Rose's pov

I woke screaming in a cold sweat, coração racing and tears coming down. I closed my eyes a count to ten telling myself it was just a bad dream... I heard the door burst open and I saw Anti- Cosmo floating there very worried. Damn It screamed longer then I thought.

"Rosalie are you ok what is wrong" He asked panicked

"Bad dream" I whispered

He frown

"It's because of what happen today isn't your scared we will hurt you"

"No, it just something from my past that haunts me and if you wanted to hurt Timmy and me you had done it already"

He smiled. I liked his smiled it wasn't evil or anything. So what if the Anti-fairies caused bad luck did that make they thoughts stop when Ac asked me a question.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

I bit my lip I hate talking about that night none but Timmy, my so called parents knew. Maybe I would someday but not now.

"No" I spoke weakly

He nods

"I understand but if you ever do I will listen"

I can't help but smile.


He smiles back

"Well the party will be happening so get some rest and just call if you need anything ok?"

I nodded and he left the room a few segundos after Timmy enter and hugged me tight.

"The dream again?" he asked

I nod and cry

"Rose it's ok I promise"

I bury myself in his arms.

"Sis?" he ask


"Do mom and dad amor us?"

I was shocked he asked that but I didn't have the answer either.

Timmy's pov

I held my sister close she was so strong most of the time but when she broke down it was hard to fix her up again. She had that dream again it had been a long time since she had it. She had wished for no mais nightmares, I realized then that mostly our wish were no longer in effect and that they started up again.

Then a pergunta pop into my head.

"Sis?" I ask


"Do mom and dad amor us?"

She looked at me for a segundo or two then sighed

"I don't know bro I really don't"

Tears were in her eyes again and I knew I was crying too. I suddenly was pissed off and yelled as loud as I could.

"Why did the have us they can't remember our names, our birthday anything really!"

"Timmy calm down you will attract attention to.."

She didn't finish her sentence when Anti-Cosmo can into the room. He look worried why does he care?

"Timothy what is wrong child?" Ac asked

"Like you care!" I spat

"Timothy I do care mais than you know" he said

I look at my sister she looks at me her eyes saying give him a chance bro what the harm in that?"

I sigh I hated when she use common sense on me because it always works.

"You do?" I asked

He smirked

"Of course Timothy!"

"Please call me Timmy please!" I begged

"But Timothy fits you so much better" he says while laughing

I roll my eyes and hold Rose tight again. Though we are the same age I look at her as a little sister she hates it of course, but I die for her and I knew she do they same for me. Which I wish she wouldn't do. She had a better chance of having a happy life when we our older than me.

AC smiled at us

"The party is at 8 rest children till then"

We nodded and he leaves


"Yes Timmy he does care he came to my room when I screamed"

I sighed mom and dad didn't even do that for her when they started I did.If Wanda or Cosmo had know about they them, They would made her tell them then have her sleep in the castelo so they could get to her quicker. Rose hated being weak she didn't want help and she didn't make a lot of wish unlike myself.

I looked down to see she was sleeping again I laid down and closed my eyes myself.

Wanda's pov

We lost them and now they were in the care of Anti-fairies, I held back a growl. I should have talk Timmy out of it once he agree to it of course Rose being Rose she did it to. Enough though Timmy see Rose as his little sister she older than him in mind . I sighed she was the daughter I never had she was usually on my side when came to Timmy's crazy wish.

I smiled remember her wishes books, actually seeing the titanic before and after it sank. Un wishing Timmy wishes when she knew they go bad. Yet I knew she was hiding something from us, when she wished for no mais nightmares at first it didn't seem weird but Timmy frowned when she made that one I asked later when she and Cosmo were playing Checkers.


"Timmy why did you frown when Rose made that wish?"

"Because I finally thought it was over.."

"What was over?"

He just looked at Rose with worry. He didn't tell me what it was said it was not his place to.

End of flash back

I looked at Cosmo who had cried himself to sleep and holding Poof tight. Poof was too small to understand why the twins were gone, but he was hurting too.

I closed my eyes Jorgen wanted to get them back anyway possible. I know he cared for the twins mais than he like to admit but they were sweet kids who need a real family.

I sighed remember how those loser treated them If it was for the fact that they were the rules I probably would have zapped them a long time ago. I just hope they are safe. I went to sleep myself

Ac's pov

I was mais worried than ever about Rosalie and Timothy, they seem mais heartbroken, in pain then I thought was possible. What nightmare was that horrible to make anyone scream that loud? I knew I was going downstairs to see if the party was almost ready when I noticed Timothy checking on his sister. I was worried so much I had to heard what they were speaking about.


The dream again?" he asked

She had this dream before oh dear then it must be bad.

"Rose it's ok I promise"

Sis?" he ask


"Do mom and dad amor us?"

"I don't know bro I really don't" she answered sadly

"Why did the have us they can't remember our names, our birthday anything really!"

He was mad and hurt at the same time I couldn't blame him and I saw first hand that they didn't remember their wonderful names.

"Timmy calm down you will attract attention to.."

She didn't finish her sentence when I can into the room. I was wanted to hold the two of them and tell them we would never do that to them, but it was too soon.

"Timothy what is wrong child?" I asked

Even though I knew what was wrong in the first place Damn those low life humans

"Like you care!" he spat

"Timothy I do care mais than you know" I said

He looked at Rosalie looking for an answer, though no words were said out loud they were talking to each other and it look like Rosalie was winning

He sigh

"You do?" he asked

I smirked

"Of course Timothy!"

"Please call me Timmy please!" he begged

"But Timothy fits you so much better" I says while laughing

He rolled his eyes and hold Rosalie tight again. You could tell Timothy would do anything to keep her safe.

I smiled at my children

"The party is at 8 rest children till then"

They nodded and I left feeling maybe things would get better.


"Yes Timmy he does care he came to my room when I screamed"

I heard her through the door, at least Rosalie is warming up to us I thought and I went down to the party

End of flashback

I went downstairs to see my evil crumpets cooking and talking with Head Pixie (no idea what his name is). Now pixies and Anti-fairies are great friends with each other not like anyone cares, but we do hate fadas with a passion. Why do they get all the godchildren?

"I So happy HP I finally haz babies!"

I smile

"What I'm chop liver!" yells Foop

I sigh Foop may be our son but he also a pain in the bunda some times.

"I mean mais to you sugar" she says kiss his check

He calms down

"Cozzie there you are, what's wrong are my bebês ok" she asked panic

"They fine dear sleeping"

"peacefully I hope" I think to myself

Hp see this

"What happen"

I sighed and told what had happen at the Turner household and Rosalie' nightmare and Timothy 's breakdown.

He sighs

"My bebês need me!" AW yells

Before I can stop her she is done

"She said it from her past?" Hp asks

" She did why?"

"I could look into..."

"No" I yell

He looks shocked

"I want to know but I want her to tell me when she is ready"

He smiles

"Your think like a father now"

I guess I was I wonder how my crumpets was doing with them if she was having better luck.

AW's pov

I flew to Rose's room first I want to hold her and tell we protect her from all the bad dreams. I opened the door to see both my bebês sleeping seguinte to each other. I can't help but smile they are so cute. I float over to them sit on the bed. I brush Rose's red hair out of her face and kiss her forehead she smiled and sleeps on. I kiss Timmy forehead as well and he smiled too.

I wonder what the little ones are dreaming about. probably about the no good fairies. I want to cry why can't they amor me?

I hear movement and I see to dark purple eyes looking at me.

"Sorry did I wake you baby? I asked

She turns bright red I think she mad but I soon realize the little baby is blushing.

"Umm No I can't sleep"

I frown

"That dream up to no good?" I asked

She giggled it cute

"Yup and well I not really sleepy anymore.."

She seem worried Why?

"Sweetie what's wrong?"

"I'm confused as to why you care so much about us?"

I didn't understand why wouldn't we? I hug her tight at first her body doesn't move. Soon I feel her hug back. I smile I want to cry my baby likes ME!

"My evil crumpets is everything alright?" ask my Evil husband

"Fine Cozzie just hugging my baby!" I chirp

Suddenly I hear laugher coming from Rose and Timmy. Both Cozzie and I stare.

"What so funny babies?" I ask

"OMG Cozzie!" Timmy laughs

Cozzie narrows his eyes but still smiles

Rose is still laughing, My bebês were happy that's all I could ask for!

"Well it's seems you two are in better sprits!" My Cozzie says

"I guess we are" they say together

Cozzie and I stare

"What?" they asked together again

"How u do that!?" I asked

"Do what?" They ask

"That!" I yelled

The started to laugh again

"Oh you mean talking at the same time it's a twin thing!" Rose says

"Yep we also can sense when the other is in trouble!" said Timmy

"Well the party will start soon lets head downstairs" Cozzie say

"Sure" Says Rose

"Whatever" says Timmy

I was hoping that things would get better.! really did.