A few days ago, I was playing on this website where they will generate a bunch of things for you - like a song or a character name - if you give them some words to fill in the blanks with. It's sort of like a Mad Libs game. Well, one of the templates they had was a fã letter template, so of course I had to try and write one to the Beatles and see how it turned out. Here is the result; it's actually pretty accurate, and almost perfect apart from the odd grammar error which happened because I didn't know what the template would look like, whether I'd need to use singular or plural, things like that. I could have fixed up the grammar, but I left it as it is to preserve the original.

Here goes:

Dear John, Paul, George, and Ringo,
I am your number one fan!
The first time I saw you, I felt pleasantly surprised. I could not believe a musicians could be so dreamy and fab.
Your role in Ed Sullivan show was gorgeous and simply irreverent.
I've created a collection of fotografias to remind me of you. My bedroom dresser is your shrine, lined with figurines.
My ambition is to go to Liverpool together and engage in some serious kissing. I'd make you hamburgers then we'd watch romantic comedies until the sun set.
I'd amor it if you could reply to me - tomorrow would be best. Oh, say you'll be my beijar partner John, Paul, George, and Ringo, please!
With your reply, please enclose some mais fotografias for my ever-growing collection.
Please, please, please reply.

If anyone is interested, here is the link to the generator: https://www.letter-generator.org.uk/ The one I used is the "write to an idol" template.