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The fairly oddparents spoof a the opening of the popular show "Friends"
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This never gets boring.
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Lots mais Fairly odd Parents vídeos at
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Timmy was sleeping in his room dreaming about the dia he would marry his crush (A/N: I don't know her name sorry, bros.) As a bark shadow entered the room. The thing pick him up and poofed out of the safety of his room.

Wanda woke up and said "Good morning Cosmo,"

Cosmo smiled at his wife "morning honey," he said.

They poofed into Timmy's room "Good morning Timmy," Wanda said trying to wake up her godchild but then noticed he was not there. "Cosmo where's Timmy?"

"I don't know" he said with a shrug "Maybe he
went to school,"

"No, it's Sunday and even if he did have school he would not have left...
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Timmy's pov

It had been a mês since we had come to live with AC and AW and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. They were really nice to us and hated seeing us sad. When I came back to Anti-fairy world with a black eye thanks to Francis, AC went through the roof when he found out. AW had been with Rose at the time since Croker held he after class, why I'm not for sure probably something stupid or grilling her about Fairy Godparents.

After that Anti-Doctor Rip Studwell or as he like Rose and I to call him Uncle looked me over. He saw a the bruise and scars I had and asked how I had gotten...
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Timmy has a twin sister named Rose Turner. She is smarter than Timmy loves reading, writing, gaming like Timmy. She has tolet, violet eyes and red hair. Can sing really well and plays piano and violão, guitarra , but no one knows not even Timmy. She also has fighting skills that once again none knows about. Also extreme protect of her amor ones and snaps when you mess with them. Also no buck teeth. Both are 13

Rose's pov

I was biting my lip to the point where it was probably bleeding por now. My brother and myself made a deal with the anti-fairies and the pixies if they won we would become their god children...
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easy !
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