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ILostMyShoe posted on Nov 11, 2012 at 11:32PM
I just thought of the most bittersweet ending to Supernatural and I'm going to share it with you...

So... The final episode is almost over, Sam and Dean just solved another huge problem and are alive, making the fans hopeful.
The screen declares it is a couple months later. It then shows Sam and Dean sitting on the hood of the Impala watching the stars, calm and happy making us fans "Aww!". Castiel appears with a grim expression and says "Hello". Sam and Dean smile at him and tell him not to look so sad and feel like he's to blame. Cas stays silent for a moment then nods says he'll visit the brothers soon and they part.
Next scene, it's the next day, and Sam and Dean are riding down the road in the Impala. They smile to each other and Dean turns on the radio. The song "carry on wayward son" comes on. Then the screen shows a different picture, and carry on wayward son continues to play as you see an abandoned area. The camera slowly zooms into the dead bodies on the ground and you realize that it's Sam and Dean! IT then shows a clip of how this happened (it would have to be something sweet with one of them trying to save the other and then they both end up dead.). You then see Sam and Dean back in what you then know is heaven. The song comes to an end and they say something sweet and smile again. And display end credits.
So? Bittersweet right? If they actually did that it would be so cruel though cause the fans would be so relieved they were alive around the end and are very happy, but then they realize they're dead and the feels would explode in their faces. But at least Sam and Dean would be happy. I was actually just thinking of how the show might end if they died and this popped up in my head! LOL.
I don't want them to die though. I want them to drive the Impala away into the sunset. :) But like the writer's will do that. And the ending with be sad and make me cry my eyes out no matter how good it is.. :/

What do you think of my idea?
How do you want Supernatural to end?

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over a year ago larzii said…
That's a good idea! :) but i don't want them to die either. I've always worried about how they are going to end it... it has to be scary, suspenseful, sad, happy, funny and awesome all in one episode. I will cry too when my favourite show finally comes to an end :(

I don't really know how i want it to end. I like how there is a huge twist in your idea, so something like that where something really big and unexpected happens would be cool. I can't imagine how they will end it but i hope it's awesome and they keep us guessing what's going to happen throughout the episode :D ...and i want dean and sam to sing a song together in the impala - preferably Bon Jovi :) Also, I've always wanted Dean to be with Jo, so maybe in a shock twist we find out that Jo and Ellen didn't actually die (they got saved by angels or they somehow escaped the explosion) and Dean and Jo can be together! - and they all go back to where the roadhouse used to be and start rebuilding it hehe and Dean and Sam save the whole world from a huge demon attack and are named as the greatest hunters of all time - and Ellen names a special drink after them called the Winchester :D and i want Bobby to come back too and he and Ellen can be together haha. I can't believe they killed him off :( he was the best!

My ending is a bit unrealistic but that's only because I can't imagine how it will end! I hope the writers make it really good!
over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
I think when they end it, it's going to be similar to the scene in the pilot where Sam and Dean put their weapon in the trunk and Sam says 'We've got work to do' It's how I would do it, but of course I'm not one of the writers.
over a year ago Flickerflame said…
I like the idea, but I'd have them die fighting/defeating the final big end of the world threat. So the heaven scene and seeing their bodies would be at the start of the final episode - just before Carry On My Wayward Son plays for the last time - and then you'd leap back in time for the rest of the episode to show how they died.

You're right, sunset would be sweet but completely unrealistic and I doubt it'd ever be done.

@HaleyDewit - wouldn't that make fans keep wanting to see the next hunt?

@larzii - I can't see Dean/Jo happening that way, or any other long term pairing really. The emotional focus is always meant to be the brothers' relationship. A pairing would overshadow that because people always focus first on romantic relationships.
over a year ago Elnino_19 said…
In the finale, Cass sacrifies himself for Sam / Dean. After solving the problem, I would like the brothers to retire from hunting and mentor / train youngsters who want to be hunters. They have a lot of experience. Ofcourse I want Mary to return to heaven. She doesn't belong here.