Hello, I'm Lucifer Leon. You must have heard of Angela Leon, my little sister, but of course I don't think she really remembers me since I was forced to leave he behind. I heard that she was found por a samurai with a soft spot for kids. I'm a witch just like my little sister, My animal theme are bats. Just like my sister I have rosa, -de-rosa eyes, but my hair is a darker brown then her's, this is my story of how I was finally reunited with my little sister.

Lucifer's point of view
I walked around Death city, checking out a few shops, when I was really heading for the DWMA, that was were my sister was. Angela was staying at the DWMA with her guardien, Mifune, after the battle against Asura and Arachne. Personally I hate Arachne, I never truly loved other witches, if you ask me they were all B*****s, anyway..... I just wanted to see Angela again, I don't think she even remembers me! But of she did, would she still want me as her sister after I left her behind? It's not like I had a choice, it was that or watching her head being choped off por Medusa. It's also for Angela's protection that I lost an eye, ripped out por the one and only snake witch. Anyway, as I reached the DWMA I saw a kid with black hair and three white strips in it standing there, yelling something about how symetrical the building was.....

Kid's point of view
I was admiring the perfect symetry of father's school when i saw this girl with chocolate brown hair and, wait, one rosa, -de-rosa eye, her other eye was covered with an eye patch, not.symertrical.at.all!!!!!!
"HEY YOU!!!" I yelled at her, she looked at me "No need to yell dude." She said in a calm voice, A CALM VOICE! How can she be calm in this situation, that eye patch of her's is ruining must I say perfect symetry! How? "Your eye patch...... IT'S RUINING YOUR SYMETRY, HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM!!!????" She looked at me with a cunfused look "Dude, who cares, I came to see someone can you help me?" "I CARE!" I said to her, but I calmed down, I'll tell her what I think later "Yes i can help you, who would you like to see?" She looked at me for a moment "Her name is Angela Leon..... I.... I have to see her." Angela? Who would want to see that annoying little witch? Oh well "Sure thing follow me."

Angela's point of view
I was playing with Patty-Chan when she walked in, I regonized her instantly and memories came flying back, Medusa ripping out her right eye infront of me, her tears when she left me.....

Lucifer's point of view
She was shocked when I came on, did she.... Remember me? The samurai dude got up from his assento and the girl Angela was playing with looked at her worried "You came back.... Nii-San?" Angela asked me, and I nod "Yeah, I did."

Hope you liked it!!! I might right mais if alot of people like it ok! Cya!!!!!