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If I get something wrong please comment and I'll fix it. Enjoy.
Note: I will do Màs and Menòs's lines in English.
Little boy:Thank you, Robin. I like your other costume better!
Speedy: I'm not Robin. I'm Speedy.(makes funny face expression)
Speedy:This stinks! Nobody even knows who we are!
Aqualad:So what if the kid didn't know your name, let it go,"Robin".(nudges Speedy's arm with elbow)
Bumblebee:Come on, guys, the tower isn't gonna rebuild itself! And that's a super computer, not a footstool!
Speedy(sarcasticlly):Pfft. Thanks,...
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"Hi,"said Speedy.He seen Cheshire in town.She walked over to him and wondered why Speedy wanted to talk to her.
"I just wanted to say, I like you."
"You haven't been hit with those stupid arrows, have you?"
Cheshire wondered about whether or not to trust him."Why should I trust you?Do you really amor me,or are you going on a mission to capture me?"Cheshire said coldly.Speedy tried to hold her hand,but Cheshire wouldn't keep her hand still."How long have you loved me?"said Cheshire.Speedy just stood there and thought of an answer,since he could not remember.He just stared...
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The fight between Titans East and the villan was long. Speedy had a pack of playing cards,and it took the team so long, he got to play Solitare until he won. Then,after Aqualad untied Cheshire and opened the cage,Speedy said,"Cheshire!" and ran over to her and kissed her.Then Bumblebee said,"What's this about?"Speedy just looked at her and said,"Because,I amor her."Aqualad looked at them with envy."I wish I had a girlfriend,"he said.Then Cheshire yelled,"HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!!!"This,of course made Speedy sad and forlorn. "I'm not?"
"Well,it's complicated."
"I'm not?"
"You're my guy-friend."
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"Cheshire! What are you doing here?!"said Speedy. "I just came here to give you something."
"What is it?"
"You'll find out."
She pulled him away from his escrivaninha, mesa onto the bed. She held Speedy closer to her and kissed him. She left Speedy on the bed. "There you go,"she said.
She forgot to put her mask on and Speedy stared at her face. "You have pretty eyes."
"Thanks, Speedy..."
"Call me Roy Harper."
"Don't push it."
"Bye, baby."
"I said don't push it."
When she left and three days later....
Speedy was practicing archery in the training room. He didn't know it, but Cheshire was watching...
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posted by speedy106
Speedy was at Cheshire's place. "Look, Cheshire, I'm sorry,"he said.
"Why is this important?"
"I just wanted to apologize for yesterday."
"I'm sorry, too."
"I'm glad you feel that way."
Suddenly Cheshire pulled Speedy closer to her and kissed him. She threw him on the ground when she was done. "I amor you, but, I want you to just...just leave me alone,"she said. Speedy looked at her, startled. She closed the door. "I'm not dumping you!" she said through the door."Okay,"he said softly. Speedy went back to the tower. He felt very happy. "HELLOOOO TITANS EAST!!!"he said. "What did you do to him, Aqualad?!"said...
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"What?"said Aqualad."We were having a moment!"Speedy and Cheshire said at the same time. Cheshire shrugged."Speedy, I want to go on the roof of the tower. I want to talk to you,"Cheshire said.
On the roof of the Tower....
"I don't think this would work out."
"Why, Cheshire? I think everything's working."
"We're on opposite sides, you know."
"I know."
"Why do you think everything's working?!"
"Look baby, I-"
"You nothing!"Cheshire intterupted.
"Why did you say that to me?!"
"Stop calling me baby!"
"What are trying to say, sweetheart?"
"Baby, just say what you want to at me."
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The seguinte dia Cheshire was still laughing hard about the costume switch. "Aw, come on, it wasn't that funny," he said."Hahahahahahaha!Hahahahahahaha!"she laughed. Speedy went to his room after a long dia of crimefighting. "Oh," he sighed,"what a day..." He laid down on his cama and drifted off to sleep. He had mais nice dreams of Cheshire with him. When he woke up, Cheshire was gone. He went back to his room and went back to sleep, but he had nightmares because his life was "complicated". He had nightmares about his past. He woke up screaming. When he did, Aqualad followed por Bumblebee went into...
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Sorry I haven't been active lately. We all know how stressful schoolwork and classmates are.
Speedy and Aqualad were having a staring contest."You'll break your stare anyday, Speedy,"he said. "Don't get too cocky, now,"said Speedy. Cheshire just watched closely as Aqualad was about to blink. *blink*
"Yoohoo! First dibs on the super computer!Whoo!"
"Uh, Speedy?"
"We need to talk."
"Oh, shut up, Aqualad."
"Grow up."
Speedy and Bumblebee went into her room."You know tomorrow is April Fool's Day, right?"
"I'll get ya...
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When Speedy was in town, he felt something hit him again.When he saw the villan,he seen Cheshire with him or her."Cheshire?Why?"he said. Cheshire stayed silent. For the seguinte few days, he stayed in a cage being hurt."Cheshire?Will you please save me?"
"No.I'm following orders."Speedy took off his mask and stared a her with innocent blue eyes."Please? Do you amor me?"he said.
"Yes, I do."
"Then why are you letting someone hurt me?"
"I, I don't want to let him kill us both."Speedy fell silent and put his mask back on. The villan came in and Cheshire was trying to get Speedy out."Cheshire! What did...
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When Speedy and Cheshire woke up,Speedy looked at Cheshire like she was a dream."Hey,"he said.Cheshire just looked at him and smiled.The Titans were fighting again,because you could explosions happening in town made por Robin's weapons."So,how did you sleep?"Cheshire said.
"Oh, I slept fine."
"So,do you have a girlfriend?"
"Give me a call sometime,"Cheshire said,while handing him a slip of paper that had a number on it."Okay,"Speedy said. He pretended to look at the breakfast cabinet,but he was looking at Cheshire from the corner of his eye."Bye,"he whispered,but Cheshire was already gone....
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"Um,okay,"said Speedy."That would be...great."
"Why so gloomy?"
"I just feel so...tired,somehow."
"You must've been locked up a long time."
"You were tied up,too."
"That's different."
"You-"Speedy's voice trailed off."I what?"Cheshire said. Speedy blushed and said,"Um,just forget it."Cheshire got closer to Speedy."Come on,tell.For me?"she said.
"What was the way you got into crimefighting?Did Green Arqueiro kick you out?"
"Well,I fought along with Green Arrow,like batman and Robin with their,"Dynamic Duo"thing.Then I got addicted to heroin,and when Green Arqueiro found out,he...
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