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posted by SweeneyTodd2010
This is for anyone who plans on cosplaying from Sweeney Todd.
This particular costume breakdown is for the Demon Barber himself.

I have been cosplaying Sweeney Todd for 3 years now, and have put in a great deal of time researching and looking at pictures of the Sweeney Todd costume. So I thought I would share a bit of what I know.

First we will start out with general items, before I get into smaller details. As you will see in the picture seguinte to this paragraph, you will notice some key items that Sweeney Todd has. If you are going to put together a Sweeney Todd costume, you should at least...
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This video is about Mrs. Lovett expressing her desire to be Sweeney Todd's number one lady. In my version he agrees with her and accepts it because of all the ships in the Sweeney Sea, Todd and Lovett is the ship for me!
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This is probably going to be the shortest artigo ever but oi if its concerning Johnny im sure that'll make up for the space!
So i've started considering Sweeney Todd/Johnny Depp slang such as OMJ (Oh my Johnny) and Who gives a todd and Deppinately and so on......But i was wondering if it would be popular? what do ye think?
I am Obsessed with Johnny so i decided to do this I would have put this in a pick but i think this is a lot mais personal.

Thx... Aine/Jokerrocks

p.s if you have other ideas for depp slang post 'em
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johnny depp
sweeney todd - o barbeiro demoníaco da rua Fleet
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tim burton
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posted by claire-aka-bob
Alms Alms
Beggar Woman

Alms, alms for a miserable woman!
On a miserable chilly morning
Thank ya, sir thank ya

Antony (spoken)

Mam, could you tell me who’s house this is?

Beggar Woman (spoken)

That? That's the great Judge Turpin's house, that is.

Antony (spoken)

And the young lady who resides there?

Beggar Woman (spoken)

Oh her? That' Johanna, his pretty little ward...
Keeps her snug he does. All locked up.
So don't you go trespassin' there or it’s a good whipping for you
or any other young man with mischief on his mind!
How would ya like a little muff dear
A little jig jig. A little bounce around the bush.
Wouldja like to push me parsley? It looks to me dear that you got plenty there to push.
Alms! Alms! For a desperate woman!