OOPS...Hehe. I forgot that was master form. well, that's what i think sora SHOULD look like.img1 center, large
My name is sora, and i cant remember anything else before that.I am just floating.Can someone help me, Please?
Sora was free-Falling.AGAIN. Like when he was 14, When he sacrificed himself for kairi, the lost princesses,and...Thats all.Sora was now ALMOST 16.He was taller, still the same weight and he was still a little too skinny. he had on his new clothes, the one's his mom bought him after he dissapeared. They fit him just right.he was wearing a dark yellow and black mini-jacket, Black camisa with pockets, Black pants with a yellow striped pattern,His keyblade, And his old shoes. His mother forgot to buy him a new pair, and they were getting a little small. All he remembered was that he fell asleep after another dia at the island, back home. His mother was overjoyed that he was back safely, and wondered where he went. She cried all that night, and contacted his only aunt, Aunt Jonie.His father, Mother explained, was on a Buisness trip, discussing the newer threats to teens and children. he was a big teacher at the high school, where kairi was attending.he was never overlooked there.Talking about his father, Sora was a spitting Image of him. Spikey Brunnette hair, A little baby-ish face, but one thing was different. he had his mother's eyes. a Nice Sky-blue.His mother was a blonde, of corse.Sora sighed and looked down. Nothig so far. he was still falling. he fell asleep ion the couch, but had no idea why. probably because his mother now used his room for her dog, Jackie. Jackie despised Sora. Just because he was there first dont mean you can hate him. Sora tried to turn upright, Doing a Backflip, but only ended up head first again."Aw, come ON!" Sora thrashed and, in the process, dropped the keyblade. The keyblade fell faster than he did and he let out a startled cry."NO!" he tried to summon it, but could not."Darn it!" Now sora was scared.Why would he be falling into the darkness if he was back home? It din'nt make any sense.He didnt FEEL like we was going to fall earlier. he thought back onto the boy who fell to the darkness back when he was 14. He looked scared s***tless.The heartless went after him, and then, before he dissapeared, his coração was taken."I didnt go through that, but why am i..." Sora suddenly felt like he was being lifted up."what?..." He couldnt move, but he did mover slightly with the motion.A little light opened up, but he didnt go any fuurthur. an image of a person appeared, and the person was holding their hand out, calling them forewards...That person was a girl.She was...blond...with, blue eyes and a mischievious smile She was...very pretty."Hurry! before they claim you!" She was yelling towards him, and her voice was...sweet, and very nice.Sora found that he could move, but he didnt."hurry!" She said again, and reached furthur from her light.Sora outstretched his hand, and the girl was closer than he thought. She quickly grabbed his hands, and he let out a surprised cry. her hands were soft...But ice cold.He was gently pulled fro the darkness, and he fell onto the polished marble floor. The girl gasped and picked him up."oh my gosh! Im so sorry! are you okay?" Sora nodded, but was barely able to keep his eyes open."W-whats your name?" he asked. She sighed, ad he caught a whiff of her hair. Lilacs...and something else."Enjeru." His father was japanese(Little) so he knew what that meant."Angel?" She nodded, and sora fought to stay awake."They have drained you of your energy." She placed a hand on his forehead. she was as skinny as kairi.Her ands erupted into blue flames, and soon he closed his eyes, in her lap, listening to a sweet melody somewhere off."Im of no importance," She said i his sleep."Im just...the darkness."\Sora woke up, with a start, on his couc. Jackie yelped, jeaped off him, and ran to his, no Sora's room. The seguinte day."What was that dream all about?"
"Yo, Brudda, wake up!"
"Sora! c'mon!"
"Wake up, lazy Bum!"
"Im coming!"
Sora quietly left his house, and said a silent thank you to Enjeru, for saving his live.