estrela Wars: Clone Wars YAY Another new episode of clone wars on tonight are you going to watch it?

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YEAH of course i can't wait
i would watch it but i cant..... :&# 39; (
i would watch it but i cant..... :' (
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yeah i'll watch it sometime
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no not likely doesn't sound very good
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i've already seen it
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 jedigal1990 posted over a year ago
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jedigal1990 picked YEAH of course i can't wait:
yeah finally a new episode i don't think it has any jedi in it its called senator mudered or something like. Farr is killed suspicioulsly and padme and bail organa go to investigate his death. it sounds pretty good and i would watch it when it comes on but i told my sister i would go to her play again so i will have to tape it and watch it when i get home lol oh well
posted over a year ago.
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DSDG picked YEAH of course i can't wait:
i cant wait ah! senate murders! but im really looknig forward to admiral trench a giant spider admiral for the separatists
posted over a year ago.
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i would watch it but i...
GalindaGirl picked i would watch it but i cant..... :' (:
I wish I could watch it, but I don't have cable. :'( I have to watch it online. And it isn't on the Clone Wars Website yet, and it isn't on the other website I found either. :'( I can't wait to see it.
posted over a year ago.
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