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BLAMargera123 posted on Nov 08, 2011 at 04:41AM
o hai this is my first time with an RP so... yeah:

Characters: (some of the characters are my own)

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mace Windu:
Padme Amidala:
Commander Wolffe:
Galzor: BLAMargera123
Commander Scar: BLAMargera123
Corporal Slice:
(you can make your own character and put it in)
Balgozaa's enviroment is forest-like, the climate is very dangerous, the people of the planet are Balgozians. a humanoid species, that have grey skin, red or blue markings, indigo eyes, black hair, and spikes on their arms. The Story is about two Balgozian Colonies The Skaas or The Scarlett and The Barrs or The Indigo. The Skaas join the CIS for more power, enraged the Barrs declare war against The Skaas, outnumbered the Barrs are in need of the Republic to stop the Civil War.
im new to RPing so if anyone who comments mind teaching me a thing or two that would be nice ;)

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over a year ago kikibibi said…
(This is my characters info shes a jedi
Name: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: 16
Appearence: long Silver (dyed) hair that goes till about mid-back black long sleeved belly shirt with dark fushia armor, black shorts, and black combat boots
Lightsabers: two purple lightsabers
Alliance: Rogue Jedi)
over a year ago kikibibi said…
I watched the from my viewpiont high in the trees about a klic away as the jedi (what were their names Kendu and Winobi? something like that) and some senator try to resolve the Skaa and Barrs problem diplomatically but I knew better there was no way they could help two Balgozian Colonies they couldnt think their way out of paper bag.
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over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
thank you 4 joining my RP!
over a year ago lando8 said…
Here is a bio of my jedi character I hope you will allow me to join the rp!
Name:Lando Martinez
Appearance:Lando has light brown hair that hangs down to his shoulders and brown eyes he wears the traditional Jedi robes!
How he enters the battle:Lando was sent with the republic reinforcments to help the barrs in the battle!
Lightsabers:has a green lightsaber but can also dual-wield if its needed!
Alliance:Jedi order,Jedi Master
Please accept my entry!
over a year ago lando8 said…
Lando looked out of the hanger bay of the republic ship getting ready to jump into the forest filled planet the clones were ready behind him the peace talks had started to falter so lando was called in to take troops to help out in the struggle he flicked his fingers forward and at once they all started to jump from the ship he deployed his shoot but when he entered the tree canopy he was caught in the tree he activated his lightsabers blade and cut the ropes and used the force to land safely he heard an explosion and commanded the troops follow him to the noise!