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 enrolados Easter Eggs- The Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast
In the libary scene in the Kingdom Dance, two of the books in the biblioteca are 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Beauty and the Beast'
a pequena sereia
A Bela e a Fera
ovos de pascoa, ovo de páscoa
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A shrill shriek boomed through the cold, empty halls of the palace castle. Elena found herself bolting out of cama straining against her still sleepy muscles to get to a very distressed Rapunzel. When she reached the door panic overtook her as it was cracked open, but upon further opening she found Eugene to be the one that beat her there and relief swept over her.
    “Sweety?” The queen calmly asked to her not so calm daughter who was being comforted por her gentlemen. Eugene looked...
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i thought this video was perfect for rapunzal and flynn
flynn rider
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