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ivor696 posted on Jan 12, 2015 at 06:04PM
Heres my clone:
Name- CC-17666-65 / Kai
Rank- commander ( can be captain, commander, lietenant or trooper )
Speciality- arc-arf ( recon, sniper, arf, arc, commando or normal or a combination of two only )
Affiliatiokn- republic
Eye colour- black
Hair colour- black with strip of white on the edges
Hair style- short
Story- was part of the 696th until it went up against a separatist weapon called 'the venom-spark' which destroyed there entire fleet and left him the only survivor. After that he joined Mesias la havas when he was knighted alongside The pride star battalion.
Unit- 696th then pride syar battalion
Commander- Mesias la havas.

Now heres my jedi:
Name- Mesias La Havas
Species- human
Affiliation- republic
Rank- knight (padawan, knight, master)
Birthdate- 30 BBY
Homeworld- born- unknown, raised- kashykkk
Eye colour- one blue one green
Hair style- long-ish
Hair colour- black
Lightsaber style- yellow saberstaff and one darksaber
Fighting style- form VII (juyo/vaapad)
Story- goumd on kashykkk by master ki adi mundi and taken to coruscant,trained in the temple and was part of the battle of geonosis and knighted 4 months later.
Master- ki adi mundi
Padawan- none as of yet

My sith:
Name- Darth Barbarous
Species- tusken raider
Affiliation- separatists
Rank- sith warrior
Birthdate- 48 BBY
Homeworld- hoth
Eye colour- blind
Hair stlye- dreads
Hair colour- black, red, green
Lightsaber style- double bladed red and orange lightsaber
Fighting style- form IV
Story- most of his story is unknown but ever since he emerged from the icy planet of hoth, he and mesias la havas has clashed repeatedly.
Master- unknown
Padawan- none

My general:
Name- Dr Jaiffey Chik'uto
Species- nautolan
Affiliation- separtists
Rank- high general
Birthdate- 179 BBY
Homeworld- glee anselm
Eye colour- all black
Skin colour- blue
Story- enlisted by greivous who was previously an old rival but as greovous hates jedi he hates the repiblic and will crush any planet in its senate.
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