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BLACK HOLES and stuff

Have you ever wondered how Black Holes are created? They were actually stars that a supernova occurred on. The star’s nuclear gas becomes too much to contain that it ends up exploding itself at the strength 3 times the strength of our star; the sun. But no worries of our sun doing that, because this phenomenon normally only happens to stars about 10 to 24 times bigger than the sun so the chances of the sun turning into a black hole is very low.
Sucking up planets? They do indeed suck up planets but condense the matter smaller to suck up if the black hole is smaller. Their gravitational pull is as much as 300,000,000 m/s and the speed is as fast as the speed of light that once matter is close enough, it’s impossible to escape! Since we know nothing faster than the speed of light, we have no clue as to how to escape.
Black holes are able to suck in other black holes to make a bigger black hole! This will end up being able to make supermassive black holes. There are estimated to be up to millions if not billions of black holes in our milky way alone. But the largest black hole's called ‘ultramassive’ (which is larger than a supermassive.) are 10 to 40 billion times the weight of our sun.
Did you even know that black holes are invisible? They suck up any type of light, so no light is able to escape it ending that it is unseen. At first, black holes were called ‘invisible stars’. Thanks to John Wheeler’s theory that compared watching these black stars to women wearing white dresses and men wearing black suits dancing in a dimly lit ballroom. Able to see only the women, you could predict that there was a partner twirling them.
One last thing that might be a pergunta of yours, can they die? Steven Hawking proposed that black holes emit a very small amount of energy later called ‘Hawking Radiation’. It would take mais than a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion times the age of the universe for a black hole the size of the sun to evaporate completely! So when is the seguinte black estrela ultramassive going to die?