Stormclan Darkpaw and Briarpaw's journey for StarClan

SoyalaLeisu posted on Aug 07, 2010 at 10:33PM
I have to do this for StormClan! and she crossed the border.

"Briarpaw?" asked a curious voice behind her. Turning with anger and fear broiling under the surface, she saw Darkpaw staring at her in confusion. "Where are you going, Briarpaw?"

Smiling and letting it all out, Briarpaw told him of her mission. "Darkpaw please don't tell! StarClan is sending me on a mission to find Duskbreak and give him a message!"

Darkpaw stared at her for a moment. "I got that same message from StarClan myself! Please let me come too."

Briarpaw wanted a travel buddy so bad she invited him. As the territory fell away behind them, Darkpaw said, "Petalfeather sent me."

Briarpaw nodded.

"Who sent you?" He looked at her, eager for her answer.


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