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If the 0K, or 0°K, is the minimum existing temperature known to modern science, best known as the absolute zero, could there be a temperature below absolute zero in still undiscoveres distant regions of the universe?

In that case, perhaps we should start using a minus sign as a prefix to indicate that certain temperature is below absolute zero, like -50K (-50°K). Then the absolute zero wouln't be so absolute any more! What do you think? Is there such a possibility?
I meant undiscovered, of course. Sorry for a typo! :(
BJsRealm posted over a year ago
 BJsRealm posted over a year ago
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Shukuya said:
No, logicaly not but even if there will a temperature below absolute zero it will be counted in absolute zero. According to what i think if somewhere a temperature below absolute is, that means light of it's nearest estrela (sun) can't reach it and if there is no light than satellite can't find it.
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