Stefan & Elena Stelena Quote Contest [CLOSED]

faithalia posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 12:12AM
Hey guys, I saw a quote contest for the TVD spot so I thought we should have one for the Stefan & Elena club. :)

-Winner will receive 6 props
-You will need to post one quote for each theme
-Quotes are allowed to be about Stefan and Elena
-Quotes can be by Elena to Stefan or by Stefan to Elena
-Quotes can be long or short but just know that it possibly might not all fit into the pick
-You can't vote for yourself
-I will comment on the pick to post the full quotes
-If you know that your quote will be too long, let me know what part of it you want me to post

Once deadline is up I will post a pick and you will all vote for your favorite quote :)

Round 1 (CLOSED)- THEME: 3X20
Winner: el0508

Round 2 (CLOSED) THEME: Favorite Stelena quote
Winner: turnaism

Round 3 (CLOSED)- THEME: Funny
Winner: turnaism

Round 4 (CLOSED)- THEME: Artist Choice
Winner: turnaism

Round 5 (CLOSED)- THEME: Sad
Winner: el0508
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