEYYYY umm this is a songfic about the percyxannabeth reunion(: The song really fits. This is a continuation from the mark of athena official chapter 1. Oh and please read the lyrics or listen to it first if you haven't. Enjoy~)

(Verse 1)
Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I amor when I'm afraid
To fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt
Suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

I have died everyday
waiting for you
Darlin' don't be afraid
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll amor you for a
Thousand more

(Verse 2)
Time stands still
beauty in all she is
I will...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Chapter 1
The Quest
Blaze Phoenix

Another son of the big three I say to myself as Jason arced lightning. Rachel shutting her eyes and swooning, I quickly went to catch her along with Jake.
"Child of lightning, beware the earth,
The giants’ revenge the seven shall birth,
The forge and pomba shall break the cage,
And death unleash through Hera’s rage”
The worlds echoed out of Rachel’s mouth. We let her go and sat back, watching the drama going on.
“Dude, this is boring, I’m going to get some sleep, see you tomorrow” I said to Jake as I walk away to my cabin. I lied on my cama and...
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posted by goddessoflife
Hello everyone!
Before I start, if you're in the fã fiction Percy Jackson thingy I created, than go ahead and begin your FF's!

Now, how many of you want to be in a fã fiction? No, really! I'm making a fã fiction with the real demigods/gods/goddesses (AKA us!).

Here's what I need:
Name (First only, real or fake).
Godly parent (I'll think about acepting mortals).
If you're a god/goddess, of what?
Age you want to be (most will be sixteen).
And any other thing you want included. I wouldn't mind a descrição of what you look like, but it doesn't matter, I can always make one up.


If you want to be Poseidon, Athena, or Apollo, you can't anymore. We have enough for each of them now. You do any other god, though. Thanks!
Okay, so I've decided to do a review for each of the five books, starting with of course, The lost Hero. These are my opinions so please respect them, thank you:)

Character/Narrator Review

Jason: I didn't quite like him, but I didn't hate him either. I guess I'm mais neutral to him than anything? When I rank the seven from best to worst, he'd probably be number 6, but before I read The Mark of Athena he would be number 7.

Anyway, onto reviewing his actual character. I don't know, I kind of found him to be the most boring character in this book, and I wasn't quite as hyped leitura Jason...
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While being here has been a blast, It has been two years since our books have come to a close. We have left our posts and gone on to have a new adventure with different fandom, school, sports, or even getting an actual life (which I don't have, I envy you). We will always remember this place and how it was always updated 24-7, booming with new people to scream at because we couldn't wait for the seguinte book release. There was literally someone ALWAYS on the fórum chat at all hours of the day. We have been through good times, and bad times. We have been with each other through it all, and for...
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posted by olympianglory

It was not on
Olympia's bucket list to get stabbed, and then get stranded in some stupid summer camp with an even stupider name. last time she had actually been conscious, she had been on a cruise ship in Bali. But noo, she couldn't have any fun without getting stabbed. Hooray. She crawled into the camp , she knew she needed help but not from them, especially not after last time she had been...Don't think about last time she chided herself,concentrate on surviving.She looked up, and standing before her, a boy with tousled hair and sea green eyes smiled at her, ''Hey, he said ,my name's Percy,and everything is gonna be ok.''
posted by ALN07
So I was bored, and I decided to procurar 'fangirl' on Dictionary.com (sponser!) and this is what it gave me:

fan·girl [fan-gurl]
noun Informal: Often Disparaging.
an obsessive female fan, especially of something technological or from popular culture: a Web fórum for estrela Wars fangirls.

So naturally, I went even further:


The term fangirl can be used to describe a female member of a fandom community (as opposed to the masculine " fanboy"). However, it is most often used in a derogatory sense to describe a girl's obsession with something, most commonly a male teen idol or an aspect of Japanese...
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I got this idea from the wonderful link, and thought I'd give it a try of my own. I generally don't bother try sort any characters into a favourites list because they tend to fluctuate on an hourly basis. I think I've a fairly solid list for Percy Jackson though.

I don't like Piper at all. I find her very self-pitying and leitura her POVs is a trial for me. Under normal circumstances she may have a reason to complain once or twice, but in her own chapters it seems all her problems come back to the fact that she's too beautiful, her father's too rich and famous and successful, and it's...
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posted by ALN07
So I found this on Tumblr:

"JEYNA: A juicy, wonderful, marinated bife with our chef, Rick Riordan, holding it two feet above your head and subtly telling you you'll never get it.
JASPER: A plate of sweet-and-sour chicken with the sweet being made of absolute cuteness and the azedar, azedo being relationship problems.
FRAZE: An adorable bolinho, queque with your favorito animal made of icing giving you puppy-dog eyes made of icing, until our chef puts a candle in it and "accidentally" sets the entire bolinho, queque on fogo when he misses the candle.
LAZEL: A very yummy chicken nugget that you just ache for mais of.
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posted by Jane_Bridges
Ok this is my very first chappie on fã Pop so I hope y'all like it!!!


She was running or mais specifically she had been running now for eight days the weather of New York was icy and cold she felt like she was going to freeze but that would be better to go home. Then suddenly she ran in to someone. She looked up it was a boy, he had dark hair swept to the side, and his eyes were sea green. He helped her up. "What's your name?" he asked "Mary why who are you?" "I'm Percy." He said "What are you doing here?" Mary would have changed the subject but instead she felt compelled to tell this Percy...
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