Stefan & Elena Why it wouldn't be realistic if Delena were endgame

Vampirah posted on Sep 11, 2010 at 05:46PM
Well, there are several reasons in my opinion.

1. Damon has tried to kill BOTH of her best friends. There was Caroline, while they were dating, and also he basically used her as his own personal blood bank. Then there was Bonnie in History Repeating. Plus, he has threatened them both MULTIPLE amount of times. That for one, would make me dislike him. (And, in Brave New World, he's going to try and kill Caroline again)

2. He tried to kill Jeremy. Now, I'm not Elena, but I'd NEVER forgive anyone that tried to harm my younger sister or brother, much less tried to KILL them. I mean, she loves her brother right? So why the HELL would she be with a guy that tried to kill him?

3. Damon's killed more people than he's saved. Let's review: there's the two in Pilot, Coach Tanner, the boy in 162 Candles, and ALL the people in the graveyard in You're Undead to Me (like 5 right?). And he has saved... Elena and Caroline. While he did save her, it doesn't make up for all the innocent people's lives he has taken. And another thing, WHO KNOWS how many people he killed before he came to Mystic Falls.

4. Damon COULDN'T tell the difference between Katherine and Elena. And Stefan did. Simple as that. It just proves that he was using Elena as a substitute for Katherine, or else he would have known the difference. Stefan truly loves Elena, and therefore was not fooled by Katherine's games.

5. AFTER Katherine rejected him, he went to Elena. Not before, but after. There's no other way to put it other than she was his backup plan; the girl to run to if the first one didn't work out. And Elena doesn't need someone who puts her second-best.

6. People say Stefan and Elena are cliche? DAMON and Elena are cliche. Seriously, how many times have we seen the bad guy get the girl? It happens more often than not now adays, and is really repulsive to see over and over and over again. In almost every show there is a good girl and bad boy, or vise versa. Very stupid, very annoying, and VERY cliche.

7. Stefan and Elena have a deeper connection than Damon and Elena. Delena are purely attraction and lust. Damon is attracted to Elena because she looks exactly like Katherine, who he is STILL obsessed with in my opinion. And Elena is attracted to Damon because he's sexy (lets admit it, Ian Somerhalder is FINE). But there's nothing else; not love, but lust (and I'm not entirely sure that Elena is lusting after him that much).

8. Elena isn't Katherine, and she doesn't seem like the type to cheat. She loves Stefan, and is with Stefan, and it would be OOC for her to cheat on him with Damon. Unlike Katherine, she doesn't toy with the boys' emotions, and wouldn't string them both along. And she's already said it will ALWAYS be Stefan.

I'm sure there are more out there, and I KNOW I can come up with more reasons, but I'm on a press for time, and this is all I can write for now. I don't expect Delena fans to agree with me, but then again, why would they be here? ;)

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over a year ago CrazyFruittt said…
OMG! I like totally love you for this! This is amazing! And totally true! Every statement,everything!

I.AM.SPEECHLESS! I needed this,thank you!

Stefan and Elena are love! Perfect,loving couple!
over a year ago natulle said…
I AGREE with the things you said! That's why I don't think they should be endgame.

And I especially loved your 6th reason! It's so true.
over a year ago glossygirl125 said…
This is so amazing and true. I'm definitely favoriting. :)
over a year ago AngelStelena said…
totally agree :)
over a year ago LeytonTLA said…
Amazing job!!! I wanted to do this a few days ago, but I was too lazy :)

Completely agree with you 100 %!!!

Oh, and I loooved number 5, I totally didn't notice that!
over a year ago Darya96 said…
Great job!!
I agree with absolutely everything you said!!
over a year ago mariettapb said…
I'm giving you a kiss for that!!!!
Everything you mentioned are sooo true!!! And I'm curious to see what delena fans think of these...
Ok I believe that Damon and Elna HAVE chemistry (I really don't think Elena is lusting for him 'cause, ok, Stefan is HAWT) but that doesn't mean anything!!! She can live without Damon!!! But without Stefan...? I don't think she'd survive!!!

Oh and... IT'S ALWAYS GONNA BE STEFAN!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago ItalianAngel89 said…
Great post. I agree with everything you said!! Just think about it: Why.The HELL would Elena wanna be with a guy (who's gorgeous yes, but thats besides the point) who's hurt her friends and has done terrible things? IDGI. Stefan is in love with Elena and wants to be with her and, i've said this before, I feel he will definitely kill himself if she goes with Damon, im sure of it. I think he has said in the books that he couldnt survive without her. And I totally agree with #5! I betcha at that moment when he was at the house with Katherine he would have been like "Elena who?" but then she rejected him, and there you go, he ran to the next best thing.

One problem that gets to me though. Stefan said to Katherine that he hates her and Katherine says 'that sounds like the beginning of love story, not the end of one" and then BAM it ends with Elena saying she hates Damon. What do you Stelena fans say about this? Is it a huge hint at Delena like most ppl say or not? Cause I'll admit, im kinda worried . :/ But then I was thinking Katherine is full of shit and totally messing with everybody's heads.
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over a year ago BrightSparkle said…
Totally agree!
wow, this really highlights how much of an ass Damon is! haha
over a year ago edwardsgirlxx said…

over a year ago nsk said…
its really clear and its like ur not even die hard stelena fan!
its just the truth actually!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago CalifGurl said…
Amazing article. I completely agree.
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over a year ago Saml89 said…
Hells yea! Love this. #8 is a big 1 for me, why I will never accept Delena and why they should never happen, among others lol. And #5, i'd never looked at it like that but you're sooo right. ♥ Stelena forever ♥
over a year ago NoYes said…
Love You For This! Amazing Article!♥ Profs That SE Belongs!
over a year ago Keighlee said…
Amazing. I absolutely love it.
over a year ago jereimy said…
totally agree
over a year ago team_stefan said…
big smile
you should post this all over the DE fansites!! hahaha AMAZING!! :))
over a year ago Moonlightrose16 said…
team_stefan I totally agree they would be shocked and would be in soooo much denial! I absolutely <3 this article! This is the real truth and it's some of the reasons why I don't support Delena. Stelena 4 ever!
over a year ago Thedarkeststar said…
I'm so saving this!
over a year ago sylar_rocks said…
AMAZING. SE is not my OTP but on this show, I don't have one. I love all the couples EXCEPT DE, and these are exactly the reasons why. Thank you!
over a year ago itwasepic98 said…
OMG i LOVE this!!! Soo true. Stelena forever <3
over a year ago stelena_iloveu said…
THIS IS AMAZING! agree with every single word!
over a year ago MsJeremyGilbert said…
over a year ago Lannieluv7 said…
In the books i cant see Elena not being with Stefan. Even when she was with Damon in SS all she could do was think about Stefan. He is her true love. I just cant see her choosing Damon over Stefan.
over a year ago ladybug70981 said…
The weird thing is that you always see DE fans arguing that no one could ever love elena as selflessly as damon does. I mean, i just find that argument completely ridiculous. damon is so guilty of replacing katherine with elena. That's the difference between stefan's love for elena & damon's. even after declaring his love for elena or whatever, he was still willing to drop everything and be katherine's forever in 2x01. that wasn't the case for stefan at ALL - for him it was elena. katherine actually actively pursued him and he still rejected her because elena was the one for him. i could never see damon rejecting katherine. which frankly i have no complaints about, but it shows a pretty legit contrast.
over a year ago DanaxDavvero said…
Totaly agree with all them wait you said (:
over a year ago GinnyPotter said…
THIS! Completely agree with you, bb ;D
over a year ago heathledger said…
Wow ! totally agree with everyting :)
over a year ago JaceClaryTMI said…
big smile
I totally agree. Though I do like Damon, I just don't like him with Elena.
over a year ago Sara92 said…

I agree with you!!!Stelena rocks!!!!!!
over a year ago christina1988 said…
i agree its why i will never support delena :D stelena 4ever.
over a year ago elli_sm said…
I totally agree!!!
over a year ago Salvation_Girl said…
I really don't understand why in series people are never satisfied with one strong love. Why people have to exist that just need to go against that. I mean every psychiatrist in the world will tell you that love is a decision, as surprizing that may sound. You don't love someone for their pretty eyes, or their amazing sex capabilities, because after 20 performancies the sex capabilities become repetitive, the eyes kinda boring, for everyone. the point of loving is that something in the other person moves you so deeply that you wanna have one billion repeated performances. It's not about a person being more beatiful or interesting or entertaining based on objective criteria. Love is SUBJECTIVE. What I will begin to find boring after a few years for someone else (Elena) could be the absolute value, the element that will keep her heart captive for ever. You can't talk about true love without forever. And Damon doesn't look like forever to her. I mean it's in his nature to play game in his own rules, and what is she gonna do when, while she's having her drink in a bar he's keeping a secret or wants to move to some place more exciting or kills somebody. She is a woman who's "big on trust", "big on values, dignity, principles", the way she processes the world, the things that touch her soul, they are Stefan-like not Damon-like. And while Damon apreciates her values, principles and strong sence of dignity (he really does, I am not denying that) he only sees them as an outsider, he cannot relate to them, they don't come from deep inside him as they do from inside Elena, and Stefan. Damon is just not right for her.
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over a year ago mycandygum said…
^totally agree with u ,
over a year ago candig said…
Wow! This says it all and I agree with everything you said here.
over a year ago 4ever_and_ever said…
Luv this post!!!
over a year ago smiley8338 said…
Hi guys, I am new to the forum and I just absolutely adore Stefan and Elena. IMO, I find them very captivating even if its not in the "sizzling" or "lusty" sense (whatever that means to you) if that makes sense lol. I recently started watching Vampire Diaries (in Season 2 Episode 9 now) and before I watched, I knew that Delena were very popular. That said, I was still moved by when Stefan and Elena first met. I felt they had a very deep connection from the beginning. For me, a couple doesn't need to be sexy for me to like them. I find Stelena so sweet and endearing...they're amazing together.

With that said, I will admit I did enjoy the Damon and Elena scenes . I do love their bantering and I love that Damon softens up around her; they also have chemistry and I will admit that Mystic falls dance in Season 1 was pretty hot. And hey I really do love Damon, though I am not obsessed like his fans are. I really enjoy Damon and Stefan's brother relationship. However I don't like Delena enough to say that Damon and Elena should be together in the end. I realize that I still have to finish Season 2 but I don't think I am keen on that possibility, if it is a possibility. I don't think I would like the idea of Elena choosing Damon over Stefan. I am hoping that the feelings Elena does have for Damon, its simply lust and attraction. Stelena just have my heart and I am hoping that Stelena would make it in the long run. I just love Stefan so much, I can't imagine why any viewer would hate him. IMO, he played a role in Damon becoming more human (it wasn't just Elena) so I think those haters need to take a seat. I just don't want to see Stefan get his heart broken because he really loves Elena for who she is, and not because she looks like Katherine. Plus for Elena to tell someone else that she loves him would really not have much credibility after she said those things to Stefan. I mean if she didn't love Stefan, why would she risk her life so many times for him? And when Stelena are good, they are really good. How can I not like them?

Anyways I can't wait to watch the rest of Season 2. I am so glad that I have this forum to read other people's responses. I hope its more active when Season 3 comes around.
over a year ago Tigerlily888 said…
I have to crown you a legend! AMAZING points-*Stelena-Salut*
over a year ago chopilichi said…
Hell, this is greeeat. I think somebody should post this in the Damon and Elena spoot, so they can open their eyes.. Stelena ruuuule <3 looove them.
over a year ago Henrita said…
I love what you wrote. Very well said. ;)) Stelena forever! <3