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 Confrontation at the jantar mesa, tabela
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This The Color Purple fotografia might contain traje de passeio and terno de negócio.

Continuity: When Sofia first meets Harpo's father, she drinks an entire glass of lemonade. However, she is shown handing back the glass almost full.

Revealing mistakes: When Squeak hits Sofia in the nightclub, Sofia moves her head before she is hit.

Crew or equipment visible: After Celie looks out of the door of her pants comprar and sees Mister, a person walks by. When the person walks by, you can see the reflection of a camera and a crew member in the glass.

Anachronisms: After Celie leaves Georgia, she is shown riding on a train eating in a dining car and drinking wine. This would never have happened...
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Source: Felicia Goldberg
added by princessfelicia
Source: Felicia Goldberg