TDI's GwenxDuncan Duncan and Gwen role play! :3

gwuncanfan posted on Mar 10, 2011 at 01:14AM
Hey, guys, we all know it's been kinda... slow lately around these parts, and, well, I was thinking of doing a role play! :D
You can be ANY TDI character you like. Please nothing offensive.
I'd like to tell you a quite short back story to this, but I don't wanna, because I just don't. :p
It takes place at Camp Wawanakwa, first season, DxC, TxG, you can switch it up. First, everyone say who they're gonna be, then we'll start! You MAY include your OC's.
We all clear on this?
I will be... well, lets see who everyone wants to be first, then I'll see who is who, then we'll start!
I think I'll be... Duncan (if it is no trouble to you guys :p If there's a problem, message meh)

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over a year ago xRainbowNinjax said…
Gwen :D
over a year ago gwuncanfan said…
big smile
:3 coolio. :D
over a year ago isabellarocks said…
Can I be one and if I can. Can I be Courtney
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