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makintosh posted on Jun 16, 2010 at 07:39PM
Hi Kraucik83, Squibblings, truespock, pizzapi, laurelgirl1120 and all DS9 fans!

I think it would be nice if we share our passion for DS9. How? Opening an episode discussion.

Every week we could watch an episode (you can suggest it, of course!) and then talk about it!

Well, what do you think?

4th Discussion - 'Far Beyond the Stars'

Special thanks to pizzapi for posting a link to the episode :)
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over a year ago makintosh said…
This week we are going to discuss 'Far Beyond the Stars' (episode 6x14). Directed by Avery Brooks, it's one of the best DS9 episodes in my opinion.

You can watch the episode link

Episode Summary: Sisko begins having visions of his crew as 1950s Americans and finds himself in 1953 New York City as Benny Russell, a writer for a science-fiction magazine. Writing assignments are given as illustrations, and each writer creates a story to fit their drawing.
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 This week we are going to discuss [i]'Far Beyond the Stars'[/i] (episode 6x14). Directed por Avery Bro
over a year ago makintosh said…
As usual I really liked Avery's protrait of Benny Russell.

Great acting and inspired words...'What if it wasn't a dream? What if this life we're leading, all of this, you and me, everything... what if all of this is the illusion?'

Enjoy the episode!
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 As usual I really liked Avery's protrait of Benny Russell. Great atuação and inspired words...[b][i]
over a year ago laurelgirl120 said…
Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the DS9 writers. There *were* however, a little bit too enamored with their profession and thought the viewing audience would be as taken with the act of writing as they were. "The Muse" was a miserable flop. It just isn't that interesting watching someone write. They made a spectacular comeback with FBtS, marrying the struggles of early Science Fiction with the pervasive racism that was part of 1950's culture. The real genius of this episode was the "dreamer or the dream" twist with Benny/Sisko flashing back and forth between dimensions.

Given the superior production values, I'm surprised this wasn't a two-parter. The other departure from typical ST fare was that not only did they remove the rubber from the characters, they didn't keep them the same people, just changed by some techno-babble. It was as though the actors were guest stars on another TV series altogether, even including non-regular but recurring actors like Jeff Combs and Mark Alaimo (sorry to see Andy Robinson didn't make it into this episode).

"Far Beyond the Stars" was a stroke of pure genius - it should have won an Emmy (has one ever been given to a sci-fi show?)
over a year ago Squibblings said…
I can't get this thing to play for more than 2 seconds at a time. I'll be back when I download it.

EDIT: I can't get it up, so I watched clips on youtube.

I really liked the line that he was the dreamer and the dream.
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over a year ago Kraucik83 said…
That's easily one of my favourite episode and represents everything what good sci-fi stands for... the dealing with social issues!
Love the fact that you can see all the great actors without their usual make-up esp. Armin & Rene!

"You can pulp a story, but you cannot destroy an idea! Don't you understand, that's ancient knowledge. You cannot destroy an idea! That future, I created it, and it's real! Don't you understand? It is REAL! I created it and IT'S REAL!"
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over a year ago Blair4 said…
It's a great change of pace seeing the actors without their make-up! Seeing Terri playing a bubble-brained airhead was pretty funny! And it gave Avery Brooks a chance to really flex his acting chops!

If this forum is still looked at, I'd like to suggest an episode, but I don't know what it's called. Not a DS9 aficionado, I'm afraid. It's a show where the computer has a system-wide failure and the Universal Translator is not working. For one or 2 scenes, everyone is speaking their own native language. Not even sure which season it's in.