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The fans pick: I DID amor them from the very start!
The fans pick: Yes. What else but a wedding between River and the Doctor could it be about?
The fans pick: Yes. And my response to those episodes was so much mais emotional.
The fans pick: Yes
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The Doctor and River Song mural

fansfunsz said …
she dont deserve the doctor Posted over a year ago
nickjonasfan001 said …
I haven't been on this spot for awhile.... And just got my dedicated medal!? Posted over a year ago
nickjonasfan001 commented…
and now i have my die-hard!? over a year ago
The10thDoctorDT said …
I wish so much that River comes back in the segundo part of the seventh series! Will she? Posted over a year ago
no1drwhofan commented…
She will me making a re-emergence in episode 13. :D I amor River. :D Xxxx over a year ago
The10thDoctorDT commented…
I'm so happy!!! River is coming back, she one of my favorito compagnon! over a year ago
The10thDoctorDT commented…
por the way, thinks for the info! :) over a year ago
no1drwhofan commented…
Aww, you're welcome. :D I like River, too. :D I believe she enhanced the show's interest. :D over a year ago