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(a preppy-looking blonde is sitting in front of a camera and playing music)
Sammi- (⌒.−)=★ Hayyy... I'm Samantha and here's 10 things I amor about One Direction.

NUMBER 1- Harry Styles, hello?!

2- Liam is soo cute! Duh.

3- "Lewis" is a sass-master.

4- Umm, duhhhh, Niall is freaking Irish.

Elliot- AND HE'S HOT!

Sammi- SHUT UP!

5- Zayn's sexi hair!

6- The Adventurous Adventures.

7- Hilarious interviews.


Elliot- AND IRISH!

9- Umm, Sammi is making me read this. Harry's sex hair.

Both- And, last but not least....


Sammi- OMG, Ellsy, that was so fun! *takes out headband and talks normally* OK, guys, give us mais 10-20 things we amor about whatever and see if we'll do them. OK, bye!
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Samantha Allison Reynolds-

*Sami is the shortest of all of my OC's. She is 5'3 1/2".
*She comes from a very large family and is the only one who does not have pet allergies.
*Sami has 2 ways of spelling her name 1) Sammi Alison R. oooor 2) Sami Allison Reynolds.
*Sami likes One Direction. She has a crush on Harry Styles and has a T-shirt that says, "Future Mrs. Styles, Comin' Through!"
*She had a criceto, hamster named Prince William and a dog named Mr. Cuddles, but her sister KJ made her get rid of them.
*Sami fits into 3 subcultures- Harajuku, Scene, and Emo
*She is shorter than her twin brother, Elliot
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(Sami's POV.)

I walk into Auntie's house and immediately regret it. Cj and Tiffany were making out, Elise's kids were running around, and Frost, Kelsey's gay boyfriend, was leitura to JJ.

"Uhh, hey, Frost. Mind if I sit with you? Where's Zac?" Frost sighed and set JJ down on the rug. "With your stupid pregnant cousin. They went to talk about their future or something stupid like that." I sit seguinte to him. "Where's Aunt A?" He sighed again. "Carter took her to this bar before work. That's where Aunt Kels is now." His breath smelled like Pad Thai. Something he and my aunts ate daily. Ugh. "Great....
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