Sora Kingdom Hearts Movie Cast

Azula_19_2009 posted on Aug 03, 2009 at 01:52AM
Who I think should play in the movie if they ever make one.

Azula_19_2009 posted on Aug 03, 2009 at 12:46AM      
Who I think should play the parts!

Sora-Haley Joel Osment
Riku-David Gallagher(maybe)
Kairi-Me!!! Lol if not then deffinately Hayden
Roxas-Jesse Mccartney
Namine-Emily Osment
Axel-Chris Evans
Selphie-Miley Cyrus
Tidus-Jeremy Sumpter
Yuffie-Selena Gomez
Leon-Stewart Townsend
Arieth-Rachel Mcadams
Cloud-Chase Crawford
Hayner-Not quite sure
Pence-David Archuleta
Olette-Demi Levatto
Cid-Hughe Jackman
Ansem-Morgan Freeman(I know he's black)
Xemnas-Oliver Martinez
Sepheroth-Viggo Mortenson
Tifa-Kate Beckonsale(not sure if spelled right)

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over a year ago 939Sora939 said…
David Archuleta is wayyy 2 skinny to be pence and namine is played by brittany snow
over a year ago Jv611 said…
If you make a movie why don't u just make it a animation
over a year ago MegaNerd said…
true, but is the voice actor for this sora really haley joel osment?
over a year ago MegaNerd said…
It's the comic with voices and colors
over a year ago Azula_19_2009 said…
yeah...that's not the game. And the pictures I found for the actors look alot like the characters. Just because david archuleta is skinner than his character doesn't mean he can't play him. And I don't like brittany snow.
over a year ago painefan22 said…
selphie is miley ciris!!!!idon't believe it.... and i KNOW i have a cursh on haley jole osement