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 lobo Kirby
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Kirby after inhaling Wolf.
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The newest version of Project M trailer.
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project m
posted by RidleyTheEpic
I have a question. What should happen in the seguinte game. I think the bad guys should revive Tabuu and then Tabuu orders Petey and Porky to rebuild the great maze.All the others are sent down to attack the world of trophies. Meanwhile pichu, mewtwo and roy have all returned when the bosses attack. What should happen in the seguinte game. It's your thoughts.

Also I think that Mr. G&W should retire, don't you? Also what boss would you like to see again? And should the halberd be repaired and stolen again and all that crap?
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posted by thegame998
This is a message to Nintendo.

You sell hundreds of thousands of games a day. You are rich. You have created Wii, DS, and plenty more. You have TONS of fans. You want to keep them right? You want them to buy your games right? Well don't upset them! Don't say your game is gonna come out in December when you are gonna delay it to February like Smash Bros. Brawl. I would much rather know it would come out 2 months in the future than hear it has been delayed from an earlier date. I am sure everyone leitura this thinks that also. We need our games!
posted by alexzoldy
It was a warm summer dia in Good Side nintendo Street, when suddenly, Mario made a new video game that was called: Mario and Link and the Tower of Doom. 4 weeks later when the game was released, Mario saw people buying the game and started fighting like it was in the game. Mario stopped decided to say:

Mario: What is it with these people on Good Side nintendo Street? I have to put a stop to this at once... but how?

Suddenly, Link shows up and says to Mario:

Link: Did you just make a video game with me and you in it?

Mario shivered and said:

Mario: ... Yeah... why?

Link: (sigh) just come with me!

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posted by alexzoldy
The Sequal of Part 1

Link and Mario were walking on the sidewalk, when suddenly, they found themselfs on Evil Side nintendo Street. Mario looked at Link and said:

Mario: Are you sure this is the right place?

Link: Of corse it is! My parents told me a rumor once that if the people on Good Side nintendo rua made video games for the kids, the Evil Side nintendo rua folk would control the minds of every kid on Good Side nintendo Street.

Mario: Sounds freaky

Link: It is!

Mario: So, lets go!

Link and Mario went on the sidewalk when suddenly, the ground rumbled like an earthquake. All went blind for Link, when suddenly, Mario was not there! Link thought that maybe Mario was kidnapped!

To be continued...
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