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KatieK102 posted on Dec 22, 2016 at 01:09AM
This is just something I use when writing Fanfictions, and I've found it to be equally as helpful/fun when RPing. Before everyone took a break a lot of us really had fun filling it out, so I'm bringing it back!

Sheet (just copy and paste) -

- Name:

- Family (if any):

- Backstory (if any):

- Illness (if any):

- Mate/Love interest (if any):

- Closest to:

- Ambitions:

- Biggest fear:

- Fetal flaw:

- Quirks:

- What inspired his/her name:

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be:

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between:

- What would be his/her theme song?

- A quote/lyric that describes them:

- Other:

*Also, I am aware that this typically belongs in the 'answers' category, but I posted it here so that whenever we create new character, we are not limited to only one post. Have fun!
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over a year ago KatieK102 said…
- Name: Thorntail

- Family (if any): Flintrock (father, passed), Lilypad (mother, passed), Thunderpaw (brother, passed), Skyheart (brother)

- Backstory (if any): He was born a bright-eyed kit with every ambition to one day become leader. However, Lilypad disappeared when he was a kit and he blamed Flintrock for chasing her away. Then during an attack with GoldenClan, Thornkit watched helplessly as Flintrock was murdered. That scarred him for life, and he was never the same. Fast forward to when he's a young apprentice, and Thunderpaw is his best friend. Thornpaw was teasing Skypaw and they were both sentenced to cleaning the Elders' Den. They fought, and Thunderpaw pushed him too far. Thornpaw lashed out and accidentally killed him, which is his biggest regret. A few days after that Holiday and Burntpaw joined the Clan, and took him in. He imprinted on them the way he was supposed to his real family. After Thunderpaw's death Tanglestar decided that Thornpaw couldn't be trusted, and took over as his mentor. They were constantly arguing, and Tanglestar is the one who shredded his ear during battle training. It's because of Tanglestar that Thornpaw lost all of his ambition. Later, Lilypad returned to StormClan. Skypaw freaked out on her for leaving them and fately wounded her, but couldn't bring himself to finish her, so he begged Thornpaw to kill her. He did. A few moons later and Crowpaw was his best friend, very nearly his brother. Crowpaw's mentor, Shadowpelt, went insane and tried to kill Crowpaw, but Thornpaw showed up and killed him before he could harm Crowpaw, although he was seriously wounded in the process. When Crowpaw didn't visit him afterwards Thornpaw became bitter, and declared that he would never forgive him. He clashed with Blackpelt after mocking him for liking toms, and through punishment the two become close/eventually mates. After Blackpelt disappeared he decided he would never grow close to anyone else again, because he was tired of others not being able to protect themselves and hurting him in the process.

- Illness (if any): NA

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Burntheart (crush, minor), Holiday (crush), Leafshine (one-sided crush, he didn't return her affections), Blackpelt (mate [sorta]; crush, but determined to get over it)

- Closest to: Burntheart / Holiday / Probably Blackpelt, if Thorntail would stop shutting him out.

- Ambitions: To live life with as little social interaction as possible xD

- Biggest fear: Getting close to someone and them leaving him (stems from Lilypad's disapperence and Flintrock's death)

- Fetal flaw: His ability to hold a grudge for too long

- Quirks: If he were human his favorite band would totally be Fall Out Boy! And he's a huge drama queen, he'll just never admit it. But he overreacts about everything and complains about everything. He's forever stuck in that dark, broody teenager phase xD

- What inspired his/her name: I think Blue named him?

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Anakin Skywalker!!!

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Somewhere in between, leans closer to the villain side...

- What would be his/her theme song? "I Don't Care" Fall Out Boy // "The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty" Panic! at the Disco

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "I don't care what you think as long as it's about me" - I Don't Care, Fall Out Boy // "I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me." - Dance, Dance, Fall Out Boy

- Other: He'll never forgive Crowtail, and a piece of him will always be afriad of Blackpelt "disappearing" again. However, no matter how many times Holiday or Burntheart disappear and come back he'll never resent them for it. Moreover I don't think he'll ever be as emotionally dependent to Blackpelt as he is to Holiday/Burntheart.

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 - Name: Thorntail - Family (if any): Flintrock (father, passed), Lilypad (mother, passed), Thunder
TeamPeeta649 commented…
What's funny is as soon as you said Fall Out Boy for Thorntail on the main fórum I instantly thought of I Don't Care haha over a year ago
KatieK102 commented…
Yeah, it's kinda the perfect song for him xD over a year ago
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
Name: Sheepfluff

- Family (if any): Star (mother D), Brownnut (brother), Merry (D) Flaxenrose (sisters), Flintpaw Wrenpaw (sons), Merrypaw Frecklepaw Applepaw Sweetpaw (daughters)

- Backstory (if any): Grew up with an absent mother who served as basically a prostitute to the gang cats that ruled the neighborhood. She and her siblings became very close through their rough lives and eventually their barn caught mysteriously on fire and they had to flee to StormClan.

- Illness (if any): N/A

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Scorchgaze (father figure to her kits, crush for a long time), Duskstorm (future crush/mate)

- Closest to: Scorchgaze, Brownnut, Flaxenrose, and Duskstorm

- Ambitions: Be a good warrior for the clan despite not being Clan born and a good mother to her kits that she loves.

- Biggest fear: Her kits rejecting her.

- Fatal flaw: Always underestimates herself and sells herself short of happiness. This roots with her idea of believing sh's a plain cat and nothing special.

- Quirks: N/A

- What inspired his/her name: Just thought it was cool and different

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be:

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero, tragic beginning happy ending
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
Name: Lakefrost

- Family (if any): Bearstar (father), Stormysky (mother D), Oakleaf (brother)

- Backstory (if any): She was born right before her father was made leader and was raised to always strive for greatness especially after oakleaf became medicine cat she felt she was destined to become leader.

- Illness (if any): N/A

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Mudpath (flirtation/future mate)

- Closest to: Robinwing, Mudpath

- Ambitions: To become leader after her father

- Biggest fear: To let down her very aggressive mother in StarClan

- Fatal flaw: Her pride much like her father in mother make it hard for her to see past her own desires and talents.
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
I'll start with my simplest one first haha

- Name: Robinwing

- Family (if any): Timberwolf (father), Milkypearl (mother, deceased), Mudpath (brother), Snowtail (brother), Hazelpaw (sister), Minnowpaw (sister)

- Backstory (if any): She'd been a light-hearted, fun loving cat all her life until her mother passed away. Seeing her father's grief and needing to look out for her younger siblings turned her into a much harder and emotionally withdrawn cat. Her aura is always professional and refined, even though her emotions deep inside are messy and unadulterated. Her love for her family caused her to build her strength, but her love for her best friend's father chips away at her strength and the wall she'd built up around her heart.

- Illness (if any): N/A

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Bearstar (working to change her one-sided love to a mutual connection)

- Closest to: Lakefrost, Timberwolf, Mudpath, Snowtail and Hazelpaw (hopefully soon to Bearstar as well)

- Ambitions: To be a capable and respected warrior of MoonClan; and secretly to have a family

- Biggest fear: Losing her family, her friends and her love

- Fetal flaw: Refusing to admit to anything she sees as a flaw (for example: going weak in the knees when around the cat she loves, feeling the urge to cry when concerned about the well being of someone she cares for)

- Quirks: Actually very sweet and adorable when embarrassed

- What inspired his/her name: I felt like it was a strong name for such a strong character

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Shinobu (even though he's a man) from Junjou Romantica; it's really fitting because the character Shinobu is also in love with an older man who was once married to his sister

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero, absolutely

- What would be his/her theme song? "Miss Independent" Kelly Clarkson

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "Sugar, all I want to do is be your one and only lover! I just want to be your lovergirl!" - "Lovergirl" Teena Marie

- Other: Despite the love she has for her friends and family she believes that if they truly love her they'll except her for who she is, so she is determined to pursue this love.
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
- Name: Blackpelt (DECEASED)

- Family (if any): His actual mother and father are Roseshine (mother, deceased) and Brilliantsight (father, deceased), but for a small difference in storyline it's now portrayed as Diamondleaf (mother, deceased), ??? (father, deceased), Featherwing (brother), Sunheart (brother), Darkmist (brother), Rainpaw (niece), Treepaw (nephew), Smokepaw (nephew, deceased)

- Backstory (if any): Has always gone through life with a bright outlook on everything. Struggled with the truth that he was gay because he wasn't sure what his family would think and he'd always been popular with she-cats, so he didn't understand why he didn't find interest in them too. Struggled even more when he started getting feelings for Thornpaw, but the apprentice was only interested in giving him hell. Slowly came to terms with his true self when he began to see Featherwing was gay and unafraid to be himself. The up and down momentum of his relationship with Thornpaw/Thorntail brought him a lot of self doubt and anxiety that he bottled up inside. His capture is what broke him down inside, because he'd finally reached a place of happiness with Thorntail. His soul was cracked and the horrific things he was put through for a year tainted him like black ink to white paper. He hides all of his negative emotions in order to be strong for everyone else. Getting back on the rollercoaster with Thorntail could have pushed him to have a nervous break of some kind.
After being severely hurt in the battle against the rouges, he was able to reconnect with Thorntail and they were able to enjoy their happiness together. Only for a short while however. Thorntail died tragically in a badger attack and Blackpelt didn't last long without his soulmate. He died three days after Thorntail of a broken heart. Literally, a broken heart. He's such a sap, I know. Now he resides peacefully in Starclan with his one true love where they can relax and get it on to their hearts' content for all of eternity.

- Illness (if any): A sometimes weak right shoulder due to a troublesome injury during his imprisonment

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Thorntail (mate and love of life), Scorchgaze (a very brief and minimal crush)

- Closest to: Featherwing, Thorntail, Sunheart, Skyheart (ironically enough XD), Crowtail, Scorchgaze, Darkmist

- Ambitions: To be a protector of his family and clan

- Biggest fear: Losing those closest to him and his inner demons coming out

- Fetal flaw: Devotes too much of himself to those who may not appreciate it

- Quirks: A hopeless romantic and eternal optimist

- What inspired his/her name: It's just a simple clan given name haha

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Dean Winchester from Supernatural, only more optimistic

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero

- What would be his/her theme song? "Remember Everything" Five Finger Death Punch

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "Tell it to my heart, tell me I'm the only one. Is this really love or just a game?" - "Tell it to My Heart" Taylor Dayne // "You got two black eyes from loving too hard and a black car that matches your blackest soul. Wouldn't change ya. Wouldn't ever try to make you leave, no." - "LA Devotee" Pan!c at the Disco

- Other: There's actually a great deal of darkness inside him. Anger, frustration, disappointment, self loathing, doubt. It's buried deep within because he feels he always has to be strong. Also, he's always wanted to be a father and he knows he never will be, so he finds himself dealing with a certain level of depression.
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KatieK102 commented…
"but the apprentice was only interested in giving him hell." Aw, poor Blackpelt xD over a year ago
KatieK102 commented…
AHH DEAN WINCHESTER! Yes, him and Thorntail have to be a thing now! They're both basically Dean Winchesters; one of them is the brighter version, and the other is the dark, broody version xD over a year ago
KatieK102 commented…
Also, you picked the perfect lyrics for him. Like those basically sum him up, and it's a plus that he and Thorntail both have a P!atD song over a year ago
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
- Name: Flaxenrose

- Family (if any): Star (mother D), Brownnut (brother), Merry (D) Sheepfluff (sisters), Flintpaw Wrenpaw (nephews), Merrypaw Frecklepaw Applepaw Sweetpaw (nieces)

- Backstory (if any): Born into the last litter of Stars in the dead of winter she started her life very sick with her siblings. When the other three died from greencough she was the only one who was able to survive. Since then Brownnut acted as a father figure to her and babied her a bit because he had already lost many of his siblings to sickness and the gangs. She wasn't very skilled when they had to run to StormClan, but over the moons was able to train enough to handle herself.

- Illness (if any): NA

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Darkmist (Mate)

- Closest to: Darkmist, Brownnut, Sheepfluff, and Scorchgaze (her previous mentor)

- Ambitions: To start a family with Darkmist she never really was the warrior type.

- Biggest fear: Losing her family. Though she's so sweet she often can't fathom such sad things.

- Fatal flaw: Naivety.

- Quirks: None

- What inspired his/her name: I just like Flaxen as a name
over a year ago forgetful said…
- Name: Minnowpaw

- Family: Timberwolf (father), Milkypearl (mother, deceased), Robinwing (sister), Mudpath (brother), Snowtail (brother), Hazelpaw (sister)

- Backstory: For the most part she's a pretty calm and collected cat. The death of her mother at birth made her a little emotionally reserved as she believes it's the one thing she can control. She doesn't talk much to those who aren't her family, her mentor, or patient she tries to keep the cats she's close to at a minimum. She was relieved to have been chosen by starclan as a medicine cat as she new she'd never be good enough at being a warrior.

- Illness (if any): N/A

- Mate/Love interest (if any): N/A

- Closest to: Hazlepaw, Oakleaf

- Ambitions: To excel in being a medicine cat and to be a loyal Moonclan cat

- Biggest fear: having to face up to who she is or give into her anxiety and need to control her feelings

- Fetal flaw: unable to express how she feels in times of sadness and comes off as not caring or unaffected

- Quirks: is super shy towards everyone

- What inspired his/her name: The literal fish an the colours of a minnows scales

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Not sure really

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Somewhere in between

- What would be his/her theme song? Home by Passenger

- A quote/lyric that describes them: Not sure

- Other:
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over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
- Name: Featherwing

- Family (if any): His actual mother and father are Roseshine (mother, deceased) and Brilliantsight (father, deceased), but for a small difference in storyline it's now portrayed as Diamondleaf (mother, deceased), ??? (father, deceased), Blackpelt (brother), Sunheart (brother), Darkmist (brother), Raindapple (daughter), Treetail (son), Smokepaw (son, deceased), Driftkit (son), Cloudkit (daughter), Briarkit (daughter), Pebblekit (son)

- Backstory (if any): Growing up he followed in his brother's shadow. He was always jealous of his strength and how handsome he was. He hated being thought of as weak just because of how feminine he looked. Only did he come out of his proper and quiet shell when he became Crowpaw's mentor. The young apprentice put Featherwing out of his element with how blunt his advances were. This made Featherwing more comfortable with his own personality and charms. After returning from being under Taevy's control he worked to regain his strength and his relationship with his former apprentice.
His relationship with Crowtail blossomed again and thanks to the help of Hushpool they were able to surrogate two litters. Due to them being in Hushpool's debt and also due to the trama Featherwing previously suffered morphing him in some ways, an on again off again sexual relationship developed between he, his mate and Skyheart. This lead he and Crowtail to have a selectively open relationship. Now that they've had their final litter of kits they've agreed to move on from that and enjoy their lives the way they are. He will be making the move with his mate and litter to the new camp.

- Illness (if any): N/A

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Crowtail (mate)

- Closest to: Crowtail, Blackpelt, Scorchgaze, his children, Hushpool and Skyheart (reluctantly haha)

- Ambitions: To be a strong, capable warrior, mate and father

- Biggest fear: Losing anymore of his family

- Fetal flaw: Self doubt

- Quirks: N/A

- What inspired his/her name: I wanted something feminine to go with his appearance

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Crona & Ragnarok from Soul Eater

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero

- What would be his/her theme song? "Gangsta" Kehlani

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me."

- Other: He'd love to have more kits, even if they aren't blood related to him.
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over a year ago forgetful said…
- Name: Roseleaf

- Family (if any): N/A

- Backstory (if any): Her mother was a barn cat and her father a clan cat, though she only knows through stories her mother would tell her and her siblings as kittens. She doesn't really remember the details of her family or her mothers stories as she was adopted to an old man she was 8 weeks old. as a "kittypet" she was an outdoor cat and could pretty much come and go as she pleased. This is where she learned to fight though she's not a hostile cat and will choose not to whenever she can. After a few years her owner died and she left to go join the clan cats changing her name from Rose to Roseleaf.

- Illness (if any): N/A

- Mate/Love interest (if any): N/A

- Closest to: N/A

- Ambitions: To learn how to be the best clan cat she can in an attempt to know what kind of life her father had

- Biggest fear: finding out she's not cut out for clan life

- Fetal flaw: She thinks that everyone can be good and kind of has rose tinted glasses in the sense she likes to romanticize life

- Quirks: She's still very young at heart and playful

- What inspired his/her name: I just really love roses

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Maybe Lily from ow I met your mother, she thinks everyone can be taught how to be nice.

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: more of a hero type she's always looking for good

- What would be his/her theme song? Anything Avalanche City!

- A quote/lyric that describes them:

- Other:
over a year ago tanglebelly said…
- Name: Crowtail

- Family (if any): Boulderstep (father, passed), Ravenswoop (mother, passed), Ivyfrost (sister)

- Backstory (if any): Born with great hearing abilities he was always curious on what was going on. His first best friend was Thornpaw though that went south fast after his own mentor tried to kill him only to be saved by Thornpaw in the end. After that he kept to himself a lot with the exception of his sister Ivypaw whom he was extremely close to. After that horrible event he was given to Featherwing to be trained but through out the training he quickly started to develop feelings for the pretty looking tom cat and was cut off when he was taken away. Skip by a year or so and Featherwing returned badly wounded and now named a warrior went to his former mentor and accepted him back and became mates.

- Illness (if any): NA

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Mousepaw ( Goldenclan cat had a minor thing going), Featherwing (mates)

- Closest to: Featherwing, Ivyfrost, Hushpool

- Ambitions: To keep his family safe.

- Biggest fear: Loosing everything he has.

- Fetal flaw: Relied on his hearing abilities for much of his life and struggles when he doesnt use it.

- Quirks: Charming and dedicated to his loved ones.

- What inspired his/her name: His Black pelt

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be:

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero

- What would be his/her theme song? "Thanks for the Memories" - Fall out Boys

- A quote/lyric that describes them: NA

- Other: He secretly wants to sleep with Skyheart after hearing how he mounted Featherwing. Also will always regret not visiting Thorntail when he was wounded and losing his best friend.
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KatieK102 commented…
When I read - What inspired his/her name' I thought it said "Blackpelt", and for a moment I was really confused xD over a year ago
tanglebelly commented…
haha i had to o espaço it i was like shit! over a year ago
TeamPeeta649 commented…
Me too. I was like what did Blackpelt do XD but FOB favorito band and favorito song ever over a year ago
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
- Name: Sweetbriar

- Family (if any): Sheepfluff (mother), ??? (biological father), Scorchgaze (foster father), Brownnut (uncle), Flaxenrose (aunt), Flintstripe (brother), Applethorn (sister, deceased), Merryberry (sister), Wrenflight (brother), Frecklenose (sister)

- Backstory (if any): Growing she was somewhat of the leader among the quieter kits. Flintkit, Applekit and Frecklekit being the loud and head strong kits, she fell to the background with Wrenkit and Merrykit. This has given her a keen intellect due to her observation and a quiet confidence, opposite to her sibling's out spoken self love. Even though she knows that Scorchgaze is not her real father, she's still a complete daddy's girl. Looking up to her father as deputy has given her a great respect for authority and strength.

- Illness (if any): N/A

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Falconstar (just wants the stubborn tom to love her lol)

- Closest to: Berryfrost, parents and siblings, Falconstar, Strongbreeze, Treetail

- Ambitions: To be a strong warrior of StormClan and gain the respect as such from the leader and deputy.

- Biggest fear: Losing her friends and family; also, never having the respect that a strong and loyal warrior should due to her appearance and positive demeanor.

- Fetal flaw: Taking a back seat in life. She's more concerned with helping her siblings in what they have going on than she is with having her own life.

- Quirks: She's a tough cookie, but it's hard for her to be seen that way because she's so cute and sweet. She's incredibly stubborn and isn't intimidated easily by anything but intimacy (when that comes into play she goes shy).

- What inspired his/her name: Sweet, because she's a sweetheart. Also, Scorchgaze named her after his sister in StarClan.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Jessica Rabbit, but sweeter and less publicly seductive. Mainly due to the fact that Sweet's human form would very much so resemble JR's form.

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero!

- What would be his/her theme song? "Accidentally in Love" - Counting Crows

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "Somewhere after midnight in my wildest fantasy, somewhere just beyond my reach there's someone reaching back for me..It's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet." - "I Need a Hero" Jennifer Saunders // "Everybody tells me I don't know what I'm doin', this life I'm persuin', the odds I'd be losin'. Everybody tells me that it's one in a million, like one in a billion, one in a zillion." - "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" Selena Gomez

- Other: I thought this would just be a funny piece of information, she's probably the exact definition of a lady in the streets and freak in the sheets XD Once she pursues someone she wants to be courted like a lady. Taken on dates in order to build the relationship. But once her love is known and they come together privately it's a whole other side to her haha. She'd still be shy, but very much so open to being dominated.
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KatieK102 commented…
I think I just fell in amor with her xD You had me convinced at 'Sexy and I Know It' xD over a year ago
tanglebelly commented…
see now I'm curious about Hushpool :D over a year ago
TeamPeeta649 commented…
She's meant to be an extremely intriguing character XD a fun and interesting puzzle for her future mate to figure out lol. But Hushpool will be coming soon!! over a year ago
tanglebelly commented…
YAAASS over a year ago
over a year ago tanglebelly said…
- Name: Skyheart

- Family (if any): Flintrock (father, passed), Lilypad (mother, passed), Thunderpaw (brother, passed), Thorntail (brother)

- Backstory (if any): Was always the quiet one as a kit always following his brothers where ever they went. Struggled emotionally after his mother left for the great journey leaving him and his siblings alone until Flintrock started to try and connect with them. Though that only caused a rift between his brothers one wanting to give there father a chance while the other didn't after that Flickrock was killed during the goldenclan raid and Thunderpaw was killed by the paws of Thornpaw and cause a rift between the two of them. After that incident Skyheart at the time still known as Skypaw met Mousepaw a small gentle she cat she helped him with his issues and they eventually became lovers though Mousepaws brother didn't like the idea of the two of them sleeping together he beat Skypaw up while he was injured one day for catching the two of them going at it. After that Mousepaw became ill and later passed away leaving Skypaw all alone until one day his mother Lilypad returned from the great journey. On her return she never said a word to him until the day of her death where he slit her throat in the forest only to be found by Thorntail who shrugged it off. Eventually he became friends with Blackpelt because of his new lover who pushed him to makes friends.

- Illness (if any): Can fall into a dark pocket if he doesnt have someone to lean on.

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Mousepaw (passed), Hushpool (mate)

- Closest to: Blackpelt, Hushpool, Featherwing (?)

- Ambitions: To keep his mate alive at all cost

- Biggest fear: Losing the love of his life again

- Fetal flaw: He is extremely blunt and doesnt really have a filter.

- Quirks: Very cheeky will say what comes to his mind no matter the cat.

- What inspired his/her name: Not quite sure.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: i would say Zuko from avatar the last air bender.

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Somewhere in between

- What would be his/her theme song?­Y (couldn't find the name of it sorry!)

- A quote/lyric that describes them:

- Other: Would do anything that his mate tells him to with out hesitation just because if she were to pass on he would want her to know there is nothing that he wouldn't do for her.
TeamPeeta649 commented…
I amor "Featherwing (?)" lol idk why but that made me laugh so hard haha. Even though Featherwing probably wouldn't want to admit it they are friends XD over a year ago
tanglebelly commented…
thats why the (?) haha over a year ago
over a year ago KatieK102 said…
- Name: Falconstar

- Family (if any): Timberscar (father, deceased), Rainysky (mother, deceased), Duskstorm (brother)

- Backstory (if any): He and Duskstorm are Clan born, and proud of their pureblood. When they were young apprentices both their parents were slaughtered in a battle with GoldenClan, and to this day Falconstar holds a huge grudge against all rival Clans. After his parents' deaths he lost a lot of his happy-go-lucky attitude and focused more on his training, aspiring to be Clan leader. His motivation stemmed from his parents' deaths because he wanted to be able to protect everyone he cared about and keep the other Clans in their place, and he felt he could best do this as Clan leader. As Clan leader he knows that he can no longer let his grudge effect his actions, but he doesn't know how to get rid of it. -- He was trained by Streamrippple and earned his warrior name Falconblaze. He was very young when he was made deputy (he proceeded Rightheart), only a few moons into his warriorship. However he's always been level-headed and intelligent, and was able to handle deputy affairs easily enough. After being deputy for only a couple moons he became leader, and chose two senior warriors to serve as his deputy (Galewing then Scorchgaze) because he knew he needed wisdom to rule the Clan.

- Illness (if any): NA

- Mate/Love interest (if any): None, so I guess I'll list his preferences? He's straight, and he's very conscious of his position within the Clan, so he couldn't just become mates with anyone. He enjoys a challenge so he wouldn't last with someone who lets him win everything; he wants someone to challenge him, to make him better.

- Closest to: Duskstorm or Scorchgaze

- Ambitions: To lead StormClan into their golden era

- Biggest fear: That he'll fail as a Clan leader, and let his Clanmates down, whether it be in a battle against one of the other Clans, or by making a horrible decision (personal or otherwise).

- Fatal flaw: His bitterness towards the other Clans

- Quirks: His favorite season is leaf-bare, because he absolutely hates the heat; he's been known to go swimming to cool down. He's incredibly intelligent and strategic, nearly impossible to out-wit or out-think. He's somewhat of a workaholic, and once he sets his mind on something he always accomplishes it. He greatly values relationships with his Clanmates and family.

- What inspired his/her name: He's very observant; he likes to analyze others and situations. He's quite sharp, and all of this reminded me of a falcon's eyesight; they seem to see everything.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Gray, from Fairy Tail

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero

- What would be his/her theme song? Warriors" Imagine Dragons (xD)

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "Some succeed because they are destined to. But most succeed because they are determined to."

- Other: He doesn't get many chances to show it thanks to his position, but he's quite laid-back. He's cool and collected, and wishes he could just lounge among his Clanmates more often.
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TeamPeeta649 commented…
Just realized something: if relationships fall into place the way they're being portrayed currently, Duskstorm will be with Sheepfluff and Falconstar will (if it happens) be with Sweetpaw. One brother with the mother and other with the daughter XD that'd be hilarious over a year ago
over a year ago KatieK102 said…
- Name: Mistybreeze

- Family (if any): Mother (unknown, deceased), Father (unknown, deceased), Shiverpaw (daughter), Chillpaw (daughter)

- Backstory (if any): She was found abandoned in the forest as a tiny kitten, and was given to Goldenblaze to raise. (To be added on...)

- Illness (if any): NA

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Shadowpelt (mate, deceased), Galewing (former crush), Redshadow (mate)

- Closest to: Shiverpaw / Redshadow

- Ambitions: To be an asset to her Clan

- Biggest fear: Loosing Shiverpaw or Chillpaw the same way she lost Shadowpelt

- Fetal flaw: She has a hard time letting others go. Even when it's unavoidable or for her/their own good, she can't make herself give up on someone.

- Quirks: She's a natural hunter because she has the perfect body/form for hunting. She enjoys watching the sunsets and she's a bit of a hopeless romantic.

- What inspired his/her name: At the time Mistyfoot was my favorite Warriors' character, so I named her Mistykit, in honor of her. I believe Team named her Mistybreeze.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be:

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero

- What would be his/her theme song? "A Thousand Years" Christina Perri

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "The only thing stronger than fear is hope." - The Hunger Games

- Other: She was my first StormClan kitty! Her name is one of my favorites.

To be completed.....
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over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
-Name: Silverbird

-Family: Flyheart (father deceased), Waterflower (mother deceased), Darkblossom (sister deceased), Greysquirrel (sister), Boulderdust (brother littermate)

-Backstory: She was born to the deputy of the Clan and a beautiful but uncaring mother. Her sisters and father did much of the work of raising her especially Darkblossom of whom she was close to as a young kit. Her mother died of greencough early in her apprenticeship and her father soon after was killed fighting off a badger. Losing both her parents early in her life made her determined to become a good warrior. She became hard and diligent in her work and often a cynic. Though cats who knew her well knew she wasn't really like that.She actually has a lot of compassion and understanding.

-Illness: NA

-Mate/Love Interest: Treepaw (lover)

-Closest to: Flyheart (D), Darkblossom (D), Hazelstreak, and Treepaw

-Ambitions: To be a strong warrior for MoonClan keep the respect of her family and father.

-Biggest Fear: To embarrass her fathers name.

-Fatal Flaw: Her falling in love with a StormClan cat

-Quirks: Her beauty is well known if you can get through her often cold glare.

-What inspired his/her name?: I just really like the name Silver I think it's really pretty. And though I originally wanted her name to be Silverthorn I changed it to Silverbird because I wanted to use the suffix -thorn for Applepaw since I think she fits it better
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over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
-Name: Applepaw (future Applethorn since I'm picky with names sorry Katie haha)

-Family: Sheepfluff (mother), Scorchgaze (father figure), Brownnut (uncle), Flaxenrose (aunt), Flintpaw and Wrenpaw (brothers), Merrypaw Frecklepaw Swetpaw (sisters)

-Backstory: Born into a large litter of kits and one of the youngest she quickly established herself as loud and proud. She wanted to stand apart from her siblings and gain the respect of her noble father and great Clan. She wanted to prove she was strong and a loyal member to the Clan. Assigned to Falconstar as his apprentice she works very hard to be worthy of his teachings and adopted his distrust of other Clan cats.

-Illness: NA

-Mate/Love Interest: Treepaw (crush)

-Closest to: Frecklepaw and maybe Treepaw haha

-Ambitions: To be the best warrior in StormClan

-Biggest Fear: Rejection and loss of her pride

-Fatal Flaw: Her jealousy and insecurity. She always believed herself to be the plain she-cat not pretty like Rainpaw or even her other sisters. Because of that she overcompensated her pride and her jealousy towards pretty cats like Silverbird will drive her mad.

Quirks: She's just kind of a bitch sometimes she doesn't know what do with her feelings so she bottles them up and they explode

What inspired his/her name?- I just thought the name Apple was just so cute an under used. Though I've turned the cute name to a not so cute name with thorn at the end but I think it represents her complex character

Hero or Villian: Complex but leaning towards Villian to make things interesting
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over a year ago KatieK102 said…
Psst, Blue, do Rain next!
over a year ago Bluefire7777 said…
Fine fine if you insist Katie :p

Name: Rainpaw

- Family (if any): Featherwing (father), Crowtail (biological father), Hushpool (surrogate), Treepaw (brother), Smokepaw (brother deceased)

- Backstory (if any): Born to two fathers she was always spoiled and had everything handed to her. She was naturally beautiful excelled in hunting and naturally assumes the whole world revolves around her.

- Illness (if any): None

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Wrenpaw (current interest)

- Closest to: Treepaw, Featherwing, and Wrenpaw

- Ambitions: To be a respected member of the clan and have an adoring mate.

- Biggest fear: Not to be liked. or adored.

- Fetal flaw: Her narcissism she lives in her own bubble and doesn't care for other cats much. She often considers herself better due to her beauty and hunting talents.

- Quirks: Spends a lot of time grooming her perfect fur lol.

- What inspired his/her name: I just though the prefix Rain was beautiful and fit the expected coat color options from Crowtail and Featherwing.
KatieK102 commented…
Hold on, *current interest*? Will she find another one> over a year ago
over a year ago KatieK102 said…
Updating a few of these and reposting them!
over a year ago KatieK102 said…
- Name: Ivyfrost

- Family (if any): Boulderstep (father, passed), Ravenswoop (mother, passed), Crowtail (brother)

- Backstory (if any): She was born to Boulderstep and Ravenswoop, but her mother died soon after giving birth. She became insanely close to Boulderstep and Crowkit, and Boulderstep clearly favored her. When he died it really effected her, although it ultimately ended up making her stronger. She was given Holiday as a mentor and they started off on terrible terms; Ivypaw thought she would never be chosen as deputy if she didn't have proper Clan cat training. However, they eventually grew to become very close, and Holiday has promised to one day return to StormClan and take Ivyfrost with her to the city. Ever since she was born, Ivyfrost has been determined to one day become deputy.

- Illness (if any): NA

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Holiday (former crush)

- Closest to: Crowtail / Holiday

- Ambitions: To one day be deputy

- Biggest fear: That she won't achieve her goal

- Fatal flaw: She has a hard time looking past her ambitions, even at the sake of her own happiness. / She doesn't quite know how to take a step back and just relax.

- Quirks: She's a natural leader, if a bit prideful. She prefers hunting to fighting, and she dreams of vising the city with Holiday, and would love to travel to new places and meet new cats. She was a total daddy's girl. If she weren't so loyal to StormClan she would travel the world and never settle down.

- What inspired his/her name: I believe Blue named her, but I chose the suffix 'frost' to reflect her "cool" nature; she's great in a panic, and easily keeps a level-head.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series.

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero, totally.

- What would be his/her theme song? "Hall of Fame" The Script

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve." - J.K. Rowling

- Other: Holiday's disappearance really messed with Ivyfrost, and she worried about her every day. She prayed every night that StarClan keep her safe in the city.
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Awww! Now I want to interact with her more! over a year ago
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
- Name: Hushpool

- Family (if any): Bumblehive (father, deceased), Cottontail (mother, deceased), Buckheart (half brother [littermate], deceased), Lilypad (half sister, deceased), Thunderpaw (daughter), Bloodpaw (daughter), Badgerkit (son), Pantherkit (daughter), Buckkit (son)

- Backstory (if any): She was born to one of the most innocent she-cats and most evil toms in StormClan history. As a kit and young apprentice she was sweet, friendly, outgoing, adorable even. However, when she really started seeing the way her father abused her mother and others, she started developing an extremely thick skin. She hated the way he held control over her every action and emotion even after they'd separated. Even after Cottontail found new love with Weaselscuffle, Hushpaw (at the time) saw how Bumblehive still manipulated her mother through intimidation and trickery.
With the help of some Dark Forest training given by Shadowpaw -- her uncle, who she thought to be wrongfully placed in the Dark Forest -- she was well on her way from a small little fluff ball to a becoming an absolute power house. She stood up for her mother against her father and half brother. She became a sort of body guard for her family: standing up for her mother, step father, younger half sister, and any she-cat who was suffering abuse from a tom.
When she was a very young warrior and she'd seen much of her family die, she decided to leave the clan without a word and find her own path. MANY moons later she returned to the clan after discovering despite her need for action and independence, she missed clan life. She and Skyheart immediately started off butting heads, which turned into a weird friends with benefits and sparring buddies relationship, before becoming a full blown partnership.

- Illness (if any): None

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Skyheart (mate), she'd had one or two crushes during her apprenticeship but those didn't last long.

- Closest to: Skyheart, Featherwing, Crowtail, Sheepfluff

- Ambitions: Honestly, just to do whatever she wants. Yes, she wants to have a happy family and all that, but her main objective in almost any situation is to do what benefits herself.

- Biggest fear: Losing her family, specifically due to her own weakness.

- Fetal flaw: Her stubborn sense of right and wrong. She doesn't put many things on the side of wrong, so when something is happening that she deems right, even if most others wouldn't, she'll argue and fight tooth and claw over it.

- Quirks: Her twisted mind and unique charm. She's actually very compassionate, but she's learned to squash most of that because to her it's a weakness.

- What inspired his/her name: I really loved the prefix Hush and I believe Nightstar (so, me) named her, so I suppose I thought Hushpool was just a very unique name.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd, only with some more aggression.

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Definitely in between. When you get down to it, she's a good cat over all, but she has a lot of villainous traits and tendencies.

- What would be his/her theme song: I feel anything by Five Finger Death Punch, honestly. However, if I had to pick one "Jekyll and Hyde". It really represents her past well.

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "Best advice: never take anyone else's advice." - Eddie Murphy

- Other: Skyheart is the son of Lilypad, which would make him Hushpool's half nephew and much younger than her, but the lineage is complicated and for the sake of her return story I adjusted her age a tad.
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over a year ago tanglebelly said…
- Name: Sunheart

- Family (if any): Tanglestar (Father) Deceased, Diamondleaf (mother) Deceased, Featherwing (brother), Blackpelt (brother) Deceased :(, Darkmist (brother)

- Backstory (if any): Born to the mighty clan leader he was never the favorite being only a few moons old when his father had a strange dream of him burning the clan down and causing the event of Sunkit and Diamondleaf to be banished from the clan. His mother went with him not wanting to leave him to die alone in the wild. He was later found by a pantherclan apprentice and brought back to the clan only aloud to come back after Falconstar convinced Tanglestar to take the abandoned kit back. Though Tanglestar gave Sunkit to Thorntail to train him hopping that the overly aggressive tom would kill or harm his son to get rid of him but instead they created a strange bond. As he grew into a strong apprentice he always wanted to be with Shiverpaw his best friend from his kit days and apprentice days but always thought that her and Snowpaw would be together so he never had the nerve to ask her. As the days past he became a warrior gaining Frecklenose as his mate after a few interesting sessions with her and after he was let down telling Shiverpaw how he really felt about her.

- Illness (if any): None

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Frecklenose (mate) , Shiverpaw

- Closest to: Blackpelt, Frecklenose, Shiverpaw

- Ambitions: To live up to what his mother told him he could become before she vanished and was taken by the Teavys group.

- Biggest fear: Losing everything close to him.

- Fetal flaw: He sometimes oversteps his boundaries and tends to do things he shouldn't.

- Quirks: Sly, Playful, Charmer, Outspoken, Kind of a dick.

- What inspired his/her name: His bright orange pelt.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Tbd

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Somewhere in between.

- What would be his/her theme song? TBD

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "Aint nothing but a gold digger."

- Other: He always wanted to be with Shiverpaw but after she told him she wasnt intrested he went back to Frecklenose and took her up on her offer to be her mate.
KatieK102 commented…
HIS LYRIC IS ACCURATE over a year ago
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…

- Name: Scorchgaze

- Family (if any): Poppypelt (mother, deceased), Quietstep (father, deceased), Sweetpaw [I can't remember what her warrior name was](sister, deceased), Rockpaw [same with his brother](brother, deceased), Flintstripe (foster son), Wrenflight (foster son), Merryberry (foster daughter), Applethorn (foster daughter), Frecklenose (foster daughter), Sweetbriar (foster daughter)

- Backstory (if any): He and his siblings were all born at the same exact time (poor Poppypelt). They were each given a gift from StarClan: Sweet was given an extreme vocal range which could do things like make cats unconscious, Rock was deeply in touch with the elements especially air currents and Scorch was given unimaginable strength. When he was young and couldn't control it, his strength came forward when he was angry, but he's had complete control over it for some years now.
His litter was under a lot of fire from the clan because of their powers: many parents of the other kits didn't allow their kits to play with the three. The only friend he really had was Tigerkit and their closeness was what made Scorchgaze develop his first crush and realize he liked toms. He kept his feelings hidden until they were apprentices, then he confessed and was turned down. He and Tigerpaw remained best friends, but Scorchgaze felt a slight separation between he and his friends because he saw himself as the odd one.
This distance he felt from his friends left him time to put all his focus into training and controlling his power. He spent the rest of his apprenticeship and early warrior days becoming strong mentally and physically.
At some point, he and Yarrowleaf started bonding and eventually fell in love. They convinced Nightstar that their relationship wouldn't interfer with Yarrowleaf's responsibilities since they couldn't have kits. They'd spent many years together, but one thing that always worried Scorchgaze is what would happen to Yarrowleaf if he was ever to die. His mate constantly lost himself in his work; he wouldn't take care of himself: not sleeping, not eating. Scorchgaze was always over his shoulder, making sure he was healthy.
When he was taken with Blackpelt and Featherwing, he never gave up hope that they'd be able to escape and be returned to their loved ones. He did his best to keep up moral and defend his friends, being the strongest one with or without his StarClan strength. He tried to take the most of the beatings because he knew he could handle them. When the three managed to get away, he literally carried Blackpelt and Featherwing through the territory and all the way into camp.
Upon his return, he spent the time doing the same thing he'd done before: focus on being a physically and mentally strong warrior. Becoming friends with Sheepfluff and Brownnut gave him the extra support he needed when he found out Yarrowleaf had passed from working himself too hard. He vowed that he'd never allow anyone to be unwatched to the degree that they'd suffer the same fate. Becoming deputy allowed him to watch over his clanmates on a larger scale.
When he offered to father Sheepfluff's kits he became even more protective and watchful. Each cat in the clan means something to him and he'd give his life for them, especially his kits. He likes to keep special watch on Merryberry, even if he doesn't allow that to be known. Her position as medicine cat reminds him of his past with Yarrowleaf.

- Illness (if any): N/A

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Tigerfang (kit/apprenticeship first love), Yarrowleaf (mate, deceased), Yaletrunk (possible interest)

- Closest to: Sheepfluff, Tigerfang, Blackpelt, Featherwing, Brownnut, Falconstar, all his children

- Ambitions: His ambition is really just to be happy. He's a simple man haha.

- Biggest fear: Failing as a deputy, father and friend.

- Fetal flaw: His need for closeness. He absolutely hates being alone in any way, so it's a blessing that his personality is so appealing. If he were to ever be in solitary for whatever reason, he'd probably lose all will to go on.

- Quirks: He's a complete dork. He's incredibly fun and over the top, but still an overbearing, protective father and friend.

- What inspired his/her name: His firey orange pelt.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Reinhardt from the videogame Overwatch. They have the same constantly optimistic attitude and dad like personality.

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: The biggest hero there is.

- What would be his/her theme song: "Blue Moon" by Frank Sinatra. If you listen to the lyrics they describe his life almost too perfectly: when he fell in love with Yarrowleaf and then when he became a father.

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down." - "I Won't Back Down" Johnny Cash

- Other: He actually doesn't mind not having a romantic partner. Being a father, a friend to so many cats and deputy gives him enough fulfillment to keep him happy. Would he be even happier with a mate? Probably. But he truly doesn't know if anyone could ever make him feel the way Yarrowleaf did; he's honestly still in love with his passed mate.
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TeamPeeta649 commented…
Idk why it took me so long! Scorchgaze is my baby ^^ over a year ago
over a year ago KatieK102 said…
- Name: Shiverwind

- Family (if any): Mistybreeze (mother), Shadowpelt (father, deceased), Chillsnow (sister)

- Backstory (if any): She and her sister were born the night that Shadowpelt died, and due to Mistybreeze's grief she nearly abandoned her kits. Tigerfang talked her into living for them, and Mistybreeze made the conscious decision to not tell her daughters much about their father. Because of that, Shiverpaw used to be very curious about him, although now she doesn't think much about it. /
Shiverwind has always been very self-assured and confident in her abilities, but when Falconstar withheld her warrior ceremony for fighting with Rainpaw, and then Blackpelt, her mentor and close companion, died, she spiraled into a dark place. She thought she would never became a warrior and for once, Blackpelt wasn't there to soothe or reassure her. So, desperate for a boost in confidence and Blackpelt's comfort, she sought out her kithood best friend Sunheart. She knew that he used to have feelings for her and would hopefully provide her with Blackpelt's same comfort or at least stroke her ego. She never intended to sleep with him, but once he told her that he and Frecklenose wanted kits the idea hit her and she had to blurt it out. Sunheart agreed to sleep with her because he still harbored feelings for her (and possibly because he knew that she was struggling and at the moment, it was the most he could do to help her), and they snuck off. As soon as the deed was done and Sunheart told her that he loved her, her trance snapped and she realized just what she had done. Horrified with herself she raced back to camp, unaware that Wrenflight had seen the whole thing and had already gone off to tell Frecklenose. Frecklenose cornered her and Sunheart and humiliated them in front of the entire Clan, spilling their secret. At first Shiverwind felt guilty and had every intention to apologize to Frecklenose, but as days passed and her wounded pride healed, bitterness started to seep in. In her eyes, Frecklenose had already 'gotten back' at her when she outed her in front of the whole Clan. Now they're on uneasy terms, not enemies but definitely not friends. As Wrenflight and Shiverwind grow closer, and Sunheart and Shiverwind's friendship remains in tact, I suspect a confrontation between the four of them is on the horizon.

- Illness (if any): NA

- Mate/Love interest (if any): She's never really had a crush on anyone, although Sunheart and Snowstep have both had crushes on her; she ultimately rejected them both. (She isn't against taking a mate or anything, she simply didn't have feelings for either tom.) / Wrenflight, although she doesn't yet view their relationship as romantic.

- Closest to: Sunheart or Darkmist (totally platonic; she views them as brothers) and more recently, Wrenflight and Raindapple.

- Ambitions: To become a strong, dependable warrior that her Clan can count on.

- Biggest fear: Because she prefers a small, close group of friends rather than a large group, she's afriad of ruining what relationships she has. This stems largely from when she rejected Snowstep, and they didn't speak again until his death. She was terrified that after sleeping with Sunheart their relationship would be ruined, and was greatly relieved when they fell back into their easy friendship.

- Fetal flaw: She has a hard time opening up to cats. She's rather cold by nature until you've impressed her, some way or another.

- Quirks: She loves cold weather, coincidentally enough. She's built for hunting so fighting didn't come naturally to her; Blackpelt, her mentor, taught her how to out-think her opponents rather than out-muscle them. / At first glance she's quite cold, but once she warms up to you, she's fiercely loyal. If she teases you or gives you a hard time, it means she likes you. / Despite not wanting a relationship, sometimes her mother takes over her body and she can be a bit of a flirt xD / She's brutally honest. / She has a very strong moral code so she typically isn't conflicted when it comes to decisions, although recently it's been clouded by her emotions. She used to be able to step outside of the situation and look at it unbiased, but ever since sleeping with Sunheart she's had a hard time ruling over her emotions.

- What inspired his/her name: She and Chillsnow were born in the middle of a snow storm, and Mistybreeze found it fitting.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: In short: originally Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games), but after some character development she's the perfect Veronica Lodge (Riverdale).

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Somewhere in between, leaning towards hero.

- What would be his/her theme song? Heart Attack, by Demi Lovato

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "Down and down we go, we'll torch this place we know, before one of us takes a chance and breaks this, I won't be the one." - The One, by The Chainsmokers.

- Other: Shiverwind doesn't realize it, but growing closer to Wrenflight is effecting her. She's opening up to him easier and she's interacting with cats who she's never had an interest in speaking to.

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 - Name: Shiverwind - Family (if any): Mistybreeze (mother), Shadowpelt (father, deceased), Chillsn
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
- Name: Frecklenose

- Family (if any): Sheepfluff (mother), ??? (biological father), Scorchgaze (foster father), Brownnut (uncle), Flaxenrose (aunt), Flintstripe (brother), Applethorn (sister, deceased), Merryberry (sister), Wrenflight (brother), Sweetbriar (sister)

- Backstory (if any): Frecklenose has always been possibly the rowdiest of the six: outgoing, a leader, adventurous, outspoken, confident. Even though she's beautiful and knows it she always sort of viewed herself as the lucky duckling compared to her three sisters. This motivated her to work hard in training, effectively making her one of the strongest female warriors in the clan and one of the most skilled fighters.
She never felt any sort of envy toward her sisters for their beauty; she absolutely adores every member of her family. She relies on them wholeheartedly and is fiercely protective of them. That's why she's always seeking advice from them and is willing to offer whatever advice she can in return.
Her crush on Sunheart developed a ways into her apprenticeship and after she'd realized she was getting real feelings for him she let him take the lead and they mated. She holds the strong morale that one should only mate with a cat they intend to become mates with and when that happens you should give them everything you have. So she and Sunheart becoming physically intimate motivated her even more to pursue him. Winning over his heart was an incredibly happy moment for her. She had never wanted to settle for a sub-par mate and with Sunheart she felt like she was getting exactly the kind of mate she wanted. To this day she loves the banter they have, the way they can keep up with each other and the chemistry they share. His infidelity has been and will likely remain to be the only thing that has ever shaken Freckle's confidence. She was so sure that they were ready to start a loving family and live peacefully together until StarClan called them away, but even though she's happy their relationship is mended and overjoyed with her pregnancy she still faces bouts of self doubt. She never had before, but now on some level she views Shiverwind as competition and is willing to work even more diligently as a mate to keep a strictly friendly relationship between her mate and his kithood friend. She doesn't like to lose and the one thing she refuses to lose is her loved ones.
Which is why the death of Applethorn is causing such turmoil in her. She keeps up a strong appearance, but the brutal and sudden passing of her closest sibling is tearing her up inside. Applethorn was her closest companion, her confidant before anyone else. She'd hoped that Apple could move past the unfortunate history with Treetail and they could one day both have happy love lives and raise their kits together with the rest of their siblings. It will be a struggle for Freckle to move on and find peace again now that Apple is going, but she won't allow her grief to block out the joy of her pregnancy.

- Illness (if any): N/A

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Sunheart (mate)

- Closest to: Siblings first and foremost, Sunheart, parents

- Ambitions: To be a strong female influence in StormClan, making her family proud.

- Biggest fear: Being weak. // Failing as a mother.

- Fetal flaw: Her trust in others. She trusts those around her so implicitly that when they disappoint her she's often crushed.

- Quirks: She's incredibly confident. She's unafraid to be herself and to be bold. // Truly she views herself as the perfect mate, so the fact that her mate cheated on her really baffles her. // She loves to be treated like a queen and prides herself on treating her man like a king.

- What inspired his/her name: The black freckles on her muzzle.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments series

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero

- What would be his/her theme song? "Cocky" - Shea Coulee

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "Across the board, I get my tens and I was born to win, cocky." - "Cocky" Lila Star's verse // "I ain't talking money, I'm just physically obsessed, and I'm greedy, you know that I'm greedy for love." - "Greedy" Ariana Grande

- Other: She's a bit of a hard ass at times, but she truly is a loving and devoted companion and friend.
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over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
- Name: Wrenflight

- Family (if any): Sheepfluff (mother), ??? (biological father), Scorchgaze (foster father), Brownnut (uncle), Flaxenrose (aunt), Flintstripe (brother), Applethorn (sister, deceased), Merryberry (sister), Frecklenose (sister), Sweetbriar (sister)

- Backstory (if any): Being born in a litter of six and one of two boys put him a little bit of an odd place. He's always been a strongly protective brother, but fell into place as the quieter of the two. He bonded with Smokepaw, Treetail's brother, over their shared personality traits, but when Smokepaw died it gave him a chance to become even closer to his own brother. Wren has always felt extremely close to his uncle, Brownnut. From a young age he was continuously told how similar they were in appearance and attitude. When his uncle became his mentor, Wren made a promise to himself that he'd work as hard as it took to become someone his uncle and the clan would be proud of.
He'd developed a crush on Raindapple from very early on, possibly even at late kithood. To him she was fun, sweet, confident and beautiful; he knew and accepted the fact that she's a bit of a princess. However, no matter how many times he confessed the timing never seemed quite right for them. Even though it hurt him to do so, he decided it would be best for them to just remain close friends. He didn't want to add any extra stress or pressure into her life and he knew he didn't want to lose her as a friend.
Even though Raindapple and Shiverwind had a strained relationship at first, he bonded with both of them and considers them both close friends.

- Illness (if any): N/A

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Raindapple (past interest), Shiverwind (developing feelings)

- Closest to: Strongbreeze, Shiverwind, Raindapple, Brownnut, siblings and parents

- Ambitions: To be a strong, diligent warrior of the clan who makes his family proud.

- Biggest fear: Letting his role models down (Brownnut and Scorchgaze) and/or not being around to protect his loved ones when they're in any sort of harms way.

- Fetal flaw: He too often forces himself to cage his real emotions for the sake of being level headed and proper. Venting and just letting all his emotions out could do him some good from time to time.

- Quirks: He's actually quite the charmer, but also not afraid to be a goofball like his father.

- What inspired his/her name: It was an interesting name that Blue thought of and I just thought it was super unique.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Peeta Mellark (thanks for the tip Katie haha)

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Hero.

- What would be his/her theme song? "Sarah Smiles" - Panic! at the Disco

- A quote/lyric that describes them: "I can be your hero, baby. I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you forever. You can take my breath away." - "Hero" Enrique Iglesias

- Other: He was actually very close to Smokepaw, so when his friend passed it was extremely hard on him.//He tries not to let the way cats assume he's weak bother him, but it actually makes him incredibly frustrated. He believes that his even temperament and thoughtful personality make him a stronger warrior as opposed to just pure brute strength.
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Haha, you're welcome! Gosh, I amor Wren ! <3 over a year ago
faz 7 meses Bluefire7777 said…
I'm gonna start this back up again! Staring with a character I haven't done yet!

Name: Dapplepaw

- Family (if any): Darkmist (father), Flaxenrose (mother), Tanglepaw (brother), lots of extended family I wont list lol

- Backstory (if any): Born to a very difficult birth from Flaxenrose nearly taking her mother's life she still had a very loving family. Flaxenrose was very caring if not a tad bit overprotective but she also is very close with her father. Unfortunately she inherited his loose tongue and ever since she was a kitten shes always been overly friendly but often rambling on and on having a hard time controlling her tongue especially when nervous. She's awkward but very kind and loves most cats especially her family and brother Tanglepaw. Thoguh shes terrified of Thunderpaw after she abused her and especially Tanglepaw as kits. She isnt the most skilled warrior but she puts her all into everything even if she struggles at times. Right now shes just trying to figure things out feeling lonely with her brothers attention on Bloodpaw she developed a little girl crush on Foxpaw the handsome oldest apprentice. She knows she cant compete with Bloodpaw but she cant help her feelings on attraction towards him.

- Illness (if any): None

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Foxpaw (crush)

- Closest to: Darkmist, Tanglepaw, and Scorchgaze (her mentor)

- Ambitions: Too prove that shes a worthy warrior despite her shortcomings.

- Biggest fear: That Foxpaw will reject her and she'll be alone in the world

- Fetal flaw: Her overall loneliness

- Quirks: The inability to hold her tongue and overall awkwardness lol

- What inspired his/her name: I just liked the name and I thought it'd make for a pretty she-cat name
faz 3 meses KatieK102 said…
- Name: Mousepaw

- Family (if any): Tigerfang (father); Juniperleaf (mother); Foxpaw (brother); Amberpaw (sister)

- Backstory (if any): She was born with a unique mindset, and a unique way of considering situations and the world around her. It's not that she was born more intelligent than most kits, it's just that she strengthened her mind while others focused more on strength or appearance.
She watched her father and mother split, and while her siblings were mostly bitter towards them, Mousekit observed them and came away with different opinions. She realized that her father prided himself on his strength and her mother prided herself for her beauty, and she decided that physical attributes are a waste of time, because in the end, they only brought her beloved parents heartbreak and resentment. She considers Foxpaw and Amberpaw to be mini-versions of their father and mother, so while she loves them dearly, she's always been cautious of growing too close to them.
As an apprentice, she developed an early crush on Tanglepaw because she thought they were similar; he didn't seem to focus on strength or appearance like the others (although to be fair, she'd never really interacted with him before). She decided that they were meant for each other and, after being prompted by Foxpaw, confessed her feelings for him. They shared a passionate kiss, though Tanglepaw wanted to remain friends until warriors.
Mousepaw realized that she'd rushed into a situation because of Foxpaw's influence, and didn't consider other variables or the fact that she's still rather young to be taking on a mate. She happily agreed to be friends for the time being, and her silly resentment towards Tanglepaw's idol, Bloodpaw, festered.
She quickly began to form a plan...
TBC... >:D

In the near future, I plan for her to discover the wonders of teenage hormones and kissing xD Honing her mind is her number one priority, but this is going to be like a fun little side quest xD

- Illness (if any): Multiple personality disorder? (Kidding!) She can go from being competitive and confrontational to quiet and shy in the flip of a switch.

- Mate/Love interest (if any): Tanglepaw (crush)

- Closest to: Nobody in particular.

- Ambitions: To be known for her wisdom and her mind, rather than any physical attributes.

- Biggest fear: To be caught off guard, or unprepared for anything. To be considered "mouse-brained".

- Fetal flaw: She's greedy for knowledge; she wants to know everything about anything, and is constantly asking questions to the point of irritation. Furthermore, she's a bit arrogant because she prides herself for her intelligence; can over analyze situations to the point of completely missing the mark.

- Quirks: She's competitive and doesn't like loosing, although convincing her to spar or play games is the real challenge. She's also rather independent, much more so than her siblings. And, if it wasn't already made crystal clear, she values a wisdom and intelligence above all else.

- What inspired his/her name: I think Wolf named her? As for her (future) warrior name, I want something that reflects her intelligence and love for knowledge.

- If he/she was in a movie/cartoon/TV show, what character would they be: Velma Dinkley, from Scooby-Doo xDD But like, a young, awkward virgin Velma.

- Do you consider him/her a villain, hero, or somewhere in between: Somewhere in between. Characters with such minds are rarely the perfect hero...

- What would be his/her theme song? Nothing off the top of my head... any recommendations?

- A quote/lyric that describes them: ^^

- Other: In high school, she would be that girl who spent all of her time in the library, either studying or reading the latest Harry Potter book (Hermione is her fictional hero!). She reads fanfiction in between study breaks; her guilty pleasure.
Around her late teens, she discovers Fifty Shades of Gray and from that point on, is a closet freak xD
Fun fact: until I wrote this lil' thing I planned on killing Mousepaw off! It would help thin out the crowd, plus I just didn't have any clear ideas for her. But, at least for the time being, I have a direction I want to take her in now.
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 - Name: Mousepaw - Family (if any): Tigerfang (father); Juniperleaf (mother); Foxpaw (brother); A
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I really like Mousepaw because she definitely has tendencies that almost seem to border on evil XD faz 3 meses
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For sure xD faz 3 meses