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we can't Lit fogo in o espaço because we haven't Oxygen but why the sun has fire?

 ellabrenda posted over a year ago
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BJsRealm said:
The Sun is in fact a natural termonuclear reactor, rather than a stove. Therefore, the Sun produces both energy & light even in vacuum. No oxygen required. The actual process involves transforming helium into hydrogen & it is best known as nuclear fusion. Unlike nuclear fision used today in nuclear power plants all over the world, nuclear fusion is a clean energy, without any danger of producing the hazardous nuclear radiation. There are plans to built the very first nuclear fusion power plant on Earth to produce clean energy for the millions of households worldwide, like the prototype in Switzerland. It is ecologically completely acceptable as a best possible solution, comparing to the uranium & plutonium-based nuclear power plants existing today which are constant threat to our planet's very existence due to a dangerous nuclear radiation. Remember Fukushima or Tchernobyl anyone?
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posted over a year ago 
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