os jovens titãs Make Your Oun Teen Titan Charter

leonides posted on Apr 25, 2010 at 04:43AM
you just make your oun teen titan charter like l will then you will know what to do and you can post as meny as u want
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over a year ago CapedClown said…
Name: Imre Darken
Age: 12
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Power: Rapid Cell Regeneration
History: Imre Darken was born in Blüdhaven. He was orphaned at a young age, but was raised by his older brother Garin. Through he was youth he was exposed to crime worse than that in the neighboring city of Gotham. The city had no reliable heroes to defend it, so it was controlled by different warring factions. It was hard for Blüdhaven’s youth to stay innocent under such exposure. Imre gained a darker outlook on justice and fighting crime through his early experiences in the port city.
When the Secret Society of Super Villains attacked Blüdhaven, nobody was prepared for the chemical explosions or the eventual chemical fallout. The city was destroyed and the final death toll was over 100,000. Imre learned of his powers when he came to only to find himself in the demolished city surrounded by the dead. He didn’t have a scratch on him, but he remembered the remnants of death. He couldn’t understand why he could survive the massacre when even his brother died.
After wandering aimlessly, trying fruitlessly to forget the past, he stumbled upon the city of Detroit, the hometown of Lady Shiva. For some reason that Imre was unaware of, Shiva decided to help the teen. He picked up many of his views from Lady Shiva, who was herself neutral, neither hero nor villain. Imre learned various forms of martial arts from Shiva, while practicing intense parkour on his own.
Imre traveled to Gotham when Lady Shiva changed places with Black Canary. While Imre didn’t work directly with Oracles all-female team of operatives, he did aid them whenever possible. During this time Imre learned basic hacking skills from Oracle. Imre left soon after Lady Shiva’s confrontation with Prometheus, splitting ways with the woman.
Imre spends the next month searching for Sin, the child that was once the intended successor of Lady Shiva. To the dislike of Black Canary and Lady Shiva, Imre trains with the girl, intending to join the Teen Titans. His true intentions were to be able to access information on the Justice League and Justice Society, so that he could undermine their authority, because he believed that the Blüdhaven massacre was the fault of the Justice League for not intervening. His goal is to do whatever is necessary to mar the reputation of the world’s most famous superheroes.
Personality: Imre is the silent, brooding type. He wasn’t one to express his emotions because he viewed it as a weakness. He was taught early in life not to trust others, and with the death of his brother, he learned to look at everybody as a threat regardless of their disposition. He is stubborn and when he gets an idea into his head, he won’t give it up regardless of how much information is provided in opposition of this view.
over a year ago SammyFearest said…
Name: Kokori Tomachi.
Age: 14
Alias: Hope.
Good or Bad: Good.
Power: Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis.
Bio: Kokori was born into a large, rich family but she was the only one born with powers. Knowing she had them she hid them away from her family so that they wouldn't treat her in any different way. When she turned 13 she left home without her family knowing. She wonders the streets, stopping crime and fighting those who fight against the good.
Looks: link
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over a year ago pickles1999 said…
big smile
Name: Phonic
Real: audy Lears

Age: 15

Gender: female

Looks: link

Music Type: All

Stereotype: motherly

Nickname (if you have one): Blondie

Weight: 102

Height: 5'2"

Body Type: slinder

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Pink [has a cloth to cover them] (blind)

Background:when her mom and dad died in front of her she shut out the world she couldn't see or hear here hearing came back and when it did she started to control sound so she became a villan to get revenge for her father and mother

Hometown: Jump City

Likes: singing, feeling sound waves , music

Dislikes: not being able to see, guys cheating on girls, loud noises

Phobias: heights, frogs

Interests/Hobbies: singing, music, sounds

Talents: singing, controling sound

Biggest Secret: likes guys with red hair (Kid/Wally)

does this work???? :)
over a year ago coolgirl413 said…
power:spike Ora
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 name:spike age:16 power:spike Ora family:none gender:girl good
over a year ago coolgirl413 said…
name: Spirit
power:soul switch
family:one sister
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 name: Spirit age:16 power:soul switch family:one sister gender:boy bad