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posted by numnumyellow67
 REALLY old pic
REALLY old pic
40 years after the kishin was reborn

on the outskirts of Akioma village

It was a warm day, and _____ and I were in Aki River playing.
I was having a good time, but I couldn't help but wonder, " Do I have to be somewhere else right now?"
But that thought left my mind entirely when Dajaku, the village "bully" came up.
" Hey, stupid! your house is on fire!" He said with a smirk.
" Yeah right, Dajaku," I said with a frown.
" Like you would ever tell the truth ".
He stomped angrily.
" Fine! " He yelled "Don't believe me! But when you go back home, don't come crying to me! ".
He stomped off, with the most...
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Source: me
added by numnumyellow67
Source: me
Yeah, donno if I should finish this..
posted by numnumyellow67
 "My eyes glowing red, my body pitch black".
"My eyes glowing red, my body pitch black".
Where am I? What is this place?.
I was standing there, in nothingness.
Everything was white as freshly fallen snow with the morning sun shining on it.
What am I saying. I don't have the right to use that as a metaphor, I've never even seen snow, only been told of it from travelers that came through the village.
What a long time atrás it was.....
I drifted from place to place, looking for something. Probably something that didn't exist, such as me as a normal person. Just a happy young child with dreams of a happy, long life.
I only wish.
"Where do you think this is?", I heard.
"Who's there? Where am...
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posted by numnumyellow67
 The real me(Left), and my insane side(right).
The real me(Left), and my insane side(right).
They all looked at me with eyes full of questions.
"I-I didn't know you had such a hard past", Hiyame said.
"Yeah, we're sorry we were hard on you", Mison said.
"I'm sorry I was so mean to you, Hiyame" I said regretfully.
"I accused you of lying, but I lied to you from the start...".
I sat there with teary eyes and a coração full of regret.
"I-It's alright, you didn't know what to do. I would have done the same thing", she said.
"Ummm....So what do we call you?", asked Kiju.
Another silence.
"Oh! I got it!", said Hiyame. "Since you're number in the laboratory was four, how about we call you that?...
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posted by numnumyellow67
As I carefully ran through the streets of this old city, I cried tears of regret.
One after another, I keep bringing misfortune to my friends.
I made sure that none of the guards patrolling the streets of the city saw me rush from ally to ally, keeping as quiet as I could. Which you probably know, it is very hard to keep quiet while crying, and even harder while running around past guards, but still none of them saw me.
"You know you can't keep running away", said The Voice.
"Yes I can, right?" I replied.
"No, we have to face our friends and tell them why we did all this".
"No,no! I can't, they all...
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posted by numnumyellow67
 Me inside the "dungeon" with madness and sorrow covering
Me inside the "dungeon" with madness and sorrow covering
I laid there in floor, blindfold on, overflowed por the feeling of immense regret.
How could I possibly accuse her of lying to me, when I lied to her first?
I was in there for around seven years! And I said I was taken last week.
"How could I be such an idiot?", I said aloud.
But.... did I lie about my name? Is my name Osore?
"Hey," I said to The Voice."what is my name? What is your name? Who are we, really?".
There was a silence inside my head.
"I..I don't know", She said.
"I guess in the end, we're just two loney girls trapped inside each other", I said aloud.
I sat up. Someone was coming, I could...
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posted by numnumyellow67
Link to last part: link

As the figure walked around the corner, I closed my eyes, ready for the killing blow.
I heard a gasp, It sounded like a girl around my age.
What was a fourteen ano old girl doing down in a place like this? I was a fourteen ano old girl, and I was down here, so I just forgot that.
I looked up, but there was blood in my eyes, so I couldn't see her.
…..Blood, it was coming out of me quickly. I was feeling faint......I was starting to fall over....over....over.
“Hey! Are you alright?”, the girl said, and that was the last of the lab I saw.
I woke up in a warm bed, a warm...
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posted by numnumyellow67
 Hiyame, Kiju and Mison
Hiyame, Kiju and Mison
Link to last part:link
And I will be calling them Four and Nine in this.

After, I was named "Subject Four", they named my friend "Subject Nine".
I didn't know what to do, just picked up and taken to some place I didn't even know about.
I feared for myself, but I feared mais for Nine.
What could I do?
---------------------------------------------------7 years later--------------------------------------------------------
"Hiyame,Kiju and Mison, come to the death room".
"Oh great" thought Hiyame. "What did we do?".
"Well," Said Mison "We better go".
"Miss Maka, may we be excused?" Said Kiju.
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