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 Spiderman vs. Doc Ock
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I´m a big fã of the old Marvel comics and in special from Spiderman...So, I have drawn a small fanart from the spider!In the background you can see the empire State Building in New York...
arte dos fãs
spiderman doc ock
spiderman 3
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This Spider-Man arte dos fãs might contain vedação de arame, cerca chainlink, and cerca de arame farpado.

Boy, did I not expect this. Though, after Doc Oc, the Sandman is my favourite movie villain. He has por far the greatest background of all the Spider-Man villains from the movies. Y’know, he’s actually a criminal, though as he calls himself: ‘not a bad person’. He only does it for his little daughter Penny, who needs an operation but Flint and his wife can’t afford them(that’s a great father, isn’t it?).

After Flint Marco ran away once again from the cops, he got himself inside some sort of whirlpool of sand, changing his molecules as if they where made from sand. That also makes...
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