Lydia is such a cool and gorgeous girl. In the first season she obviously came across as a bit bitchy since she was the popular girl and "queen bee". But as the seasons have progressed she has become mais aware of people around her and mais cautious of things and people. She has also developed her relationship with others, like Scott and Stiles. At the beginning she used to just ignore them and didn't know they existed, but she has become mais open and nice to them. I found it really sweet when she held Scott's hand in 3x09 at the música show. I also amor her relationship with her mom. They were so sweet in 3x16, and it shows even though she's popular and around her friends she still says "I amor you" to her when most people would be embarrassed to say that in front of their friends. She's been through so much on her own, when Allison, Scott and Stiles would just hide things from her. She's seen ghosts (Peter), been haunted por Peter, lost her mind, been attacked and she's still sticking up for herself and staying strong. This shows that she is emotionally strong and brave. Most people would probably still be traumatized after all of that, not go to school or even leave the house. But Lydia does still go to school and she tries to get through it the best that she can. She has a better attitude around people (kind of, lol) and doesn't show off in front of people mais dumb than her. She is incredibly patient with her so called "friends" Scott, Allison and Stiles when they don't tell her things she waits as long as she can. They should tell her everything since she is going through it all, por herself but they usually don't tell her things. They will be doing that to protect her, but it isn't protecting her in any way at all, only making things worse.

no geral, global Lydia is a well-developed, gorgeous, smart girl who doesn't deserve any of the crap she gets. And that's why she's my favorito character <3