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***This here is a collaboration fanfiction that will be done in parts por Gwentrend24 and me, Bakes2389. This first part is por me, Bakes2389. This is meant as a fanfiction from Duncan's point of view as he ventured into and out of TDWT and onto TDAS. We are trying to make this as accurate as possible with the dialogue and scenes from the show. Hope you enjoy!***

Part 1:

    A few months had passed since the end of Total Drama Action, the reality show that had been sweeping the nation for two consecutive seasons. The show's juvenile delinquent had taken the win, and for his...
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posted by gwenxduncanFAN
duncans pov
so i jumped out the window and ran to the guys cabin. geoff was there with a smirk on his face.
geoff: duncan.
geoff: soo, whats up with you and gwen?
his smirk turned into an evil smile.
me:uuuummmm, nothing why?
geoff:cuz i heard some noises coming from the girls cabin. and those noises sounded like you guys having .....
me: OK SHUT UP. yes we did it! ok you happy now.
geoff: yes, get on dude. you finally got her!
(fist bump)
me:well i don't know if were dating i just know that she doesn't like Elvis.
geoff: wow i'll go talk to her.
duncan:GEOFF wait! ggggggrrrrrr
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Chris McLean
“Last time on Total Drama Island, friendships were formed, plans were made, and secrets were found out. What in store this time? On TOTAL! DRAMA! ISLAND! ”

Gwen’s POV
“Gothie is going down, gothie is going down” Courtney is still obsessively listing my death. You’d think she’d be over it por now, well at least done with obsessing over it. But then again it is Courtney.
“She’s still planning to kill me, but I guess you were worth it.” I nudge Duncan with a half hearted stare.
“Hey, you still have Heather.” Duncan breaks out into uncontrollable laughter. I glare...
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posted by Black-Rose-DxG
(Got inspired por Runaway amor por ludacris feat. Mary j blige but my take I don't own Duncan Gwen or this song I only own my of ivy p.s. I'm not going por the song my be just one part)
Gwen and Ivy's mom was on every type of drug in the book and to topo, início it all off they were abused por they're step dad they go to school with bruises on they're back and arms the gym teachers ask perguntas about them they tell them they fell they came início to see there dad and ask why the school called they run up to there room hen sneak out there window to meet up with there only friend Max as they were walking gun...
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posted by gwenxduncanFAN
 por courtney
by courtney
gwens pov
(crying with Bridgette patting her back)
"why, why would he do this to me!!!" i yelled
"i...i dont know i just know you need a new man."
Bridgette said trying to comfort me.
"b-but ...but i dont want anyone else i want DUNCAN!"
"LISTEN TO ME DUNCAN DIDN'T COME. YOU HAVE TO FORGET HIM, remember he left you waiting at the alter, he hasn't spoke to you in 3 days do you even know where he is!?" she shouted
"no" i whispered.
"well call him and ask him why"
"great idea bridgette thanks" (we hug)
i take out my phone and dial duncans number.
" hello, duncan listen i...."
"oh hi gwen." said the voice...
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posted by 0loneleepixie0
*3 am; Tokyo; Sui Hotel; Gwen cantar like nuts with headphones on :D*

Gwen: We weren't born to follow,
C'mon and get up of your knees!
When life is a amargo, amarga pill to swallow,
You gotta stand up for what you believe..
Let me hear you say yeah yeah yeah
Ohh Yeeah..

Duncan: *laughs* and gets out on the balcony* Baah!! *touches her shoulders*

Gwen: *Her headphones fall on the rua from 2000 feet and brake* Wha.. tah.. *turns around and slaps him* ..Duncan!!!

Duncan: Eeasy there!!.. So you sing, huh?

Gwen: ..Do not!!

Duncan: Do too!!

Gwen: *sighs* I.. liked .. that song, that's all..

Duncan: *laughing* ..Please...
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Remember how Alejandro had what he called "Latin Charm" which made most of the girls fall for him.
Gwen wasn't one of those girls,but what if she was? Duncan may turn jealous which can make him blind.WHAT WILL HAPPEN!?!?

Will Duncan and Gwen still be together?

Need to make this longer to publish


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posted by colecutegirl
the seguinte dia i wento to te mall with her and brought her some clothes *im sooo sorry i didt pack i ust anted to get out-* she was saying *no orries i understand and its the least i could do after what youve ben through besides i won total drama action* i replied *you were on that show! i was* gwen exclaimed. Gwen... wait gwen the girl who was my vest friend since tdi the girl who dumped tremt for me and who fell inlov with me? *gwen?* i asked *wait..duncan? youve changed so much!* sh said giving me a hug have you seen yourself youre adorable but its trent you mean elvis who hit you* i wispered...
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posted by GwenTrentDude
Tell me what you guys think, dare I continue and start making this as a story ? :] Sorry for the lame editing for the pics I'm tired its 4 in the morning xD And I couldnt think of a título so I just put some lyric of an eminem song xD

Gwens P.O.V.

" I've had it with you ! Get out of my life ! God what was I thinking, being with you was the biggest mistake of my life !" I yelled out as I got my bag and as I opened the door I felt a hand reaching out closing the door. " Ugh what the hell is your problem ! You want me to go fine I'll go but let me leave the Goddamn house !" I screamed and pushed...
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posted by colecutegirl
(at total drama island)
duncans pov.

'bring it on courtney!' lshawna shouted. i was only jut waking up ...wait leshawna? im in the boys cabine right? WRONG! i opened my eyes to find all the girls excpt for chest felt heavier and my clothes felt alot tighter. *sorry gwen did we wake you up its just little miss c.i.t was being a bit b.i.c.h.y.*wait wait wait GWEN! what i ran into the bathroom looked in the irror i opened my mouth to scream but all i heard was a high piched shriek I was gwen wha...what the hell how could this have happened! on the bright side least im one of the hottest chics...
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posted by tdacrazy6
 Emily peeking at Duncan
Emily peeking at Duncan
Duncan's P.O.V.
"Ask your grandma" I said coldly, walking away. I felt her tug my jaqueta cuff. "She won't tell me" She let fo and walked away. I stared in the direction of where she walked away.
I looked straight for at least 15 minutes. Where can she go anyway? She can't drive, can barely reach the button to bring the cars to a stop
(A/N the button on the poles that you press and then the light turns red)
I don't know what came over me, but I walked in the direction I was looking at.

Emily's P.O.V.
I ran and ran. Pushing people out of the way. Who knows how much I ran. I stopped. Panting, I bent...
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Chapter 1
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
*in the dudes' trailer thinking*
Man, when I got booted last season, i thought that was a load of touro crap, but everybody didn't have much of a choice. Gwen told me, "Sorry you had to lose over a tray of stickybuns," 'Cause that fat-lard Owen didn't touch the tiki head when he got to camp.
God, i missed Gwe-OWEN!! The dude was, was r-really, umm... nice? Aw, who am I kidding. I dunno really who i missed the most; Gwen or Courtney. Not Owen. I'm talking about relationship wise.
Gwen is really awesome, into horror movies, likes heavy-metal music, we have a lot in common,...
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gwen pov:I instantly feel in amor with trent the minuto i saw his face and guitar.He was a goody two shoes but i feel face over combat boots.But i also feel terible for cheating on him but it was only once and he dosn't know. I slept with duncan! And im not going to lie duncan was good.So it all happened at total drama island so i was in the girls alone when duncan came to my cabine with snacks edible snacks when we were talkin when i went over to get a tissue when i triped on heathers heels when my saia blu up and duncan saw my panties so he laughed and we stared laughing when suddenly he...
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Duncan's POV
Ok,so I see Trent get out the car. He opens the other car door and talks to Gwen. I can barely make out what they're saying.

"Get out of the car"
"No, I don't want to marry you!"
"Oh Gwen, you are obviously not aware of what I can do."

Gwen rolled her eyes and Trent slapped her! He needs to learn to keep his hands off of my girl.

"Y'know, a part of a marriage is agreeing to marry someone. What if i don't say, "I do"?

Trent took out a faca so Gwen could get the message.

"If you don't say I do, it's going to come with consequences."

I saw Gwen leap out of the car. Trent clenched Gwen's hand,...
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(Regular P.O.V. -no one's in particular, just narration :3 -)
Duncan sat with is team at one table, Gwen with her team at the other. Silently eating their crunchy eggs and soft toast. A bit ironic, I would have to say.
Suddenly, Chef machadinha, machado burst through the mess hall door and shouted, "OUTSIDE NOW, MAGGOTS!!" so outside everyone went. "Oh great, what does he want now?" Duncan whispered to Gwen. "I have no idea," she replied. "but it can't be good."
All of the campers followed Chef outside. The cameras circled all of them. "Alright, maggots! DROP AND GIVE ME 50!!" Chef barked. They all dropped...
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Duncan's POV
Ok, let's go over the checklist again.

Blankets: Check
Food: Check
Knife: Check
Gun: Check
First Aid Kit: Check
Duffel Bag: Check
Bottled Water: Check
Extra Clothes: Check
Cash: Check
Map: Check
Car: Check
Watch: Check

I think that's all I need. I scribbled something down on a sticky note. It read:

Dear Mom,
I've set out on a long and dangerous journey to go beat the crap out of Trent and find my girlfriend. I might not make it back alive 'cause trust me this dude is tougher then he looks. Just, I want you to remember me as someone who fought for love. And do me a favor, if I don't succeed, please,...
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Its After TDWT and Duncan and Gwen have split, and are with there other lovers.
"Trent, trent STOP"I said, trying to get away from Trent.
"But, I want to kiss you. so badly!"
I was working on homework and didn't want to get bothered.
"Trent, not now!!!! Can't you see im working?" I Yelled
"You do NOT yell at me!"Trent said
"Whaat---*SLAP*" I passed out


When i woke up i was still on the ground, Trent was no ware to be found. I saw a not attached to the travesseiro of the bed. I got up and read it.

Note:We are THROUGH B!TCH! Love, Trent

Suddenly I started to cry. I felt alone,...
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Duncan's POV
I woke up, got dressed for school, and walked to my bus stop. There were only 3 days left til Sunshine's move. Ugh, I'm gonna miss her so much. Oh yah, and remember that bracelet I was going to give her on our first date, y'know, the dia where she broke up with me cause I kissed Courtney? Well, I sorta melted it in front of the fireplace when I was still mad. Anyway, I managed to keep the rose and I gave it to her. I bet that got me some awesome boyfriend points! Anyway, the bus came and I sat down. We reached Gwen's stop and Gwen wasn't there. It was only Heather, Bridgette, and...
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posted by i_love_music
At Courtney's house...
Courtney:Where's my Dunky?He said that he will come back LATER!
Duncan(Courtney's awareness):I am at home, Princess!
Courtney:Dunky!*hugs him*
Duncan(Courtney's awareness):*disappears*
Courtney:*falls down and cries*Where are you?I wish you were here!

At Trent's house...
Trent:Where's Gwen?How long does she stay with Bridgette?*sits down on the bed*I still amor you, Gwen!

At Duncan's house...
Duncan:Here is my house!
Gwen:Wow!It's so interesting!The skulls are my favorites!
Duncan:Cool that you like the skulls!
Gwen:Where is that movie that you said?
Duncan:The horror movie must start...
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Gwens P.O.V.:ok so last night was weird, duncan is avoiding me, and brigette is stalking duncan. I finally saw him and confronted him, "Ok what is your deal?!" i said, hes probably gonna break up with me thats why hes been avoiding me. "Well, uh this is kinda hard to say but-" i stopped him. "Listen, i know your probably breaking up with me, thats why your avoiding me so im just gonna leave and you can go back with courtney ok!"i saw him with tears in his eyes, then I ran into the forest, thinking that is the only place where i could be alone. why me? Suddenly i had a weird feeling, whats happening?!...
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