televisão What Is Your Favorito Felmale Chacter Out Of My Favorites? Counited

Pick one:
Jo" Harvelle (supernatural)
samantha best (the best years)
Lola Martinez(ZOEY 101)
zoey Brooks(zoey101)
sookie stakehouse(trueblood)
Nicole Bristow (zoey101)
Tori" Vega (Victorious)
Addie Singer (unfabulous)
Darcy Edwards ( Degrassi: The seguinte Generation)
Max Guevara (dark angel)
azevinho, azevinho, holly Tyler (what i like about you)
sabrina spellman (sabrina the teenage witch)
carly shay (i carly)
Winifred Burkle (angel)
 leytonfanlove posted over a year ago
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