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Article by pearlxashxdawn posted over a year ago
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It was a bright sunny day
Alone again was a price to pay
I was used to this actually
I wish I have a friend to play with and be free
But alas, I have none
Thinking: What have I done?
Then came along a short girl
She was cute cause of her long curls
She approached me and wanted to be friends
"Yeah right, do you want the world to end?"
"Go away and don't bother me"
I walked away and she was...following me?!
I liked her determination so we befriended
She is so cute, I intended
I asked her name, the reply was SoonKyu
I should give her a nickname like LuLu
I looked at her; she was like a bunny
AHA! I should nickname her Sunny Bunny


Originally by: pearlxashxdawn