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The fans pick: C-3PO
The fans pick: R2-D2
The fans pick: Kit Fisto
The fans pick: Darth Vader
The fans pick: K-2SO
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kelseyjayne25 said …
how old is the Millenium falcão anyways? how is it still flyable?!!!! Posted faz 1 mês
Seanthehedgehog commented…
Anything can fly as long as you take good care of it. faz 1 mês
Flickerflame commented…
I think it's meant to be comparable to a classic car which can still run even though it's decades old. faz 1 mês
Seanthehedgehog commented…
I'm thinking mais on the lines of a seaplane. When was the last time you saw one of those flying? faz 1 mês
Winxclubgirl202 said …
Am I one of the few that did enjoy The Last Jedi? Actually saw it twice as a matter of fact Posted faz 3 meses
Seanthehedgehog commented…
Nah, you're not alone. Me, and a few others on here like it as well. faz 3 meses
RoseLovesJack commented…
I loved it faz 3 meses
cruella commented…
I liked it. It’s not one of my favoritos of the estrela Wars movies, but still good. faz 3 meses
Winxclubgirl202 commented…
Most of the people I talked to who have seen it either loved it, had mixed feelings about it, or enjoyed it faz 3 meses
Bai_Hu said …
Hi folks I'm new here. Been a estrela Wars fã since seeing the 1st one SW 4 New Hope when it 1st came out. I've all from 1 to 7 & Rogue 1. Personally I don't even consider making comparisons as to which is better which is worse. Just take what I like from each one & that way enjoy each one for itself. Sure there is some shlocky work in some of the newer ones, especially that they too often use copycat of what was in the earlier ones, but why ruin my enjoyment por seeking what to complain about? Posted faz 3 meses
Seanthehedgehog commented…
Nice to meet you. Sounds like you've been a fã for a very long time. faz 3 meses
Bai_Hu commented…
Thanks for the welcome Seanthehedgehog. Wondering if there are any people here over 50? faz 3 meses
Seanthehedgehog commented…
So you weren't even a teenager when it first came out. I guess that's your favorito estrela Wars film. faz 2 meses