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I was sitting in Station Square thinking about how much I amor Sonic. Suddenly, he walked up to me and sat seguinte to me. "Hello" he said, putting his arm around me.

I blushed. Sonic was quite charming. I wanted to tell him how I felt. Sonic smiled at me. My coração was beating so fast, I couldn't breathe.

Sonic leaned over me and kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes and so did he. Sonic was just making my day. He stopped beijar and said "Tails, you are the only I love".

I began to cry. Sonic was, well, just so sweet. Sonic took my hand and stood me up. I blushed and he got down on his knees. He...
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"Come sit down" said Sonic,patting the seat. Tails jumped into the assento and hugged Sonic tight. "I amor you Sonnikku"he said. He rubbed his head into Sonic's pêssego colored patch of pele, peles on his belly.

Sonic laid his hand down on the fox's head and closed his eyes. Tails wrapped his tails around the two of them. Everything was content,until.
*Knock knock*

Sonic looked up at the door. "Come in" he said. Shadow the hedgehog walked in. His eyes widened. "What the hell is this????" he asked. Sonic pushed Tails' tails off his lap.

"What'd I tell you about saying hell?" asked Sonic. "Nothing"said Shadow. "Leave my Sonic alone"said Tails. He was crying.

"You two are sooo gay"said Shadow. He simply walked away. Not a word was said afeter that....
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Sontails Seven Rings In Hand Fairtales In Trance
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Sontails - Slow Wind (Remix)
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