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 Darth Revan & Darth Malak
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This guerra nas estrelas fotografia might contain hip boot and thigh boot.

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Get your first look at ROGUE ONE: A estrela WARS STORY in theaters this December.
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Han's P.O.V

I was checking the engines on the Millenium falcão when Leia strode past me. She ignored me.
She had seemed tense recently. I wondered why she was being hostile towards me.Did I offend her? Did I upset her?
She walked out to the balcony, I followed her.
"Leia?" I called to her.
"Yes" she replied without turning to look at me.
"What's going on with you lately? One dia you're all over me, the seguinte you don't want to know me?" I questioned her.
"It's just..." she trailed off "It's just! It feels like all we have in this relationship is sex!"
she yelled furiously.
"Hmmm?" I mumbled still confused....
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