Let's get back to the ending of Kevin Smith's special episode where Zoom brought an army of Earth-2's Meta-humans to rule Earth-1('s Central City). What was my thought for the penultimate episode? Of course, a dark, heavy, and full of tense plot. Come on, Team Flash was usually overwhelmed por only one Bad Meta-of-the-week, what would they do to beat those E-2 baddies, who already helped Zoom to rule Earth-2? Certainly, they would find a way in the end, but in sunny mood? Now that is almost utterly surprised me... if I did not recollect that Barry has just been encountered por the Speed Force. My opinions? Just read them below and don't forget to count the + (positive) and - (negative). They will help you deducing how many star(s) I gave even before you read the conclusion.

'I want to feel love, run through my blood. Tell me is this where I give it all up? For you I have to risk it all. Cause the writing's on the wall.'


Team Flash:

Barry Allen/The Flash

GOOD NEWS!!! My amor for Barry has returned! Well, actually, it has happened since 2x21, the *special* episode that began to make things right...

+ We know that he has just recently got his powers back. However, since the extra-dimensional fonte of all speedsters' powers, or so we called the Speed Force, is on his side, he felt invincible. Thus, he faced the E-2 Metas with... gleeful expression and overconfident attitude. This self-assured manner reminded me of his reaction of his first kiss from Iris in 1x16, which is not annoying but comical. However, for now, it is leaning to frightening! Team Flash felt that too. Listening to his friends and family's worries and warnings didn't change him. Moreover, he felt extra invincible when the team could beat all of the E-2 baddies without ruining his groove (even though his lying on the ground trademark still existed when confronting Zoom's lieutenant). But my favourite part for him is when Zoom showed up unexpectedly in the party, making his tears returned. Sorry Barry, if your story is still ongoing, for me, the best version of you is when this link controlled you.

Joe West

'I can't wait till you have kids and they torture you. I'ma laugh in your face.' - Detective Joe West.

+ Perhaps Joe West is the only main character who never becomes an annoying character. In fact, this episode is one of his best performances in Season 2. Just like to his daughter in Season 1, he tried to keep Wally at the distance from the danger of Meta-humans por asking Barry to forbid his son as The Flash. por now, Barry disapproved of his demand, telling him that he should let Wally acted as a hero. Then the funniest as well as one of the best scenes came when Joe said that he will laugh at Barry when he finds out how torturous it is to keep his own child's safety. Hahaha! I would to see that too, Poppa!

Iris West

'I know that Fear is the beginning of falling into the dark side. But without him, there won't be any estrela Wars movie, right?' - Iris West.

+ Subsequent to, probably, Iris's finest performance in 2x21, she didn't do much things now except for reminding Barry that he is not invincible and fear can be a healthy thing to determine which risks are worth taking. Well, link is my favourite emotion in Inside Out, so nice job Iris!

Wally West

'I feel the need. The need for speed. No, I am fast. And *giggles* furious.' - Wally West. #OneFirstRide

+ The role of Wally West is very well here. After The Flash traded his speed for Wally's life, he wanted to prove himself worthy being rescued, through going to the heroic way. It's great to see him wanting to save some of the citizens from the bad Meta-humans. I really like the part where he knew the certain of a Meta-human through The Flash’s mouth, instead of the walkie-talkie he stole. Well done in assisting him, Barry (instead of lecturing him as Joe had asked)! seguinte is when he helped The Flash from Black Siren's fatal blow por hitting her with his car and, for temporarily, having the injured hero as his passenger. What excites me further is that he finally discovered Barry Allen's secret identity, though accidentally. It felt like ‘Woo! Finally…’. =D

Harry and Jesse Wells

'You are wells -- I mean well.' - Harry to Jesse.

+ Luckily, the daddy-daughter cliché issue that is often used in Arrowverse, as link, did not appear here. I like how Harry told Jesse that she is not a Meta-human, but a young woman with a genius-level IQ. He absolutely loves her the way she is. In addition to attest his amor to her, he selflessly chose to give her his headphone, when hers wasn’t working, to protect her from the frequency attack even though it ended up rendering himself unconscious. Another bonus because it showed that first try actually doesn’t always work in Arrowverse.

Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow

They are a Perfect Duo.

+ I always admire the platonic relationship of these two scientists. They complement each other with their opposite traits and different science fields but equally genius brains. I can see Cisco is earnestly caring for her when he consoled her from her PTSD toward Zoom. It's very hilarious as well as thrilling when they pretended to be Reverb and Killer Frost to prevent Black Siren from collapsing building. Cisco played as Reverb fluently while Caitlin was mais silent. (Bonus point for the first emerge of Cisco's vibrational blast.)

Henry Allen and Tina McGee

Thoughts --> Old Flash with Dr McGee of Mercury Labs ^__^ (A nod to 1990’s The Flash.)

+ Yay! for Henry, for finally staying with his son in Central City after being absent from Barry's life for ± 15 years. I always amor his sensible trait (even I blamed the writers for his early decision to leave Barry when he was released from the prison). As for Tina McGee, I gave her two thumbs up for being perceptive to discover The Flash's identity por herself. 'Come on, Barry, I'm a scientist. We're paid to be perceptive. And you're always a little too well informed when things go pear-shaped in this city.' Yes, she is a true scientist. I am also awed when I saw them together is Joe’s house.

Earth-2's Evil Meta-humans:


'Same background. Same powers. Same handsomeness.We are the same!' - Zoom to Barry.

+ Although I amor Zoom for his feelings toward Caitlin, I'm glad that he released her, since I was starting to miss her with and working in Team Flash. Though his *supposedly* threatening army could not beat the newly invincible Barry, the way he kept insisting the latter that they are similar is terrifyingly link, yet he also has his 'no-good' ultimate plan.

Black Siren

descrição of Black Siren: Prideful personality, cool black costume, typical bad guys intonation (Katie Cassidy did it superbly), sonic scream powers, and crumbling-buildings hobby.

+ Katie Cassidy returned as the late louro, laurel Lance/Black Canary's Earth-2 counterpart, Black Siren. She blended in with The Flash's cast perfectly without having to be a prima donna. As the lieutenant of Zoom's army, she indeed convinced the audience that she was a formidable foe for the Scarlet Speedster. In fact, she was the only baddie who was capable to harm him in this episode. She was also quite smart as she could identify Cisco and Caitlin's disguises as their Earth-2 counterparts.

The Solution:

Come on, who doesn't like shiny city?

+ How Team Flash took down all of the bad E-2 Meta-humans por using frequency is, as usual, ridiculous. Sadly they only mentioned Hartley Rathaway. He should have appeared in this episode and help them. (Slightly off topic: Hmm, I want to see Hartley meeting Harry XD.) But for Barry's task to create a retracting field por running around the city, it feasted my eyes.

The Aftermath:

The CCPD Scene

'I've been blind. And in my blindness the forensic scientist has returned..' - Captain David Singh (*sour grapes* since he thinks he is the only recurring character who doesn't know The Flash's identity, yet).

+ I have a feeling that Captain David Singh will know The Flash and Barry are the same person. Duh, as a police captain, he ought to have acute awareness, just like a scientist, I mean Dr McGee. At least it was obvious when he asked for Barry's attendance, The Flash, who was right in front of him disappeared, and Barry instantly came and neatening his jacket. Later, as he sent Barry to crack 100 Meta criminal cases, I chuckled.

The Pipeline Scene

'Everything is better when we stick together. Side por side, you and I, gonna win forever, let's party forever. We're the same, I'm like you, you're like me, we're all working in harmony.' (Zoom sort of intercepts the last line.)

+ When Caitlin told Barry and Cisco that being a part of Team Flash to save people and fight the bad guys was the normal thing to do for her was incredibly endearing. Especially when they completed this touching moment with a group hug.

The Celebration Scene

'One big happy family. I got you and you got me.'

+ Iris's party to celebrate Henry's return and Zoom's defeat was delightful and gave hints of romance. Henry and Tina? ✓ Barry and Iris? ✓ Jesse and Wally? ✓ Until the merry atmosphere was interrupted por Zoom...

The Death:

'Calling out DADDY, oh! Prepare as I will, watch the electric blue hand penetrates my daddy's chest.' -

+ Zoom, who was able to flee from Earth-1 before the frequency made him unconscious, returned to kidnap Henry from the celebration. Barry pursued him only to find out that the big bad villain brought Henry to his childhood house. Still persisting Barry that they are alike, Zoom killed his father before he finished his last words to his son, in a similar manner to Reverse-Flash and Nora Allen. I'm thrilled that Zoom finally did something very personal to Barry (I've always asked for this, back then), and sad that Henry Allen, who decided to stay with his son, is now dead. Excellent ending!

NOOO!!! Have you deduced my conclusion? Never ever judge an artigo por the picture. [Hint: No minus (-) at all.]

Conclusion: Hands down! My favourite episode in season 2, beating episode 13 and 21 (though I still think the former is the most refreshing and the latter is the most deep and well-written episode). It's a really amazing as well as fun episode with all of the casts portrayed their characters wonderfully. I can feel the warmth of The Flash family. The plot twist is very shocking and grieving but it gives a new interesting story arc for Barry Allen. Thanks to this brilliant penultimate episode, the finale episode is truly worth to wait (hopefully), even if it means to push my patience to its limit... (★★★★★)

The Flash finale is on Tuesday, 24th of May at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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