estrela Trek: Borg War
TNG/DS9/VOY Crossover

If I get too skittish, this won't stay up here long. There is a pick out there asking if anybody has written a estrela Trek fanfiction. I was surprised that nobody has enviado one on here. This is an incomplete one. Questions, comments, ideas, and observations are all welcome. Should I keep going on this?


estrela Trek: Borg War

Picard tightened the reigns and leaned in.
The horse under him responded as they galloped under the last stray of low branches and headed out of the forest at full speed.

Walking into the holodeck and selecting this program was a distant memory. This was elation. The field was alive with sun, tall grass, and dew. The Arabian corcel found a slightly worn path on the forest’s edge and took it. It’s footfalls were so light Picard almost couldn’t feel them. The features of the terrain shot por as a blur to Picard. The fallen logs, the moss, trees, a green glint.

Picard slowed the horse and retraced his steps. What was that? He knew he saw something out of the corner of this eye. Under the steeds heaving breathing, he couldn’t hear a thing out of the ordinary. His eyes continued to look for what shined.

The horse collapsed.

Picard was still on topo, início when it happened.

He willed himself calm as the animal writhed underneath him, screaming and kicking before throwing it’s rider off.

Picard landed hard on his hip, “Merde” he uttered under his breath. The steed’s final cry caught his attention as it lurched unsteadily on it’s feet only to fall again at a figure’s feet.

It looked at Picard. The pulled it’s augmented arm out of the horse and marched at him.

The figure’s eye shined a dull yellow, the other was covered por an optical sensor. It pulled its augmented arm over it’s head.

“Computer,” Picard cried, “end program!”

Wielding it like a club, the borg met it’s mark.


Picard fell out of bed. His legs kicked involuntarily against the blanket that had wound tightly around him. He pulled his head off the floor when he heard it again: a comm chime. It rang a third time before he came to.

“Picard,” he answered still slightly disoriented.

“Captain,” Riker’s voice was crisp and grave, “We just received a priority communication from Admiral Morrow; all senior staff.”

The tone of voice brought it all together. Not again. Picard matched Riker‘s somber tone with, “I’m on my way.”


The time was 0322 hours.

Picard’s face was ashen as he sat down with his senior staff. Data looked no worse for the hour, Geordi beside him appeared to be battling sleep. The same was for Trio and Dr. Crusher. Riker who was on watch just looked grim.
The same grim as Admiral Marrow who just stared his message.

“Long range sensors received a distress signal approximately four hours atrás of a Ferengi trade ship. The message described it’s attacking ship as cubed shape.” he began, “Shortly after the message terminated, sensors registered mais than eighty borg ships that will intercept Federation o espaço in approximately 73 hours. We are calling emergency evacuation of all civilians on Federation planets to the beta quadrant. All available Federation starships are to rendezvous at 581 mark 253 and await further orders.”

He looked into the eyes of each of his officers for a long moment. He heard Dr. Crusher and Consular Troi gasp in horror during the transmission. “Data, lay in course, maximum warp.”

Data stood, “Aye, sir.”

“Captain,” Crusher said “What are we going to do?”
Picard frowned recalled a briefing on emergency situations that occurred just over a ano ago. “We’re buying time for the evacuation.”

Something flickered in her eyes. “Yes, sir. I’ll prepare sickbay.” She stood.

“Geordi”, Riker called, “We need weapons now.”

“I’m on it, sir.” Geordi left.

Picard nodded at Riker. He took the hint and Troi followed him out. Leaving Picard with his thoughts.

73 hours.

It didn’t feel real.


The stars streaked por with winged foot at warp 9.6. Picard wished he had the time to actually enjoy them. Ten Forward’s doors opened at this approach and he took a long moment to take in the dark shadowed chairs and tables. The room was empty, as were the others, as it should be at 0445 hours. He noted the empty counter, the lighting behind it. His gaze finally settled back to the stars.

“Back on tour, Captain?” The voice that pergunta belonged to was equally belonging to 10-forward as the view.

“Guinan, I had hoped you had gone to bed.”
“Nonsense, I have a customer,” she held in her hands a steaming cup of Earl Grey.

Picard took the preferred cup and took a long sip. He smiled as a memory took him. “You know, I had chá all my life, but I never had an Earl Grey until I was posted on the Stargazer. One dia they were welcoming an admiral who liked to frequent our ship- our captain was a close friend of his, and everyone was expected to come for a short time to his little reception.” He paused for a moment as he could almost see that dia so many years ago, “Our replicators were down that dia so our helmsman took it upon himself to provide a few refreshments from scratch. I wasn’t so interested in the food, but I do remember they had a pot of real coffee and a kettle of tea- Earl Grey.” He sighed as looked into his cup.

“I think I can guess which one you drank.” Guinan smiled

They settled into the closest chairs and Picard’s smile faded as his mind switched tracks. The crew was alerted to what was happening soon after the senior staff were. “We have less that 72 hours before we engage the borg.”

“I know.”

Fully worn out, Picard asked, “What are we going to do?”

“You are going to survive.”

The Captain’s head snapped up distracted por the thoughts running through his head, “I don’t think you understand the magnitude of what is going on. This is a suicide mission. You were there during lobo 359, you were there during the time we fought them just two years ago. We haven’t recovered yet from that one. One cube destroys our forces. We are intercepting eighty borg cubes. We’re just a canhão fodder during earth’s evacuation.”

“You’ll survive.”

Picard’s face clearly showed strained belief, “You say that with remarkable confidence.”

“Guinan gave him a full smile, “You can call it intuition. Like right now, I know you have a headache.”

Picard started at being revealed so easily and pressed a pair of fingers into his temple, “Does my face scream it?”

“No,” Guinan admitted, “Just your eyes.”

Picard finished the rest of his tea, “Does your intuition have any conselhos for the here and now?”

“I would have to say a few hours sleep and a shower.”

Picard snorted as he set his cup down and looked up at Guinan, who had craned her head to the side and deeply blanched.

“Captain,” she said in all seriousness, “He’s here.”

“What? What’s wrong?” Picard was instantly out of his chair and kneeling beside her, “Who’s here?”


Picard instantly hit his badge, “Picard to bridge,-”

“Riker to Picard,” Riker overlapped, “Captain, Data’s gone.”

With an overwhelming sense of dread, Picard forged, “Explain.”

“One moment he was reporting computer analyses, and then he just disappeared.”

“I’m on my way.” Guinan nodded off to Picard as he sprang for the exit, “Guinan has reason to
believe that Q was on board.”

“I’ll have all decks report,” said Riker on the other end.

Picard launched out onto the bridge, letting the full force of his anxiety creep into his voice, “Report.”

“All decks have reported in.” Riker’s face was very grave, “There is a total of two missing crew men, Data, and Deanna Troi,.”

Picard’s headache intensified, but this seguinte new development was enough for him to ignore it.

“Jean Luc, you look like you could use a nap.” The gleeful voice was unmistakable.

“Q! What the hell are you doing here? Where are my people?” Picard pointed out to the screen, implicating their destination, “Did you do this?!”

Q opened his arms to show his peace, “Mon Capitan, why so angry? Shouldn’t you be concentrating on other things?”

“Q, you are responsible for kidnapping several of my officers-”

“I can assure you, Jean Luc,” Q snapped over the captain, “that no one that I have chosen are, in your frame of reference ‘kids’.”

“Where is my staff?” demanded Picard.

“Come come, Jean Luc, most of them are right here.” Q gestured the expanse of the bridge. At Picard’s reddened face he added, “The trained little minions I chose are on new orders, and they’re not alone.”

“I need Commander Data and Couns-”

“Your Mr. Data is on a mission of his own.” Q said as he cleaned his nails on his uniform, “And if it’s anything to you, I didn’t do this.”
“You’re the one who introduced us to the borg in the first place.”

“Well if you’re going to put it that way. If Mr. Data succeeds, then so will this war. If he doesn’t, it won’t matter, you’ll never know.”