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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Wanter-Lo. 7:00 AM

Rebel boats were heading to the big clifftops of the town called Wanter-Lo.

Alan: We have to go all the way up there?
Rebel 62: What's the matter Private? You scared?
Alan: No. Not at all. Just what is our objective?
Rebel 57: Imperials have cannons, and we gotta destroy them before they take down any of our Mon Calamari's.

They reached land, and everyone got out of the boats. Stormtroopers on topo, início of the cliffs spotted them.

Stormtrooper 34: They're here! Shoot them!
Rebels: *Shooting the Imperials*
Imperials: *Shooting the Rebels*
Rebel 50: Quickly, set up the ladders, and harpoon guns!
Rebels: *Placing ladders on the cliffs*
Other Rebels: *Shooting Harpoon guns, so they can climb to the top*
Stormtrooper 95: Stop them! They're getting close to the top!
Rebel 9: *Pulls out a DH17, and shoots two stormtroopers. He makes it to the top, and knocks out a stormtrooper with his harpoon gun* Take that!
Stormtrooper 88: *Shoots him*
Rebel 9: *Falls down to the bottom*
Rebel 60: Mine's not working. *Takes the harpoon from his dead comrade*
Alan: *Climbs to the topo, início of the cliff, then gets off the ladder*
Rebel 48: *Going to the top, but his harpoon jams* Hey, I need some help!
Alan: Hang on! *Pulling the cable* Climb!
Rebel 48: *Climbing to the topo, início as he holds onto the cable*
Alan: *Helps him to the top*
Rebel 48: Thanks.
Alan: Anytime.

They went into the buildings where the cannons were supposed to be, but they were completely empty.

Rebel 48: It looks like they were just pulled out, judging por those wires.
Alan: So we came all the way up here for nothing?
Rebel 48: Not entirely true. If we didn't come here, the Empire might have captured this spot, and eventually, they would have set up those cannons.
Imperials: *Surrendering* Bitte! Bitte!
Rebel 48: *Shoots the Imperials* I wonder what, "bitter bitter" means.
Alan: I think some of those humans came from Kaiser. It's a planet where they spoke another language, instead of basic.

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