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 sonny and friends
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This sunny entre estrelas fotografia might contain bem vestido pessoa, terno, calças de terno, terninho, pessoa bem vestida, terno das calças, pantsuit, and terno de calça.

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<3 LOL. Sonny With A Chance is so motivational....:)


Tawni: One dia we will walk hand-and-hand

Sonny: Every boy and girl from every land

Grady: From the mountains

Nico: To the beach.

Tawni: And that day, that dia is almost in our reach.

All: Don't wear the pants if they are skinny. Stop SPS. Change the way you dress, cause tight is no longer in me.

Sonny: When you hear fashion calling in,

Chad: Think about what you fall in.

All: And cadastrar-se our vacant family.

Tawni (Spoken): SPS, "Skinny Pants Syndrome," has given me a chance to make a difference in this world. cadastrar-se our fight, and together, we...
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Tensions rise on set when Sonny is asked out por Tawni's ex boyfriend, James, who is guest starring on Mackenzie Falls. And when James attempts to encontro, data both girls, Sonny decides to get revenge in the best way she can... por going on a encontro, data with Chad.
sunny entre estrelas
season 1
episode 9
sonny with a chance of dating
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Nuff said..... =P
sunny entre estrelas
season 2
sorry for the bad quality but i did promise to try and find anything to put on here of anything new of Sonny With A Chance. :D
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Remember that part where all the So Random! cast and the Mackenzie Falls cast sang to each other at the end of "The Legend of doces Face"? As always, yours truly watched the video many times... and eventually figured out the lyrics! Here they are! :)

Sonny: Turns out that I was doces Face!
Miss Bitterman: And I found garbage all over the place!
Nico: I was so scared it made me hurl.
Grady: And made Chad Dylan scream like a girl!
Chad: The woods and altitude make my voice high!
Tawni: And a new curling iron doces can buy!
Sonny: (spoken) I know.
Tawni: Hair master model 302.
Sonny: (spoken) I got it.
Tawni: And it better be in aqua blue!
Sonny: (spoken) Okay!
Zora: And if you think doces Face has bid adeiu...
Miss Bitterman: Beware my friends...
All: doces Face is in you....!
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sunny entre estrelas
season 2
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lol :D
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