Stefan & Elena [Themed Spot Makeover ; 2x11 ] CLOSED - VOTE ♥

MsJeremyGilbert posted on Jan 23, 2011 at 06:32PM
Credit goes to iLoveChair.

According to this link you would like a themed spot makeover every two months.

♦ It will go this way:
• suggesting themes (usually entire episodes or specific scenes) until the end of the month {you can suggest only one theme per month};
• making a pick with the themes at the beginning of the month closing in about 5 days;
• submitting banners until a set deadline;
• another pick is made with the banners closing in about 5 days;
• the banner maker whose banner won makes few icons with the same coloring as the winning banner in order to achieve a matching spot look;
• make one more pick for the icon
• PMing the spot creator/one of the F4 or some of the mods to change our spot look;
• All of this is repeated every two month.

Hope the plan is clear. If you have any questions, ask away in comments.

This link shows that our March/April look will be the 2x11 scene.
Submissions for the March/April Look : CLOSED!
Congrats to link who won and will be creating our new look.
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