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T'was How I (awesomely) Saved Christmas.

By Black*Star (the man who surpasses God.)

T'was the night before Christmas

Dead Silence filled the City.

Not a creature was stirring not even was Mizune.

The stockings were hung por the chim'ney with care,

New shades for soul and three tiny peixe for Blair.

Kid was nestled all snug in his bed.

While visions of symmetry danced in his head.

While Tsubaki in her kimono, and I in my boné, cap had just settled down for a long winter's nap.

While up on the roof there came aloud SSNNOOOK!

So up I went to beat the crap outta that crook.

I sprang from the window with Tsubaki in...
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posted by khfan12
Maka Albarn
Voiced by: Laura Bailey

Soul Eater Evans
Voiced by: Micah Solusod

Black Star
Voiced by: Brittney Karbowski

Voiced by: Monica Rial

Death the Kid
Voiced by: Todd Haberkorn

Liz Thompson
Voiced by: Jamie Marchi

Patty Thompson
Voiced by: Cherami Leigh

Franken Stein
Voiced by: Chuck Huber

Voiced by: Maxey Whitehead

Voiced by: Luci Christian

Eruka Frog
Voiced by: Kate Oxley

Voiced by: Travis Willingham

Voiced by: Leah Clark

Death Sythe
Voiced by: Vic Mignogna

Voiced by: Troy Baker

Voiced by: Robert McCollum

Voiced by: John Swasey

Sid Barret
Voiced by: Kent Williams

I got all of these from the Soul Eater website from Funimation.
posted by kpopluver4life
I'm falling down my shadow
iki wo hisomete
maateiru deadly night
don't scary majo ga egaita
kobocha no basha mo
sono me ni utsuseru kara
see in your dreams yeah,baby
kowai yume da to shitemo
fairy blue kimi no tame ni
hoshi wo kudaki
black paper moon
shinjite kureta nara
when you lost here I am forever with your soul
miagereba kagayaku
tsuki no youni
you may have yours alittle bit or a whole bunch of differences in mine and yours but,just to let you know that so you don't get confused ok!:3
posted by digimon_lover_
Dear readers,
This is an fanfiction/rp for the amazing animê soul eater.
This fanfiction will be just like the animê just alittle different.
Please if you have any ideas or thoughts please share them I'd amor to see and read them.I may put them in the fanfic.
Well enough of that here's alittle about the characters.
The regular characters will be in the fanfic and you can make an oc character for the fanfic/rp.I even made afew myself.
There will be couples in the fanfic.the couplesI've decided to put in are soulXmaka and tsubakiXmufune.
if you want you can make mais than just 1 oc character,you can make up to 3 oc characters.
To make an oc character(s) put his or her
1-first and last name
2-their appearance(please include the eye and hair color)
3-their age
4-if their a mister or weapon(please include their mister's name or their weapons name)
5-do you want them in a relationship with anyone(if yes than with who)
"Umm... who are you...?" I asked, but then he threw his head back and laughed a very anoying and bold laugh "I'm the great Black Star!" He said with he mouth wide open.
'Uh, you don't need to shout...!' I thought in a cocky voice.
"Um, I'm Mizumi Stein...! I just got here...!" I said with an eyebrow raised in confusion, "Nice to meet you Black Star...!" I said slowly. This kid is weird...!
"BLACK STAR! WHAT DID YOU DO!?" Shouted a girl with a long pónei, pônei tail and had a dress with a estrela on her chest.
"Oh, oi Tsubaki...! I was just practicing with Hiro!"
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posted by zerorin
These Meisters may be good at fighting but what hinders them to make it on top?
read to know!!


A. MAKA ALBARN =while she may be strong physically and mentally. Maka's weak point is the fact that her body is not well-developed as it should be resulting to being the butt of jokes (sometimes initiated por Soul himself).

B. BLACK estrela =Black estrela makes use of ninja moves when fighting.Despite the fact that he has great potential to be strong, he ends up messing it up due to his delusional belief that he is a star.

C. DEATH THE KID =much mais skilled than Maka and Black Star. His greatest weakness is being too obsessive-compulsive and his amor for anything symmetrical.
Setting: at soul and maka's house
Death the kid
Black star

Now lets continue

Tsubaki: um...0/////0......I guess....I would date.....Black star
Everyone but Black star: *sarcastic gasp*
Black star: what?
Tsubaki: yup
Liz: its not that big of a suprize
Maka: yeah
Kid: you wouldn't encontro, data soul because....I don't know, you just wouldn't and you wouldnt encontro, data me because I am with maka
Maka: *noddes*
Patty: too easy to guess
Tsubaki: oh....
Black star: well....Tsubaki.......will you go out with me?
Tsubaki: of corce I will
Black star: *smiles*
Tsubaki: well...let's get back to the game...patty...
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posted by Charlios
Hello, I'm Lucifer Leon. You must have heard of Angela Leon, my little sister, but of course I don't think she really remembers me since I was forced to leave he behind. I heard that she was found por a samurai with a soft spot for kids. I'm a witch just like my little sister, My animal theme are bats. Just like my sister I have rosa, -de-rosa eyes, but my hair is a darker brown then her's, this is my story of how I was finally reunited with my little sister.

Lucifer's point of view
I walked around Death city, checking out a few shops, when I was really heading for the DWMA, that was were my sister was....
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posted by MissieMidget
"Soul! Do you mind but I think everyone else would like some cookies!" Maka scolded harshly snatching the biscoitos, cookies from his grip "These are natal biscoitos, cookies they're are for everyone." Soul stuck his tounge out at his girlfriend. "Yaa-hooo cookies!" Black estrela exclaimed. Maka held up her fist "For the last time, these are for lord death if we eat them all then there will be none for him." Tsubaki giggled "Yeah, Maka's right." "Aww Maka you decorated all so symmetrical." Kid complimented dressed in a natal sweater followed por Liz and Patty with reindeer antlers which was quite ironic with...
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posted by kiritazu8
i'm falling down into my shadow iki o hisomete
matte iri deadly night
don't scary kimi ga nozomeba
donna seksi mo
sono me ni utsuseru kara
see you in your dreams yah baby
kawai yume datoshitemo
fairy blue kimi no tameni hoshiokudaki
black paper moon
shinjite kureta nara
when your'e lost here i am forever with your soul
miagereba kagayaku tsuki no you ni

those are the lyrics to the soul eater 2 theme song! is you would like me to write the lyrics to any other song all you have to do is give me props on something then i will happily write the lyrics to any song you would like as long as it isn't 30 minutos long or anything like that!
I woke up to the sun light shining on my eyes, today I was suposed to mover in with her dad today, I was FINALLY getting out of that stupid private school for meister girls! The only thing I was going to miss was Nana! She's - or was my weapon that I had turned into a death syth when she was only 5!
The real reason why I'm leaving is because they found weapon blood in me, and I can't really attend the school now because they don't know my mother! But neither do I...!
Anyway, I had everything packed and ready... I now just needed to make it to the.... OH DAMNIT!! IT'S 9:19!!! I need to get there...
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If there is one thing I can not stand.
It's everything about that thing.

Excalibur, I can't stand him.
I just hate the name. I wanna break him.

Get a way from me. You can not be me.
Get out of my way. Stay away.

You don't understand this is my stage.
This is my place. It's my stardom.

No matter what they say I wanna go my way.
Don't wanna change my mind. Don't say anything.

Let me shout this out. I got the skills.
That's why I'm at the topo, início yeah.

All of you just don't know you just don't know how great I am.
I take a bunch of evil souls but never can they take mine.

I walk, everyone watches....
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The aftermath of what occurred in the freezing cold became a devastating ordeal for the DWMA. While they were able to defeat most of Arachnophobia’s troops and monsters, their goal to retrieve the mysterious suit case from mosquito was a complete failure. Sense then everyone within the complex never felt the same- often feeling depressed and upset. Maka and the others above all were very displeased.

What became of Kasey however was that he spent a lot of his life out in the hot dessert. He traveled far and wide, seeking a new hobby and place to thrive. There were times where he ventured into...
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So as Victoria and her friends walked into the DWMA, Kid told her "I almost forgot. My father wanted to meet you." Victoria's eyes widened. "Lord Death? Just me? What?" Patty giggled and started to pat her on the back, saying "Aw, don't be nervous! Lord Death is a really nice guy, so just go meet him, k?" Victoria did. She walked into his office, fogged up the mirror, and said it at she wrote "42-42-564. Anytime you want to knock on Death's door." Lord Death appeared. "Heya, heya, heya!" He greeted her. "You must be Victoria." Victoria felt instantly at ease. "No offense, Death sir, but, you're...
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Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater. I do own the plot.

Author's note: This chapter doesn't really involve any of the plot mentioned in the summary; however, it does introduce two important characters. Also, this serves as a "testing the water," before I get into the main work.

Chapter 1: Enter Jason Sev and Rachel Cross

"Name's Jason Sev, meister. You have probably heard of me, topo, início of the N.O.T. class at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Prepare yourself for my awesomeness, Notre Dame the hunchback." Jason Sev was taller than the average person. He had blue eyes, brown hair and a confident look...
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posted by Nalu-love
Everything was cold,
the house, my room,
my mother most of all,
cruel, calculating, but mostly cold,
to her child,
to me.

Life didn't apply to me,
only madness,
emotions brought pain,
thinking, disappointment,
obeying stopped my hunger,
killing stopped the beatings.

She experimented with my mind,
my body,
my soul.
Forced to cadastrar-se with liquid despair,
it turned my blood black,
black like my future.

My início wasn't safe,
just a place for pain and killing.
My mother wasn't loving,
only wanting what I could become.
My body wasn't private,
shared between a demon and my soul.

I was never left...
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death the kid u know how it is hate to dismiss any mistake
if it aint right then u must be kidding
jokes mislead becuz you are now slipping

oblique mind then i give a fix simply blast it
it aint a trick just one click then the segundo click
rest is oh my goodness ur history
it ain't a mystery to entry just that I'm not so intrigued
don't get it wrong son I'm a sweet treat
bang bang bang bang have a nice dream

if it ain't proper, it's incomplete
making me shiver because you lacking heat
stop taking chances it's real steep
�inow�jwatch when you sleep cuz my glocks creep

not enough for me to...
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posted by CielsDemonLover
so in this chapter they will be talking to lord death and wait for it............ Lady erva-moura, nightshade, pretinha *gasp* thats right a special appearance por the infamous erva-moura, nightshade, pretinha happens in this chapter where they all meet and form the small group army for Lord Death.

Ch. 7
The Death Room
(The man all witches fear?)

Kisha seemed to be Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante to the spot as the man looked down at her. “I asked if you were Kisha, can’t you speak?” Takuto put a hand on her shoulder and gave it a light squeeze before he spoke. “Yes she is, and I’m her weapon Takuto. Who are you exactly, you don’t look like the guy from...
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posted by rachel-e
Maka: kid I guess your tired of practicing i think you should sleep

Death the kid:yeah

then he lay down on his cama and sleep

Clock ringsssss

Kid: what?????

Maka:kid time for breakfast your favorito symetrical foods!!

Kid: whay are you here Maka?

Maka: why? is it bad to go to the house of my honey??

Kid:whatt honey?????

Maka served the comida and was to about feed kid but kid run outside and find out he is wearing MAKA's dress .kid go back inside the house but Maka wasnt there anymore then he saw maka wearing his clothes!!!!!!

KId : MAKA !!! give me that clothes...
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oi guys so since your liking my story im going to post chapters 3 and 4. fair warning though chapter four gets a little... how should i put this, well it gets really really intimate. in chapter four my oc's finally get together and it is steamy. also crona shows up in chapter 3. theyre a little longer than the first two chapters but i hope you like them as well. anyway thanks for leitura and enjoy!!!

Ch. 3
The Shadow Witch’s Daughter
(A soul fighting for good?)

Maka had thought she sensed something odd about the soul of Kisha, which is why she assumed she was a kishin in the first place. But...
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