televisão Favourite tv siblings from these?

Pick one:
Dan & Jenny [Gossip Girl]
Mary, Ruthie, Lucy, Matt, Simon, Sam & David [7th Heaven]
Dawn & Buffy [Buffy The Vampire Slayer]
Charlie & Alan [Two and a Half Men]
Dex & Indi [Home and Away]
Tess & Claire [McLeods Daughters]
Piper, Phoebe & Paige [Charmed]
Sam & Dean [Supernatural]
Malcolm, Rhys, Francis, Jamie, Dewey [Malclom In The Middle]
Monica & Ross [Friends]
Haley & Quinn [One árvore Hill]
Rachel, Nathan, Ben & Ruby [Packed To The Rafters]
Lucas & Nathan [One árvore Hill]
Bart, Lisa & Maggie [The Simpsons]
Raymond & Robert [Everybody Loves Raymond]
Stefan & Damon [The Vampire Diaries]
Kaitlin & Marissa [The O.C]
 Babee0492 posted over a year ago
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