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Sam & Madison sex scene from 2.17 Heart.
season 2
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 Constance Welch age 24
Constance Welch age 24
Constance Welch

Joseph Welch

Son and younger daughter

A two-story farm house at the end of Brekenridge Road outside Jericho, CA

Incident Reported:
In 1981, Constance Welch (age 24) jumps off the Sulvania Bridge and drowns in the river. An hora before her body was found she had phoned the police about her children drowning in the bath tub. She stated that she had left them alone for a minuto and when she got back they weren't breathing. Devastated por what had happened to her children she committed suicide.

Actual Incident:
Constance had found out about her husbands infidelity...
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Okay, I know Dean is awesome , but can we just take a moment and appreciate Sam? I mean he does so many great things I feel he hardly gets credit for, and people often take him for granted! I've seen a lot of hate toward him, and I don't understand why!

Disclaimer: I amor Dean and I hope this doesn't come across as Dean hate. It's just most hate towards Sam comes from a lot of Dean girls (not all).

One of my biggest things however, is how when Sam does something great, they make it about Dean. While I agree, Dean definitely deserves praise, he has his own moments for those. My problem is,...
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