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Katie219 said …
I'm trying to make this place look un-deserted... but it's hard... cause it is!! Posted over a year ago
Katie219 said …
But a few days ago, I searched for a raposa Theatre club and...ZIP! So, here I am, making this club!!! Posted over a year ago
Katie219 said …
Hello! At school, we do something called Georgia Day! It's 8th grade only most places. I wanted to the The Fox, even though it wasn't on the list. (I've seen The Phantom of the Opera, The Beauty and the Beast, and Les Misarables there! (all live preformances!)

What we do is write a little reserch paper on what we want to do, and on Georgia dia dress up as it!! Hopefully I'll get to post a picture of the dress I make for it!! It is supposed to be a really fun day, and I think it will be! Posted over a year ago